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A carpenter turns toys hobby into a toys factory

Posted by njoud on July 6, 2020
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A Turkish carpenter turned the hobby of making wooden toys into a children’s toy factory


Huseyin Terzioglu, a carpenter in the Dvirk region in the state of Zonguldak in northern Turkey, has managed to transform his hobby in designing and making wooden toys over time into a livelihood, and is constantly keen to contribute to the development of children physically and mentally.


Terzioglu, 44 years, has worked in wood design and manufacturing for more than 20 years, while working as a home decor.


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One day, his friend asked him to make a wooden toy for him, and despite the intensity of his work, he made a game for him and he enjoyed making it, and since then he started making wooden toys for everyone who requests it, and with the increasing demand, he made a decision to quit his job and pursue this profession.


Terzioglu purchased new machines that help him increase production efficiency, and approved toys industry that develops motor skills for children. He also designed and produced games such as:



and cartoon characters

which provided him with opportunities to export outside Turkey.


In an interview with Anadolu Agency, Terzioglu pointed out that he enjoyed his work saying: “I launched my first product and design in 8 months, and it won the admiration of customers. Meanwhile, I participated in international exhibitions.


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Everyone who saw my games thought that they were made outside Turkey, and they were surprised when they learned that they were produced in The city of Dvirk, I was excited by their reaction to knowing that I had made it so well, and that encouraged me to set up my own gaming company called “EFEGE” five years ago.


I bought new machines and started work, and it took me six months to build this facility.


Tarazioglu toys are made of wood that does not harm children or hurt them, and this is taken into account in the choice of paint as well. “Beech wood is one of the most abundant types of wood on the market, but I prefer maple wood, and I envisage adding to it all types of wood that I find harmless,”he says. “I am also using paints that comply with the EN71_3 certification and my products are being tested.” After dyeing it, then I present it to my customers after I receive the accreditation report “EN71_3” and “CE” certificate, so that their children can receive it in complete comfort. ”


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Terzioglu tries to do his job diligently and diligently, and focuses on making meaningful games that help to strengthen the children physically and develop their mental development, and this is one of his most important priorities at work.


He says: “I do not allow my games to be received at a corner or somebody in the house, and I guarantee them for my customers longevity.


In case of any defect or damage in the game, we receive them from him without charging him the shipping price to fix the defect and return it to him again for free.”

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