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Family residence permit in Turkey

Posted by njoud on September 10, 2020
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Family residence permit in Turkey


To learn more about this type of residence (family residence in Turkey), we recommend that you read this article.

This type of residency falls under articles 34 to 37 of the Aliens and International Protection Act, in addition to Articles 30 to 34 of the executive regulations related to the international protection law.


Who are the foreigners entitled to obtain family residency in Turkey?


It is obtained by foreigners belonging to each of the persons covered by Article 28 of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901 (persons who were born with Turkish citizenship and left Turkey with permission and lost their nationality due to their exit and are still treated as a Turkish citizen), or foreigners who obtained one of the types of Turkish residence permits, or refugees Or, people who are in a state of exceptional protection (do not fulfill the conditions for asylum, but their return to their country would pose a threat to their lives) from:

  • The foreign wife.
  • Children under the age of puberty for a person or his wife.

In the case of applying for a family residence permit for more than one wife for one person, the family residence permit is given to one of the wives, but all foreign children of the father can obtain the family residency. Children who have a family residence permit have the right to education in educational institutions up to the age of 18 years without being obligated to obtain the studentโ€™s residency.


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Foreigners who previously obtained a family residence permit can apply for a short-term residence in the following cases:


1-In the event of a divorce, the condition of residing in a family residence for at least three years due to marriage to a Turkish citizen (and in the event of family violence proven by a judicial decision, the family residency requirement for at least three years is not required to be fulfilled).
2-In the event of the death of the person who is justified for the family residence, whoever follows him can apply for short-term residence in Turkey.
3-Foreigners who reach the age of 18 years and have previously resided in Turkey under a family residence permit for a period of not less than three years.


How long is the family stay in Turkey?


The duration of the family residence permit does not exceed three years at a time.

The period of family residency cannot exceed the period of residence of the person causing it if he is a residence permit holder.


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What are the conditions for granting family residency in Turkey?


Among the conditions specified in Article 35 of the Foreigners Law, which are:


1-The availability of the necessary conditions for the person causing the family residence (that there is health insurance that includes all members of his family, and that the financial income in which the share of a single family member is not less than one-third of the small wage in Turkey, and that there is no offense in his criminal record that violates the family system during the five years) The past, and to have resided in Turkey at a specific address for at least one year).

2-Provide the necessary conditions in the family residing with the perpetrator for family residency (showing documents proving their relationship to the offender, proof that he lives with them or intends to live with them in one place, and that the wife has exceeded the age of 18).


What are the reasons for refusing family residence in Turkey?


The family residency is refused, and is canceled if it is granted, or not extended upon its expiration, in the following cases:


1-Unavailability of the conditions necessary to obtain family permission, or its demise.
2-Evidence that the family residence permit was used for other than the purpose for which it was granted.
3-There is a decision to deport outside the borders of Turkey or prevent entry to it.

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