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“Birloti” cable car line …

Posted by njoud on March 23, 2020
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“Birloti” cable car line …


a means of transportation, enjoying the beauty of Istanbul and a favorite destination for tourists


To get to know the cable car lines and tourist destinations for those coming to explore more areas, we recommend reading the article.

The cable car line that connects to the Ayoub Sultan neighborhood in the “Berluti” region, is a favorite destination for tourists coming to Istanbul, for several reasons, one of the most important of which is that it facilitates transportation between them amid unique views of the Golden Horn, in a scene that enjoys local and foreign tourists.

The cable car is a means of transportation that appeared with the discovery of electricity. It is the extension of two lines between two stations.

Our city of Istanbul includes two cable lines, which are generally used around the world to meet transportation needs, and for its nostalgic advantage.


The two cable lines that are run by the Metro joint-stock company:


1) The Ayoub-Piyerloti Line

2) The Tashkila – Tashkila Line


They provide their passengers with the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the city, as well as being an alternative means of transportation, according to information published by the Istanbul State website.


Ayoub-Beyrloty cable car line: TF2

The Ayoub-Berluti cable car line: TF2, which links the Ayoub and Berloti regions near the Golden Horn, is at one of the most important tourist points in Istanbul.


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The line was established on November 30, 2005, by the Greater Istanbul Municipality, in conjunction with efforts to revive the Gulf region (the Golden Horn), within the framework of urban design projects.

The cable car line, which supports the architecture of the area of ​​historical and tourist importance, facilitates the process of reaching the “Pierre Loti” hill, which is one of the most important balconies in Istanbul.

The official responsible for operating the suspended railways and cable cars, Mohamed Alton Bash, noted that the Ayoub-Berluti cable car line is generally used by domestic and foreign tourists.

Pointing out that the number of passengers transported by the said line during the summer seasons reaches 160 thousand passengers

While this number drops to 100 thousand during the winter seasons.

It takes 2.5 minutes for any journey between the Ayoub-Berluti stations, which is 0.42 km long. The line includes 4 carriages, each with a capacity of 8 people, that can be ride with an Istanbul Card.

The Ayoub-Berluti cable car line sees 200 daily flights, and carries an average of 4,000 passengers per day.

The line, which is used more by tourists, extends:

Between eight in the morning and eleven at night during the summer seasons.
During the winter seasons between eight and ten in the evening.



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