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Get to know Alanya

Posted by njoud on September 16, 2020
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Get to know Alanya

To get acquainted with the lively Turkish city of Alanya, which is considered one of the most important cities in Turkey, we recommend that you read this article.

Everyone who has had the opportunity to visit Turkey, the tourist will see the beauty and attractiveness of all Turkish cities, especially the city of Alanya, which is one of the vibrant cities in which you will find a state of vitality and recovery.
You will find that there are many activities every day, which is why we find it one of the favorite cities for those wishing to renew activity and get rid of the stress of life, as it is suitable and ideal for summer vacations and vacations.
The city of Alanya is like other Turkish cities that do not make you feel empty throughout your stay, as it is full of many places that help you to entertain and enjoy all times always, whether during the morning hours or in the evening times, there is no room for sleep and wasting time without enjoying and hiking.

Today, we can only walk quickly in one of the most beautiful Turkish cities, which compete with international cities in attracting tourists to it from everywhere to enjoy its various tourist and cultural places.


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Alanya city location

The city of Alanya is located in southern Turkey, specifically on the Mediterranean coast, which makes it a wonderful and delightful view.
Turkey’s location in general, and its being mediating between two of the most important continents of the world, namely Europe and Asia, makes all its cities, especially Alanya, a privileged location for all tourists from all over the world.
Usually, many visitors prefer for many reasons, the most important of which is to escape from the noise of the city in Istanbul and the desire for relaxation and tranquility in the city of Alanya, whose areas include all aspects of comfort and make their visitors feel as if they are in a piece of paradise.


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The most important features of Alanya

• The geographical location of the city makes it one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Turkey, and a suitable choice for all lovers of the charming nature that combines the seas and mountains, as well as green spaces and sandy beaches, all of which come together to bring out a charming painting of beauty.

• The city enjoys a wonderful and moderate climate throughout the year, where we find the sun does not leave it throughout the summer and winter, until the city of the sun is called it, and we find its winter is always warm, not witnessing severe cold or snowfall.

• From clean cities free of air and water pollution due to the absence of factories.

• It is one of the Turkish cities that are safe from natural disasters due to its distance from the lines of tremors and earthquakes. It is also distinguished by the presence of international protection on the region and its freedom from asylum.

With regard to services, as long as you are in the city, you will not need to go out to meet your needs, as all basic services are available, including transportation, schools, universities and hospitals as well.

• You will not find it difficult to communicate with the people of the city, as there is a diversity of languages ​​spoken between Turkish and English, spoken by more than half of the world’s population, as well as the Russian language and the German language.


Guide to Oba in Alanya


Sightseeing in Alanya

Tourism varies in the city of Alanya to satisfy all tastes. Monuments lovers will find many monuments there, such as the Byzantine castle, which includes in its folds many monuments and pieces dating back to the thirteenth century, as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For lovers of the coasts and seas, the city includes a group of distinctive beaches with its charming views, and among its most famous beaches is the Cleopatra Beach, which is characterized by the clear blue water on which the sun always crosses and its golden sand.

• The city of Alanya is a great choice for lovers of naturalness and green spaces due to its surrounded by mountains covered with dense trees, and surrounded by many forests with a variety of plants of all shapes and colors along the roads, which makes it suitable for safari and recreation.

• When visiting the city, do not miss a sightseeing tour on a boat and wander through the lakes of the Green Valley where the charming nature surrounds you from all sides.

• For lovers of excitement and adventure, you can take a tour inside the caves and distinctive museums in Alanya and enjoy discovering all that is exciting and distinguished, whether inside the Alanya Archaeological Museum, which contains pieces dating back to the Roman and Byzantine era, or inside the Damlatas cave.

• The area also includes many commercial complexes rich in various entertainment places such as restaurants, cafes and cinemas, which suit the whole family to spend the most beautiful times in it.


Tips before traveling to the Turkish city of Alanya


Invest in the city of Alanya

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How to beat the summer heat in Alanya

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