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Investing in real estate under construction in Turkey

Posted by njoud on July 17, 2020
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Investing in real estate under construction in Turkey

Investing in real estate under construction in Turkey or unfinished are an investment goal for many businessmen, because this type of investment has returns and benefits for investors, but it must be alerted that there are defects in this aspect of real estate investment, the investor must know it and know the ways Effective in avoiding these faults and the safety of them, and in obtaining a successful opportunity to invest in under construction properties in Turkey.

Residential projects under construction in Turkey

Are foreigners entitled to buy under construction properties in Turkey?

Yes, definitely

Foreigners in Turkey have the right to buy any type of real estate in Turkey.

Rather, statistics on real estate indicate that the largest percentage of foreign real estate buyers prefer real estate under construction.

Obtaining real estate in installments:

As the buyer pays a premium from the value of the building unit and then completes the remaining amounts at agreed stages and periods, and it is recognized in Turkish housing projects that the first payment ranges between 30 – 40% of the entire property value, and the remaining installments are paid during periods that may reach 24 A month as a maximum.

Some construction companies also offer offers for the possibility of installments over long-term periods, which may reach 4 or 5 years sometimes, and there are offers that reach ten years sometimes.

Get attractive and special offers:

Construction companies are always trying to sell as many housing units as possible before construction to ensure that the project can start expediting the profits from it early, so it offers encouraging offers:

  • Discounts may be offered to those who buy more than one housing unit, for example
  • Or, you make a certain reduction if the first batch is rather large

Or other incentive offers that will attract more buyers and investors.

Take advantage of the high prices after construction is completed

Real estate prices after construction are greater than their prices during construction, which enhances the profits of investors in real estate under construction, especially for those who want to sell or rent apartments in Istanbul, Turkey, many of the residential complexes are built in strategic locations and mediate the tourist and archaeological areas, hospitals, universities and express transport lines, therefore The purchase of a property in these complexes at a low value is because the property is being prepared.

Benefiting from urban transformation projects in Turkey

The majority of real estate in Turkey today is subject to the urban transformation project, which means that the region as a whole undergoes several reforms to rehabilitate it, which routinely leads to high real estate prices to very high levels, and achieves great investment value for those who bought properties under construction at low prices.

Investment challenges in real estate under construction in Turkey

As with any investment project, or even other non-investment projects, you will have to face some challenges in purchasing under construction properties in Turkey, and we will mention the most important ones in the following points:

  • The investor may experience some financial difficulty, which leads to his inability to pay the remaining installments on him on the agreed dates.
  • After selling the entire project and handing it over to the investors, many doors may open to speculation in prices, forcing them to sell at prices that are not expected.
  • Some construction companies and real estate developers are notorious and their projects are of no quality.

But don’t worry, the next paragraph has some tips for safely overcoming these challenges.

Tips to Investing in real estate under construction in Turkey

In order to be able to overcome the challenges of investing in properties under construction in Turkey and to provide you with the following directions and advice:

  • The purchase of real estate at the beginning of the offers that construction companies launch on their projects, as the prices in the beginning are distinctive and encouraging, which provides a reduction in the first installment and installments if the purchase was made shortly before delivery or at the end of the project.
  • Ensure, as much as possible, that the first installment be large in order to ensure reduced premiums, which reduces the possibility of difficulty in paying your payments due to you later, and make sure that you agree with the construction company in installments appropriate for you.
  • Ensure that a distinctive housing unit is selected during the purchase, that it is spacious and has a good view and is of greater quality, and do not forget that the project site as a whole is a strategic and required location, which guarantees you strength during the sale of the property later.
  • Dealing with well-known construction companies in the Turkish market and having successful previous projects. The question about the projects of previous companies gives a comfortable scenario for investment if previous projects have met with success and popularity.
  • Avoid speculating on prices that start immediately after delivery, and wait for a good period before selling, because the wheel in selling the property loses you a lot of profits, we provide you with full information, advice and advice to determine the appropriate date of sale and the appropriate price, which increases your profits.

