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Camel caravans in Cappadocia

Posted by njoud on September 29, 2020
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Camel caravans in Cappadocia … a magical tour among the “chimneys of imp.”


To learn more about camel caravans in Cappadocia, we recommend that you read this article.


Camels wander among the chimneys of demons in the Turkish region of “Cappadocia”, carrying on their feet tourists and visitors who came to explore the magic of nature.

Tourists take camels that have attracted attention in recent years in Cappadocia, and wander through the valleys of the region covered with natural rock formations.

Camel caravans make up a charming picture on their tours between the hills of “Muskandar”, “Jaludra” and “The Red Valley”, something that captures the hearts and senses of tourists before their sight.

The region, located in the state of Noshehir (center), is one of the important tourist centers in the country and even the world, because of its international tourist attractions.

Cappadocia is included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage sites, and various activities for tourists are organized in it between its natural, historical and cultural beauty.


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The opinions of tourists in Cappadocia:

1) American tourist, Nour Kassar:

She came to take a tour, which she described as exciting, as she says that Cappadocia “is distinguished by incomparable beauty, It is really exciting to ride a camel, everything here is beautiful and wonderful.”

She added to Anatolia that she came to Cappadocia two days ago, and “it is really one of the most beautiful places that I have visited to this day,” inviting everyone to visit and enjoy the experience.

About camels, she says that they are wonderful and beautiful in their forms, stressing that she is greatly excited by her participation in an event of such a mystical appearance in Cappadocia.

2) American tourist, Luna Gruy:

who is also American, participated in various activities in the area with a group of her friends, and she liked the beauty tour very much.

She added to Anadolu Agency, “I took a balloon tour, and it was very enjoyable. It is an exciting and fun feeling to take a camel tour in this natural area, and I will undoubtedly recommend this experience to my friends.”

“Cappadocia is a very beautiful place, with its characteristics, geographical and natural landscapes, especially those rock formations,” Gawi stresses.

3) Turkish visitor Borgo Dimla Ozcan:

She also came to participate in this event with her family from Kayseri (center), as she is happy in the area, which is characterized by its charming atmosphere.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, she expressed her overwhelming happiness to wander in one of the rare places worth visiting in the world.


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– Opinion of tourist organizer Kamal Juntash:

As for Kamal Guntash, who works in the field of tourism, he has been organizing camel tours in Cappadocia for nearly three years.

He says that the interest in such activities, which take place in a wide geographical area and covered with wonderful and picturesque rock formations, is not similar in any other place in the world.

Juntash explained to Anadolu Agency that the tour fees vary according to its duration and route within the region between the mountains known as “chimneys of demons”.

The tour operator explains his work, saying: “Cars cannot enter this area between mountains and valleys, so we organize our tours with camels.”

He adds, “Tourists live a real tour in such a nature, and we have visitors from all nationalities around the world, especially from Latin America.”

The tours also provide an opportunity to see the ancient caves, bunkers and tunnels of the valleys in a panoramic view from the top, even during the winter and during the rain, says JuntaลŸ.

Rocky Cappadocia was formed thousands of years ago from lava and ash, on the mountains of “Erciyes”, “Hasan Dag” and “Guludag”, on a wide stretch between several states, so the region is the epitome of the heritage of Anatolia.

Among the surprising landmarks in the region are “jinn chimneys” or “goblin chimneys”, located in the “Devranet” valley, as well as many natural phenomena formed by erosion.


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