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Basaksehir Medical City in Istanbul

Posted by njoud on September 15, 2020
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Basaksehir Medical City in Istanbul


If you are someone who comes for medical purposes or learn about medical tourism in Turkey and the latest news and medical developments in Turkey, we recommend that you read this article.

The importance of Istanbul increases with the increase in development facilities and advanced infrastructure, and the opening of the Basaksehir Medical City in Istanbul comes as one of the most important projects that promote Turkey not only at the level of medical progress, but also goes beyond that to make it a distinguished tourism center, enrich its commercial and economic sectors and contribute to raising the balance of investment projects in Turkey.

And to you this comprehensive, comprehensive and detailed report on the famous medical city of Basaksehir in Istanbul, in order for us to provide you with honest and correct information about this project.


What do you know about the medical city of Basaksehir?


The medical city in Basaksehir / Istanbul is one of the modern medical and development projects in Turkey, and it has been taken care of greatly by the highest responsible authorities in Turkey.

It is a modern medical city prepared to accommodate thousands of patients daily and equipped with the latest modern medical technology, and is being prepared to be a pioneering project and a competitor in the world.


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where is it?

The medical city is located in the Basaksehir district, one of Istanbul’s largest European neighborhoods, from which it took its name and became famous for it, and it is a promising investment area in which there are many projects that encourage investment, and it has witnessed a tourism and real estate renaissance during the past few years, which made its choice as a place to establish the medical city in Istanbul. A successful and carefully considered choice.


History of the establishment of the Medical City

The foundation stone for the medical city was laid in Basaksehir in 2016, and Turkish government plans have been drawn up to make this city an integrated project of the best medical cities in the world.

The main part of the medical city was opened in Basaksehir in the second half of April 2020.

As for the final inauguration, it took place on May 15, 2020, and was attended by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with a large number of Turkish officials and foreign ambassadors, and in the presence of representatives of the Japanese partner company in building the medical city.


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Medical City capabilities

Basaksehir Medical City in Istanbul extends over a closed area of ​​one million and 21 thousand square meters, and each of the following capabilities:

  • Number of medical beds: 2,682 beds
  • Number of medical beds in intensive care units: 456 beds
  • Number of operating rooms: 90 rooms
  • Number of inspection rooms: 725 rooms
  • Number of delivery halls: 28 halls

Number of units specialized in injured fires: 16 units, equipped with special medical beds

  • Number of medical laboratories: 5,000
  • Total car capacity: 8,134 cars
  • The main building of the Medical City was also provided with “2068”, in isolation against earthquakes, making it the largest building equipped with seismic isolation in the world.
  • The Medical City is equipped with a capacity equivalent to 8 major hospitals, and it is equipped to receive more than 35 thousand patients and references on a daily basis, including 7 thousand emergency cases

The medical staff of the Basaksehir Medical City will be as follows:

  • Number of doctors: 596 physicians
  • Number of nurses: 2048 nurses
  • Number of allied health personnel: 1275 employees
  • Number of assistants for other affairs: 2,230 employees
  • The Medical City is equipped with 3 helipads

The medical city in Başakşehir is equipped with an environmentally friendly energy system.


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Sections of the medical city in Basaksehir

Basaksehir Medical City is divided into eight departments, each department is a hospital in the form of an independent building, and each hospital specializes in a specific type, and the departments are:

  • Children’s Hospital
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital
  • Oncology hospital
  • Neurological Diseases Hospital
  • Orthopedic Hospital
  • Heart and Circulatory Diseases Hospital
  • Psychiatric Hospital
  • Physical therapies and rehabilitation hospital

All of these departments are technically prepared and developed in a modern and sophisticated way, and are equipped with the latest medical devices, and have rooms for patients and other operations, and laboratories for medical examinations and analyzes.


The need for the medical city in Basaksehir

The need for a city with such capabilities in Istanbul can be addressed in several ways as follows:

  • The huge capacity of the number of patients, in parallel with the huge number expected to be received through the new Istanbul airport, reflects the importance of the medical city in Basaksehir for Turkish citizens residing in Istanbul or coming to it from Turkish states, tourists and foreign residents as well, whose number is increasing significantly annually.
  • The medical city in Basaksehir is part of Turkey’s attention to medical tourism and preparing government plans in order to increase the reception of those wishing to receive treatment in Turkey.
  • The large area of ​​Basaksehir, with the increase in the population of Turks and foreigners, made it necessary to build a strong infrastructure. The Medical City represents one of the most important pillars of this infrastructure.
  • The Basaksehir Medical City project in Istanbul is in harmony with the plans to develop fast transportation lines in Basaksehir and Istanbul in general.
  • The Medical City is an extension of a long history of major projects in Istanbul, which are competitive projects on the world level, such as the new Istanbul Airport, Istanbul Water Canal and other major projects.


The impact of the medical city in Basaksehir on tourism

The Turkish development plans for the medical field aim to increase the resources of medical tourism in Turkey, as Turkey naturally attracts about one million foreign patients annually who come to it for the purpose of medical tourism, and Turkey has achieved a financial resource of 3.5 billion US dollars during 2019.

Perhaps the same resource will not be obtained in 2020 due to the spread of Corona crisis and the suspension of flights to Turkey for a period of about 4 months, but starting from next year and with the presence of the medical city in Basaksehir and its ideal services for patients, Turkey will achieve a return from medical tourism that may reach 5 billion At least USD per year, effective 2021.

Basaksehir Medical City receives all famous medical tourism cases such as:

  • Cosmetic
  • Hair Transplant
  • Dental implants
  • bone diseases
  • Heart and chest diseases
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Digestive diseases

And other medical specialties that attract hundreds of thousands of patients annually for the purpose of treatment in Turkey.


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The influence of the medical city of Basaksehir on real estate

The Medical City has two effects on the real estate sectors in the Basaksehir area:

General effect:

In general, infrastructure projects contribute to raising the real estate value of the region and increasing real estate prices in it, in addition to increasing rental values, and this includes the residential, commercial and tourism real estate sectors alike.

Impact on the hotel sector and tourist apartments:

A project such as the medical city in Basaksehir that receives 35 thousand reviewers daily will definitely have an impact on the hotels surrounding the project, which will be the first destination to receive auditors and patients, especially foreign tourists and those whose treatment period lasts more than a week

Of course, medical tourism is throughout the year and differs from recreational tourism, which is usually in the summer period, so the Medical City in Basaksehir provides a continuous flow of renters and those wishing to stay in Başakşehir hotels throughout the year and in very large numbers.

A giant medical city with superior medically and technically equipment and equipment, the Turks announce the launch of a new Turkish renaissance project, to be one of the flags of medicine, tourism and economy in Turkey, and to turn the medical city in Basaksehir into the talk of future generations about Turkish supremacy.

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