Statistics on owning real estate under construction in Turkey

The most indication that most real estate purchases in Turkey, which were motivated by investment during the past years, were mostly under construction, is to increase the demand for Turkish real estate of this type.

  • Roughly, between 60 and 70% of property sales in Turkey to foreigners are under construction.
  • During the past two years, the percentage of foreigners buying real estate in Turkey under construction increased by about 4%.

In a study prepared by the “Reeden” Center, one of the centers specialized in real estate affairs in Turkey, on real estate under construction in Turkey, which is preferred by foreigners, the results were as shown in the following:

  • 40% of foreigners prefer apartments of type: two rooms and hall 2 + 1
  • 30% of foreigners prefer apartments of three types: 3 + 1 hall
  • 30% prefer the remaining types of apartments

5 PRO Tips for Your First Real Estate Purchase in Turkey

There are few purchases in life that bring as much pleasure as buying a new house, especially if this house is located abroad. Although you are familiar with how buying a property works in your country, you should also be aware that the same does not apply to buying in another country.

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking about buying property in Turkey, and it’s good that you do your homework right before you take the next step!

Although buying a property in Turkey is quite simple and straightforward, consider these 5 PRO tips to make sure that the whole process is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible:


Of course, for the purchase of real estate in Turkey some documents are required. Which of them is most important?

  • TAPU – (Certificate of Ownership)

This is the first and probably the most important word that you must learn and understand before buying property in Turkey.

This document is the only irrevocable piece of paper confirming that you have acquired title to real estate in Turkey. No TAPU, no property.

Always, always request a TAPU copy of any property that you decide to buy. The owner must and technically must provide you with a valid copy of the TAPU.

  • ISKAN – (Certificate of Residence)

Iskan is a certificate of the right to housing issued by the local authorities, where the property is located, which allows you to start life in the complex. If the developer cannot provide you with documents confirming that Iskan was provided (although the complex is fully completed and looks great for a living), it simply means that the complex is definitely not completed.

What happens if ISKAN was not provided? In this case, utilities, such as water, electricity and gas, cannot be connected to the complex!

Important note: A certificate of settlement can only be issued for completed projects, so there is no need to fight if the developer cannot show you it, if the property you want to purchase is under construction or is being built!

Cheap Property In Mahmutlar Alanya
  • YÖNETİM & AİDAT – (Management and Administration Fee)

No matter what property you buy in Turkey, no matter how attractive or affordable it is, always make sure that the proper management (Yönetim) is or is created. And, of course, do not miss the management fee (Aidat) to avoid any surprises in the future.

  • YAPI RUHSATI – (Building License)

If you intend to purchase a construction project or real estate under construction, be sure to ask for a building permit.

These are just a few of the key keywords that will be enough for you in the first steps to make sure that you are making a safe purchase.


You may have very good knowledge of the location, you may have been there many times for a vacation (or business), but when it comes to buying a property, you now open the door to a completely different life.

When it comes to buying real estate not only in Turkey but throughout the world, it comes down to choosing the right location. You might think that you finally found a suitable property for yourself, but when you start living in it, you can quickly find that the location is completely wrong, which will inevitably make your life more difficult than expected.

There is no single definition of the correct location, which ultimately comes down to what you want to have in your property and around it. Have a good idea of ​​what is most important to you and make the appropriate decision.

To make sure that you are comfortable with this place, just ask your agent to take some time and visit the nearby surroundings of the complex. Does public transport matter to you? Ask to see exactly where … Do you need a pharmacy nearby? Go and see where it is .. Or maybe shopping is what matters most to you? This is a great opportunity to go and visit the nearest shopping centers around … Do you want easy access to the beach? No problem, just ask for it and your agent will be happy to take you there.


Location matters, maybe the same as the property itself, so just make sure everything is exactly as you need.


No matter how beautiful the property can be from the inside, if the complexes do not have effective management, we recommend that you think again before buying a property.

