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11 Turkish universities are among the top 800 universities across the world

Posted by njoud on March 27, 2020
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11 Turkish universities are among the top 800 universities across the world


To get to know the best Turkish universities and rank them among the universities of the world, we recommend you to read this article.


Eleven Turkish universities attended the list of the 800 best universities around the world published by the British “Education Higher Education” site in the field of education.


The Koç University came at the top of the Turkish list after it ranked globally in the ranks between 251 and 300, and then Bilkent University and Sabanci University came in a ranking between 300 and 351, followed by Odtu University and Istanbul Technical University ( istanbul teknik) in ranks between 251 and 300, and four Turkish universities ranked in the ranks between 601 and 800 which are the University of Ankara (ankar), the University of Ergiyas (erciyes), the University of hacettepe and the yıldız teknik.


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It is noteworthy that the classification included 800 universities in 70 countries around the world, and many countries that did not exist in previous years, such as Indonesia, Bangladesh and Ghana, entered the list.


It is worth noting that the “Time Higher Education” website for education evaluated the top 200 universities between 2004-2010 and the best 400 universities in 2011, while in this year it included the largest number of universities where 800 universities were evaluated.


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