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Ataturk Airport Park project

Posted by njoud on April 10, 2020
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Ataturk Airport Park project


To get acquainted with this huge and very important government project, which will host many activities that bring back countless benefits to society, we recommend you to read this article.

Istanbul is famous for its richness, its many singing parks, and its many entertainment venues, due to its great interest in Turkey in preserving the beauty of the city and increasing its luster.

On the sixth of last April, air traffic bid farewell to Ataturk Airport, which has provided air navigation services as the main airport in the city of the two continents for many decades, to move air traffic with all its services to Istanbul’s third airport.

It is known that the Turkish government had planned to convert Ataturk Airport with its buildings and squares into one of the largest national parks and parks in Istanbul, what is the size of this project? When will it be accomplished? What are its most important sections?

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In this article, we will learn some details about the plan of the Ataturk Airport Park project, or the People’s Park, and the most important information about it.

People Park project on the land of Ataturk International Airport

The “People’s Park” project that was established on the land of Ataturk Airport, is one of the largest projects for parks and services in Turkey, with a total area of ​​approximately 8.5 million square meters, and it is planned that 30% of it will be used for general air navigation purposes, and 9% of it It will be areas used for military purposes, and 5.2 million square meters of land will remain from the project’s land that will consist of recreational areas, in addition to a youth center, museum, exhibition city, and a residence area for visitors, in addition to a social center, and a meeting space in the event of disasters, In addition to many other accessories.

The Ataturk Airport Park project and other projects have been designed and developed with engineering plans by Emlak Konut, the government real estate investment partner, that will implement projects sponsored by the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and the construction of the entire project is scheduled to end at the end of the next 2021 year.


Entrance to the main Ataturk Airport Park in Yesilkoy

The current main entrance to Ataturk Airport land is located close to the D100 road, which is known for its heavy traffic, in order to give comfort to vehicles coming to the park and make way for bicycles.

The administrative buildings of the airport adjacent to it to be a scientific center and an exhibition city, and it will provide both the exhibition city, the practical center, the youth center and the visitor residence center with its own side roads in order to reduce traffic congestion, and the project will be connected to the existing metro stations, as well as will be created later.


People Park at Ataturk Airport in numbers
Section The space
Recreation area 2 million and 110 square meters
Museum 1 million and 110 square meters
Youth center 330 thousand square meters
Exhibition city 630 thousand square meters
Gym and sports arenas 393 square meters
Visitor’s Residence Center 230 thousand square meters
A meeting place in the event of disasters 122 thousand square meters
Mosque 57 thousand and 600 square meters
social center 180 thousand square meters

25 thousand trees in the entertainment area of ​​Ataturk Airport Park

It is planned that a huge afforestation park will be held in the entertainment park of Ataturk Airport Park, which will plant 25 thousand trees, and an adventure park will be established within the entertainment area with an area of ​​145 thousand square meters, in addition to the creation of a 650-meter ski slope, and it will also include a city full of activities Variety accommodating up to 28 thousand people.

It will be attached to the entertainment yard at its northern and southern entrance, such as:
Lecture hall
Public reading halls
Restaurant and cafe
It will also be provided with common areas for seating and recuperation.

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The museum in the park will include a museum of aviation and space, a technical museum, an education center, a handicraft department, and a cinema hall.


Converting Ataturk Airport buildings to an exhibition city

It is planned to amend the parking buildings and buildings of foreign airlines at the airport, while maintaining its general structure to become an exhibition city, taking into account securing public transport access to it easily, while the section located near the higher trade center will be converted into a guest residence center belonging to the exhibition city, the museum and other Facilities.

The park will also include a temporary shelter center, a mosque with a capacity for about 18,000 worshipers, and there will be a center for the elderly, in addition to offices of the General Directorate of Forests.


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