There are several very effective rules in Turkey that need to be established. Management may take some time before it becomes truly useful.

If you are buying property in places like Alanya or Bodrum, always ask if management works. To make sure you get the correct answer. The report may not be available right at the time of the request, so you need to spend some time checking the information boards, which are usually located at the entrance to the building. You can write management reports and information documents on these issues in both Turkish and English.

If you are buying property in a project or under construction? Was it effective management?

You can go and check out previous projects created by the same developer. This was done in order to manage this process.


Now you are sure that the legal documents are in place, and the property and location matches what you want. The time has come to agree on a price and, more importantly, how you will pay for it.

Yes, Turkish people love to negotiate, and this is part of Turkish business culture. It is time to board the train and get the best price for your property. However, be careful, proposals that go beyond the reasonable ones can have unpleasant consequences and will be interpreted as disrespect to your colleague and will immediately stop negotiations. Be decisive, but at the same time realistic. Use your agent’s recommendations and take your steps wisely.

Have you finally reached an agreement? It’s time to agree on a payment plan.

Always keep in mind that no seller will ever contact TAPU (title deed – title deed) unless you fully paid for your purchase.

An ideal payment scheme might look like this:

  • Deposit payment at the time of approval:

This is a property that you can purchase. This usually ranges from 2% to 5% of the agreed purchase price. This payment, unless otherwise agreed with the Seller, is usually not refundable.

  • Balance of payment for the time of delivery of documents:

Delivery of documents may take from 2 days to 2 weeks. Confirm that your funds are ready to receive proof of ownership (TAPU in Turkish), without which the seller does not agree to sign the final documents.

If you are buying an unscheduled property, an ideal payment plan might look like this:

  • Payment plan:

You will negotiate payments based on a monthly, two-month, or three-month payment. Usually they pay dues. It seems that you will have the opportunity to monitor the progress of construction, if things are going slowly, if you feel that it is necessary.

  • Last payment:

Always leave a certain final payment when the Seller completes the project and is ready to provide a title document.

The final decision was to leave% 30-% 20.

Never forget that there is no single ideal payment plan. One tariff plan can be completely useless for another. Thus, negotiates a purchase.


pressures abroad– it is, above all, a fascinating journey and, even for most people, a vital experience. However, this experience can quickly become unpleasant, even if you make a small mistake. That is why the help of a local, honest and professional expert is always recommended.

If you do not feel that you need to conduct a local examination, we will recommend that a local expert help you with your purchase, avoiding mistakes.

We, as Alanya Realty, have gained more than 10 years of experience, helping more than 1000 clients from all over the world in buying property in Turkey, and, of course, we have in-depth knowledge of each of these items mentioned above, and many others. So, if you are planning to buy your dream property in Turkey, just contact us and let’s talk. We will listen to you, understand what you want and find the best options to offer them to you. Finally, we will make sure that your purchase is stress-free, risk-free and as enjoyable as it should be!

Investing in commercial real estate in Turkey:

a guide, tips and tricks

If you want to buy real estate in Turkey, we recommend that you read this article, because commercial real estate in Turkey is a different real estate market than residential buildings, and when evaluating potential hotels, offices, shops, restaurants or bars, due diligence will ensure a return on investment. Alanya Turkey real estate

Regardless of whether you want a room for your business or as an investment to buy real estate, attractive prices per square meter are a big bait, but market conditions remain the same, and some aspects, such as location, are of paramount importance.

For business owners, the most significant advantage compared to renting is long-term security. You do not need to worry about increasing rents, and you will also benefit from capital growth. If you need financing in the future for expansion, you can re-arrange the mortgage, as well as change the layout of the premises, if it complies with the rules. Alanya Turkey real estate.

View Commercial Property in Turkey

The following important aspects:


labor can impede everyday work and increase chaos and disorganization. The external part of business objects relates to areas, for example, kitchen and restaurant. Both should be carefully considered. Alanya Turkey real estate

Car parking and transport:

for you, employees and future customers? Are local bus routes nearby, or will customers need a train on two buses or a taxi?


although the atmosphere is consistent with your style and brand. Marketing elegant, luxurious products in old office spaces distracts customers.

