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Alanya a paradise for tourism

Posted by njoud on August 29, 2020
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Alanya a paradise for tourism


And to get to know more about Alanya and its wonderful tourist places, we recommend that you read this article.

Alanya is one of the towns of the tourist city of Antalya in southern Turkey, and Alanya is the capital of leisure tourism not only in Antalya, but in all of Turkey, it is 132 km from the city of Antalya and can be reached by going by plane from Istanbul to Antalya and from Then by bus from the center of Antalya to it within an hour.

Alanya overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and is bordered by a very beautiful and pure coast on three sides to become a geographical peninsula, settled by the Romans as the first inhabitants of it, and then by the Byzantines, the Seljuks and the Ottomans, its strategic geographical location and its moderate climate, hot and dry in the summer, moderate rainy in the winter, and it is distinguished as a tourist and entertainment capital that attracts many European tourists to it, especially those with German and Russian nationalities.


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Wonderful tourist places in Alanya:


Cleopatra Coast:

Beyond imagination and description, words are unable to describe and depict its beauty, purity and superb view of magnificence, it is said that the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra visited this coast and swam in it, so it was named after her.

Ito Tapa:

A beautiful rocky plateau directly overlooking the Mediterranean coast, which can be used as an amphitheater for jumping to the sea.

Saba Dara Paradise:

A paradise located in a valley surrounded by two mountains and enjoying a picturesque and dazzling nature for visitors. You can enjoy witnessing the beauty of this paradise by walking on the wooden bridge at the top or by riding one of the private boats to wander near this paradise that is worth a visit.

Damlatas coast:

The coast of Cleopatra is parallel in beauty and magnificence, through temporary accommodation in one of the luxurious and distinctive hotels with direct sea views.

Yalan Dunya Cave:

The frozen cold columns formed as a result of torrents emanating from the mountains and its views of the Mediterranean Sea and the presence of half of it on land and the other half in the sea makes it a distinctive cave to visit and contemplate divine beauty.

Bahche special cave:

A cave enjoys a remarkable length and is distinguished by that its floor is a passage for water. The cave is entered through a boat anchored on the Damalatash coast, which is specialized in transporting tourists to the inside of the cave, whose dazzling beauty is discovered through a small boat trip dedicated to this.

Dim River:

Do you want to eat a delicious and distinctive meal in the enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere of nature?

Your favorite address in this is the Dim River, in the middle of many dense green trees and characterized by unique purity and surrounded by many restaurants directly overlooking it and containing ground sessions, an atmosphere suitable for those looking for fun and refreshment.

interesting sports:

In Alanya there are many places for recreational sports tourism such as flying paragliding, diving, climbing mountains and plateaus and many other sports that can be enjoyed while visiting Alanya.

Sidra ancient city:

A Roman historical city whose exact date is not known, but it contains houses hewn into the rocks, luxurious palaces for kings and princes, an amphitheater and many other places, institutions and facilities that are found in all luxurious Roman cities.

Alanya Castle:

Seljuk castle built by the Seljuk commander Alaeddin Keykubat in the thirteenth century, it consists of 83 facing towers and 140 watchtowers, the primary goal of building Alanya castle by Alaeddin was to provide protection and security to the city of Alanya by land and sea.

Qizil Tower:

A Seljuk Tower, built in 1226, with a length of 33 meters, built by the Seljuk commander Alaeddin Keykubat as a primary line of defense and control to protect the city from the coast.

AlAra Castle:

It is an inner fortress to protect Alanya with a second defensive front, created in 1232 by the Seljuk commander Alaeddin Keykubat, and it is distinguished by strong solidity, unique Seljuk architectural style and meticulous engineering.


Alanya Museum:

It was opened in 1967 with the aim of collecting many historical and architectural monuments of many ancient civilizations that inhabited Alanya throughout history, the museum is located in the center of Alanya and can be accessed through tickets at reasonable prices sold on its gate, a distinctive place and very suitable for all lovers of culture and history .


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