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Long-term residence in Turkey

Posted by njoud on September 10, 2020
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Long-term residence in Turkey


Long-term residence in Turkey To learn more about this type of residence, and how to obtain it, we recommend that you read this article.

This type of residency falls under articles 42 to 45 of the Aliens and International Protection Act, in addition to Articles 40 to 43 of the executive regulations related to the application of the Aliens and International Protection Act.


Who is entitled to obtain long-term residence in Turkey?


Foreigners who have stayed in Turkey under a residence permit for a period of no less than eight consecutive years, and foreigners who fulfill the conditions set by the Immigration Policy Institution, are granted a long-term residence permit with the approval of the Turkish Ministry of Interior.

Those who are refugees or persons under subsidiary protection and holders of humanitarian residence are not entitled to obtain a long-term residence permit in Turkey.


How long is the long-term stay in Turkey?


There is no fixed duration for these stays.


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What are the conditions for obtaining a long-term residence in Turkey?


That the foreigner fulfills the conditions mentioned in Article 43 of the Foreigners and International Protection Act, which are:

  • The foreigner must have resided for at least eight years without interruption in Turkey (4 years for those with a student residency in accordance with Article 38 of the Aliens and Temporary Protection Law).
  • The foreigner should not have received any social assistance during the last three years.
  • That the foreigner has a sufficient source of income for his livelihood, and for his family’s subsistence, if any.
  • The foreigner must have valid health insurance.
  • Does not the foreigner pose a threat to public order and security in Turkey.


What rights does a long-term residence permit grant in Turkey?


A foreigner who obtained a long-term residence permit in Turkey enjoys all the rights of a Turkish citizen with the exception of, running for election, performing military service, holding government jobs and entering a car, while preserving social security rights.


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What are the reasons for refusing long-term residence in Turkey?


The long-term residence permit shall be revoked by the state leadership in the following cases:

  • That the person poses a real threat to the public order and security in Turkey.
  • The long-term residence permit will be canceled if the foreigner has stayed outside Turkey for a period of more than one year continuously, except for residency for education or treatment, or compulsory service in his country.


How to reactivate long-term residence in Turkey?


The application to reactivate the long-term residence permit is submitted in person in accordance with legal principles, in the consulates of the republic in the country in which he resides if he is outside Turkey, and at the state leadership if he is inside Turkey. The applicant receives the result of the application within a maximum period of one month.


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Каковы причины отказа от длительного проживания в Турции?

Разрешение на долгосрочное проживание аннулируется руководством государства в следующих случаях:

Что человек представляет реальную угрозу общественному порядку и безопасности в Турции.
Долгосрочный вид на жительство будет аннулирован, если иностранец находится за пределами Турции в течение более одного года непрерывно, за исключением вида на жительство для обучения или лечения или обязательной службы в своей стране.

Как возобновить долгосрочное проживание в Турции?

Заявление о возобновлении разрешения на долгосрочное проживание подается лично в соответствии с правовыми принципами, в консульства республики в стране, в которой он проживает, если он находится за пределами Турции, и в руководство государства, если он находится внутри Турции. Заявитель получает результат заявки в течение максимум одного месяца.

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