Legal restrictions:

when considering premises, license restrictions are also taken into account. For example, in Turkey it is forbidden to sell alcohol within 100 meters from a school or mosque. Some sellers accept ownership contracts, so buyers may refuse to sell if their license is denied.


as a decisive factor, location is everything. If your business needs a decline in customers. Assessment of local demographics and customer base. Opening a bar with live music in a suburban area. High traffic areas are more expensive than rooms on the back street.

инвестирование в коммерческую недвижимость в турции

Buy-rent commercial property versus residential property

According to many investors, business conditions have an advantage over residential for those reasons. As a rule, they simply sign one-year contracts.

Third, operating costs for business owners are lower. Commercial tenants pay all overhead costs and return their taxes.

How to buy Turkish commercial investment property

As your Turkish real estate agent, we will guide you through the process of buying commercial real estate in Alany Turkey. Call or write to speak with an experienced sales consultant for more information. We will help with the baseline and conduct an assessment to determine which one is appropriate for your vision for the future. Also, look at our portfolio of investment property in Turkey, and simply fill out the request form for more information.

Short term residency in Turkey

If you own real estate in Alanya Turley To learn about this type of residence permit in Turkey and important information on how to obtain it,, we recommend that you read this article.

Short-term residence in Turkey

If you own Alanya Turley real estate , This type of residency falls under the articles of the Aliens Law from 31 to 33, and international protection number 6458, in addition to articles 28 and 29 of the executive regulations related to the application of the law on foreigners and international protection.

Who is eligible for short-term residency?

1- Foreigners who came to Turkey for the purpose of scientific research:

If you own Alanya Turley real estate, these are required to obtain permission from the Turkish Ministry that the subject of their scientific research relates to, and in the absence of a link to any ministry, they are required to submit a statement related to the scientific research that will be conducted on Turkish territory.

2- Foreigners who own real estate in Turkey:

The property is required to be residential in order to grant its owner the right to apply for a real estate residence, and members of the owners’ families can all apply for a residence based on owning a share in this house.

3- Foreigners who are about to establish business or commercial relations in Turkey:

For those who want to obtain a residence permit for more than three months, they are asked for an invitation letter from the company or people who will work with them inside Turkey.

4- Foreigners who will undergo a vocational training program in Turkey:

In this case, the length of stay is determined according to the type, length and location of training, and is given along the length of the training program.

5- Foreigners who come to Turkey for educational purposes:

According to agreements or student exchanges concluded by the Turkish Republic with a foreign country, when applying for a residence permit they are required to submit information and documents related to the educational purposes for which they came, and they are given a residence permit according to the duration of the educational program to which they will be subject, and they are not obligated to health insurance Compulsory until three months after the educational program.

6- Foreigners who want to reside in Turkey for tourism:

In this case, the applicant for residency submits information about (the place of tourism, its duration …) then the application is evaluated, and a residence permit is granted based on this evaluation.

7- Patients who come for treatment in Turkey:

Whether they came in a personal or governmental capacity, and they are not required to suffer from diseases that threaten public health in Turkey, and they are required to have data proving their illnesses, and documents that prove their ability to bear the burdens of treatment, and they are not obligated to have health insurance, and these are granted residence in proportion to the period of treatment they need .

Patients who come for treatment in Turkey according to a health agreement concluded with the Turkish government can have escorts with them. Residency is also granted, unless the agreement does not provide for the presence of escorts, and the provisions of Article 14 in the annexes of the General Law for Health Services No. 3359, which are observed It stipulates that the escort shall not exceed two persons, and that the accompanying persons are obligated to have health insurance.

8- Foreigners who reside in Turkey according to a request or decision from public or judicial institutions:

In this case, the duration of the residence permit is determined according to the period specified in the decision or application.

9-Foreigners who are entitled to move to short-term residency after the conditions of their family residency are nullified.

