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Learn about the “Poetry Museum” in Cappadocia

Posted by njoud on July 14, 2020
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Learn about the “Poetry Museum” in Cappadocia


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This museum may be one of the most unusual “museums” in Turkey. This place was prepared by the pottery maker “Ghalib”, in the “Avanos” area in Cappadocia, and it has been gathering hair strands of women since 1979!

In a cave-like home in the pottery city of Cappadocia, visitors can discover nearly 20,000 strands of hair from donors around the world, suspended from the ceiling. This bizarre group, set at a Ghalib store, set a world record in the Guinness Book of Records in 1998. The US ABC News ranked them sixth among the fifteen “most exotic” museums in the world.


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In the vaulted cellar, there is no specific arrangement for these interwoven tufts of all colors, each with the name and address of its owner written on it. In fact, the scene is almost frightening.

It all started in 1979 when a French friend of “Avanos” mostly left. As a souvenir, she left a lock of her hair. Since then, women who visit the porcelain workshop can leave strands of their hair there.

On the other hand, Ghalib organizes a lottery twice a year, by choosing 10 donors who win either a one-week vacation in Cappadocia or free visits to local pottery workshops.


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It should be noted that this place is not the only one of its kind, as there are institutions interested in the same field in the United States and Japan such as the “Museum of Antique Poetry”, which is located in “French Lake”, “Indiana” American, which displays things related to hairdressing, and the museum ” Laila Poetry, “in the state of” Missouri “, which displays jewelry made of hair, and” Japanese Poetry Museum “, which displays hairstyles of the type” Geisha “in particular, and tells the history of Japanese hairdressing.

The entry fee for this museum does not exceed those wishing to visit three Turkish liras.


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