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Kayseri is a city of history, nature and economy

Posted by njoud on February 20, 2020
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Kayseri is a city of history, nature and economy


To know more about Kayseri, we recommend that you read the article.

The state of “Kayseri” is located in the east of the famous tourist area “Kapadokya”. It was known as “Caesarea” in the Roman era, and as is the case with many residential areas in Anatolia, the city of Kayseri has a long history And a rich cultural heritage.


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The ancient city of Kültepe Mound is located 20 kilometers from the city center of Kayseri, and is the most important example of harmony between the ancient and the modern in it, with its heritage dating back to 6000 years, and during the second millennium B.C. An important commercial center.

Fossils have been found in it, and they were discovered as important artifacts dating back to the Bronze Age, the Assyrian commercial colonies and the Hittite era.

One of the most visited sites in Kayseri is the village of “Soğanlı” in the “Yeşil Hısar” area.

On its outskirts there are about fifty churches decorated with rocks, each of which deserves to be visited by itself, but the most surprising churches, which are the “Kubbali”, “Karabash” and “Saint Babbar” churches for their architectural individuality and wall paintings.

Kayseri is also famous for being the birthplace of the brilliant architect “Mimar Sinan”, who built architectural masterpieces in Istanbul, as well as in other major cultural centers.


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The most prominent ancient buildings in the city center were built during:


Roman era

Seljuk era

Ottoman era

And it contains the “Hunat” complex that dates back to the thirteenth century, and is the first Seljuk complex in Anatolia, which consists of the mosque, the tomb, and the bath in general, and each of its buildings has its own features, and his visitor can spend hours in it easily without noticing to go Time.

The city stretches at the foot of the Arges mountain volcano, where there is a ski center in the winter, with unique trails for skiers on the slopes, and many hotels.


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Kayseri is also known as one of the most important centers for carpet production and kilim rugs in Anatolia.

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