10- Foreigners registered in Turkish language courses in an educational institution:

It is authorized by the Ministry of Education, and they are granted residence permits twice at most.

11-Residence is granted to foreigners who participate in training courses or educational activities sponsored by government institutions:

The duration of the period does not exceed one year, and they are not required to explain the financial situation, and they are not obligated to take out health insurance if the sponsoring government institution sponsors them during the training period.

12-Foreigners who have completed postgraduate studies in Turkey:

They are given residency for a year, and for one time, provided that they apply for residency within the first six months after graduation.

13-Foreigners who do not work in Turkey:

However, they have investments within the value determined by the Council of Ministers, so these receive residency for a period of five years, as well as the wife and children unless they reach the legal age, in order to encourage investment, facilitate investors and support the economy in general.

14-A foreigner who holds the citizenship of the Republic of Northern Cyprus obtains residency for a period of five years.

What are the conditions for short-term residency in Turkey?

The conditions necessary for granting short-term residency are specified in Article 32 of the Foreigners Law, which are:

1- Presenting information and documents showing the purpose of residency in Turkey.

2- The person should not be one of those mentioned in Article 7 of the Foreigners Law, and they are:

A-People who do not possess a passport or a document on their behalf, or who do not possess a visa or visa exemption, or who do not possess a work permit, or people who are proven to have forged these documents.
B-Persons who do not possess a passport that is valid for at least sixty days from the date of the visa expiration or from the date of exemption from the visa or residence permit.
C-People banned from entering Turkey.

3- That the person provides information related to the address in which he will reside in Turkey.

What are the reasons for refusing and not renewing short residence in Turkey?

The short-term residence is rejected and canceled if it is granted, or not extended upon its expiration, in the following cases:

A-Failure to fulfill one or some of the conditions required to obtain short-term residency.
B-It is proven that the residence permit has been used contrary to the purpose for which it was granted.
C-There is a decision to deport outside the borders of Turkey or be prevented from entering it.
D-Breaching the period required to reside outside Turkey for foreigners who entered it before.

Welcome Alanya Realty Real Estate in Turkey!

We know that buying a property is one of the most serious lifestyle decisions you will ever make. alanya turkey real estate To help you on your journey, you need a real estate agent with market knowledge, experience and customer values that put the buyer first. We offer a variety of properties in the Mediterranean, ranging from cozy apartments to luxurious villas with their locations being in either the centre of town or in a peaceful environment. Let your dream come true and let one of the most wonderful holiday destinations in the world become your new home.

This is where Alanya Realty, a professional team of local agents steps forward. We guide buyers through the whole journey from choosing the home of your dreams to signing for your title deeds and settling in. With a bank of testimonials behind us, we’ve established a solid reputation for honesty, professionalism, and long-term commitments to our customers.

Established in 2005, Alanya Realty Real Estate Inc is a leading international real estate company working across the whole of Turkey. We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce in all regions where our offices are located including . Alanya, Istanbul, Fethiye and Cyprus.

Alanya Realty SHB EML. INS. TURZM. SEYH. GIDA. TAR. HAYV. SAN. VE TİC LTD. ŞTİ. It is a subsidiary.. Alanya Realty.

Alanya Realty Guarantees:

Guaranteed Title Deeds delivery (zero failure)

Best price. You will not find the same property sold cheaper anywhere else

We only work with constructors and sellers who we know and trust

Expertise and professionalism (skilled management and team since 2004)

100% satisfaction for the buyer (from the point that you start dreaming until you get your title deed)

Alanya Realty Services:

Turkish, English, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, German, French, Arabic and Persian native speakers

Help during the buying process like opening bank accounts and getting tax numbers

Assistance with gaining residency permits and citizenship by investment

After-sales services including water and electric connections, insurance, and furnishings.

Why Alanya Realty?

