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Didim is the quiet historical city

Posted by njoud on July 3, 2020
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Didim is the quiet historical city

To learn more about Didim, this elegant, luxurious and quiet area, we recommend reading this article.

Didim is called the quiet city, located on the Aegean Sea off the coast of Greece, between the tourist cities there, “Izmir”, “Gusha Dasi”, “Bodrum”, and the coasts of “Didim” owns the largest bays in Turkey, and contains more than thirty An undiscovered coast, it is a very suitable area for family housing and who desires to settle down and calm, and it is one of the oldest historical cities in Turkey, where it was part of the ancient Greek Empire, so there are many ancient ruins and temples.

Didim in the summer is more like a European province due to its wonderful weather and low humidity, unlike other marine cities.


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This city of the Turkish province of Aydin is characterized as a small town and a beautiful coastal resort that contains many distinct areas and monuments that are worth a visit.

The coast is located in western Turkey and extends to 123 kilometers on the Aegean Sea. One of the most important heritage monuments in the Turkish city of Didim is the Temple of Apollo The famous historical old town of Didim, this is an important tourist attraction for the region.


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In addition to that it contains all the elements of foreign tourism that draws attention to it and at a high level, from infrastructure and architectural style, commensurate with all tastes and levels, and here the emphasis must be placed on the security field, as despite the tourist intensity in the summer, there are no cases outside the ordinary, as they are Quiet peaceful city in the full sense of the word.

It is worth noting that there are companies that provide ownership and real estate construction services and all matters related to real estate in this city, and it is possible to own a house at cheap prices compared to other tourist areas, and comfortable hotels are abundant in this city, which provides all services for the comfort of its visitors and residents within them, including a “boutique” hotel The famous.


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