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Obtain Turkish citizenship by investment

Posted by njoud on September 29, 2020
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Obtain Turkish citizenship by investment


3 ways to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment In light of the efforts of many investors to expand their investment fields to include different countries, and due to multiple factors, including the tangible difference in arranging countries ’passports in terms of the ability they grant to their owner to move.

For all of the foregoing reasons, citizens of many countries resort to obtaining an additional passport to enhance their opportunities and expand their options by possessing a nationality other than the original nationality.


Countries that grant citizenship in exchange for investment

There are many countries that allow the foreign investor to obtain their nationality (23 countries), and the conditions differ from one country to another remarkably, however, it seems that Turkey is rightly considered one of the most attractive countries in this field, especially after amending the law on granting Turkish citizenship.

The approval of the recent amendments to the Turkish nationality law in 2017 played a big role in attracting many foreign investors in general, and Arabs among them in particular who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship with a strong Turkish passport.

As the minimum limits for investments required to obtain Turkish citizenship have been reduced, and below we review the minimum required limits according to the type of investment.


Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment

The minimum required to invest in the real estate sector in order to obtain citizenship has decreased from one million dollars to 250 thousand dollars, on the condition of undertaking not to transfer, transfer or withdraw the investment for a period of 3 years, which include:

1- Turkish citizenship against a bank deposit

The minimum deposit of sums in an account in a Turkish bank decreased from three million US dollars (3,000,000 $) to five hundred thousand only (500,000 $), provided that the deposited amount is not withdrawn for a period of 3 years as well, as a minimum.

2. Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying government bonds

The minimum required to obtain citizenship by purchasing government bonds has decreased from three million US dollars (3,000,000 $) to five hundred thousand (500,000 $).

3. Turkish citizenship in return for employing Turkish employees

The minimum required to obtain citizenship by hiring Turkish citizens has been reduced from 100 employees to at least 50 employees.


The easiest way to obtain Turkish citizenship

It is worth noting that among the previous methods, the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property are one of the fastest and most successful methods, as the waiting period does not exceed 90 days before obtaining citizenship.

From the above, it seems that the last step taken by the Turkish government to facilitate the conditions required of foreign investors wishing to obtain their nationality has aroused the interest of investors.

This interest indicates that Turkey remains a “safe haven” for many investors. The current statistics regarding applications to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment and real estate sales appear very promising.


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