Alanya Realty is not a marketing company which orbits around few brand projects no matter what clients demand. Turkey Expert believes every client’s needs are unique therefor all inquiries need to be handled with absolute sensitivity. We get best results with our like minded clients who are willing to spend time studying the market with us and reaching to conclusions on why or how general market offers may not be what they seem.

We do believe in the generosity of Turkish real estate market, but we also believe in right price parameter. In long term all real estate investment pays of well in a country like Turkey where there is a rapid population growth. The price you buy from is the main indicator when it will pay off. We do appreciate the god given beauty of this country and willing to spend time with you to explore and pass our extensive knowledge and lead you to a right home which you will be very proud of many years to come. Just let us know about your dreams. We are not humble of our negotiation skills. We are the leader on this field along with finding the right portfolio for each client. Negotiation is based on information and intelligence, not on good buddy relations with sales offices or property owners. You will be understanding more of our incomparable skills once we start working as a team towards a deal. We have a team of highly decorated real estate professionals and looking forward to working with you. Give us a call or drop us a line anytime you wish and let’s get started.

We have shared with you some pictures of some of the best memories behind these successful years. We have been with all our customers at every moment. Together we shared the joys and sorrows. As Alanya Realty, we have always been with people who trust and invest in us. we sold for us, we got between us, we never finished the logic of our business never happened. We have always been behind our promises and will continue to be.

If one day you meet and you will see us when you meet our office is not very astonishing the day we opened the first place. The main reason for this is that our customers who bought an apartment 10 years ago can find us at the same address when they need it. I’m going to share with you something that just happened. About 5 years ago, our Jordanian customer who bought an apartment died before getting his title deed. We tried to reach it, but we could not. They came to our address in the contract at the end of July 2019. We met with the construction company and gave the deeds to the children of the deceased customer. The most important thing for us is to finish what we started.


We have completed all of our legal certificates in order to serve you better. a real estate company installed the necessary documentation to work in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey in this document will explain the example of our company below.

For a lawful real estate company you must first have a real estate office. This real estate office should be at least 60m2 in Alanya. This may vary in every city. The office must comply with occupational safety and physical conditions.

  1. LİCENSE TO OPEN AND OPERATE A BUSİNESS; you cannot open and run an office without this document. If this does not happen, you will have to close it before you start. You can obtain this document from the municipality of origin. There are 2 main documents required to obtain a business license. I will explain them under Headings 2 and 3.


  1. CERTİFİCATE OF PROFESSİONAL COMPETENCE: this certificate is personally expressed. It is aimed to measure whether the person has the capability to do the real estate business or not. Not everyone has this document. Please ask the office staff if they have these documents before you buy them.


  1. CERTİFİCATE OF AUTHORİZATİON FOR IMMOVABLE TRADE: This document must be obtained to open an office. In order to receive this certificate, professional qualification certificate number 2 is required.


  1. TAX REGİSTRATİON: applications are made to the tax office about the establishment of the company and the company is registered.


  1. ALANYA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY MEMBER REGİSTRATİON DOCUMENT: Alanya Chamber of Commerce membership certificate. You need to have a registration to do business.


  1. TRADEMARK REGİSTRATİON CERTİFİCATE: this certificate is not obligatory but important for the safety of the company. Alanya Realty is a registered trademark.

Pic 6

  1. THE TURKİSH PROPERTY PROFESSİONALS: this is an association. In many parts of Turkey within the reliable and strong companies it is available. As Alanya Realty, we are a member of this association.

Pic 7

Our Portfolio and the Turkish Property Market

Having enjoyed a construction boom over the last decade, Turkey is an attractive option for overseas buyers because choice and prices are highly favourable. For example, while the resort of Kalkan is known for its prestige villas, on the Aegean coast of Turkey, the resort of Altinkum attracts many English buyers with an average budget of £30,000. Whatever your budget, we will be able to find your ideal property in Turkey.

Service Alanya Realty

If you want to buy a real estate in Alanya Turkey  , we advise you to pay attention to this article. We provide investment services from start to finish, if necessary, managed by after-sales service of real estate.











