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Human residence in Turkey

Posted by njoud on September 12, 2020
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Human residence in Turkey

Human residence in Turkey, to learn about this type of residence that protects many people, we recommend that you read this article.

This type of residency falls under articles 46 and 47 of the Foreigners and International Protection Act, in addition to Article 44 of the executive regulations related to the law on foreigners and international protection.

Who is entitled to humanitarian residency in Turkey?

A-The child, if obtaining it is in his best interest.
B-It can be obtained by foreigners for whom a deportation order has been issued outside the borders of Turkey, or who were prevented from entering it, and then it was found that their exit from Turkey is not possible.
3-Foreigners who are not entitled to a deportation order outside the borders of Turkey, even if they fulfill the conditions for expulsion under Article 55 of the Aliens and International Protection Law, and they are:

1- The foreigner who proves that he will be subjected to torture in the country to which he will be deported, or that there is a death sentence against him, or any anti-human practice awaiting him.

2- Foreigners for whom travel poses a serious threat to their lives due to age, a certain health condition, or a woman’s pregnancy …

3- People who receive support due to being victims of human trafficking.

4- Foreigners who have been subjected to psychological, physical or sexual violence, until their treatment stages are completed.


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How long is the humanitarian stay in Turkey?

Humanitarian residency is granted by the state leadership and with the approval of the Ministry of the Interior for one year, which can be extended.

What are the reasons for refusing humanitarian residence in Turkey?

The residence permit shall be revoked or refused to be extended by the state leadership and with the approval of the Ministry if the fulfilled conditions for granting a humanitarian residence permit cease to exist.

Other matters concerning the humanitarian stay in Turkey

A foreigner who has obtained a humanitarian residence permit is required to register his residence address on the address system within a maximum period of 20 working days from the date on which he is granted the residence permit.

Holders of a humanitarian residence permit can apply to convert their residency to any type of residence (except for long-term residence) if they fulfill the necessary conditions to obtain the required residence permit.


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