1 – Design and interior:

After the purchase? Searching abroad is one of the most difficult processes. We have our own architect and our own civil engineer. Our company will help you find first-class materials for your home and design your home. We follow the best companies. With the help of the Alanya Realty service center, you can quickly design your home. As a result, you save time and money. While you choose coffee or tea, you can choose our service team.

While you relax in the sun, our staff is engaged in transportation, delivery of furniture and connecting household appliances.

Now you need to live in your new home in Turkey!



2 – Insurance:

If you have purchased property in Turkey, it is obvious that it is very important to insure this property. In order to protect against earthquakes damaging all real estate in Turkey. The whole world is actively using the services of insurance companies. Our team will help you find the best insurer for your family.

Property insurance covers losses from:







7.civil unrest.


9.collision with vehicles and aircraft.

10.inland water during flooding.



13.heavy snow.



3 – Transport services:

If you have problems with the purchase of airline tickets, you will need a transfer from the airport or VIP transport with a personal driver for a special occasion, they will help you. You can always ask our team for help. We helped adapt to new situations, as well as everything necessary for a comfortable stay and relaxation.



сервисное обслуживание alanya realty



4 – Open an account in a Turkish bank:

Many foreigners come to Turkey to buy real estate. First you need to open a Turkish bank account. Thus, you can get a loan, make a money transfer. Our team will help you open a bank account in Turkey.

Documents required to open an account with a Turkish bank:


2.Turkey Tax Number
3.Confirm Address

4.Get a tax number in Turkey:

A tax number is a nine-digit number assigned to individuals on financial matters.

Turkey Tax Identification Number

1.Open accounts in a Turkish bank
2.Utility bills registration
3.Payment of Turkish land / municipal taxes
4.Payment of residence permit
5.Application for a driver’s license in Turkey

You just need to give a copy of your passport to our team. They will receive a tax ID in your name.

6 – Rent your property in Turkey:

Investors and financially strong buyers are paying more and more attention to rental properties as retirement, investment and return properties.

Those who want to buy property in Turkey or rent out property profitably must adhere to three main criteria when buying:

1.Great location with good facilities
2.Comfortable amenities and interiors
3.Stable demand for rental properties in the resort region

Turkey is a popular holiday destination, and therefore many investors see the opportunity to make money by renting real estate. A very interesting factor is also the ability to use the property for several weeks a year.

For investors who do not want to live in their own property, we offer the opportunity to use real estate as an investment. For many investors, buying a property in Turkey is particularly attractive.

7 – Real estate care:

Our services include the following:

1.Property Security Check

When you are away from your property, we will visit your property upon request and verify that everything is in order and let you know in a convenient way.

2.Cleaning services

To avoid the hassle associated with the first day of cleaning, we offer house cleaning services. We will make sure that your home is fresh and clean upon return.

3.Gardening and pool

We will provide regular gardening, as well as pool cleaning, chemical control and maintenance.

8 – Subscription to electricity:

Alanya Turkey real estate, electricity is supplied by private companies in Turkey. Firstly, you should contact the support service of the company where you intend to buy electricity, and our team will help you.

Required documents for electricity:

1.Copy of your ID
2.Your personal tax number
3.Original and copy of passport
4.Personal telephone number

9 – Water connection:

Alanya Turkey real estate, Water is supplied by local municipalities in Turkey. For example, ASAT is entitled to new water subscriptions and other related works in Antalya.

Documents required for subscribing to water:

1.Copy of title document
2.Original and copy of passport
3.Personal telephone number

10 – Internet Subscription:

The Internet is provided by private companies in Turkey, such as Turk Telecom or Vodafone, which are widespread and well-known suppliers in the Turkish market. Internet companies provide your Internet connection for an average of three days.

Required Information and Documents for Internet Subscription

1.Full address of your property
2.Copy of title document
3.Personal telephone number

After your application with this information, a message will be sent to your phone. You can pay the fee with the user number in this message to authorized banks or online affiliates. The average fee depends on the company that provides the Internet.

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