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Season of real estate ownership of foreigners

Posted by njoud on July 22, 2020
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Season of real estate ownership of foreigners

Summer in Turkey is the season of real estate buying for foreigners and its heyday With the summer season coming and the gradual return of flights to Turkey, a new wave of search for real estate for sale in Turkey begins during the summer, especially by foreigners and Arabs coming to or residing in Turkey, and for many reasons and motives, we have classified and explained them in detail to get the most accurate information about Owning real estate in the summer in Turkey.

The peak of real estate sales to foreigners in the summer

Real estate sales always peak in the summer in Turkey, with very large proportions, so that the number of foreign real estate buyers in the summer is much greater than that in other seasons.

Why real estate ownership in Turkey increases in summer

Real estate ownership increases in the summer in Turkey, especially for foreigners, due to several interrelated reasons, which we will explain in detail:

1- Tourist activity is at its peak

The summer in Turkey is the most attractive season for foreign tourists, to take advantage of enjoying the beautiful beaches of Turkey and its tourist resorts, and spending the most enjoyable times and excursions.

The real estate market activity in Turkey is related to the tourism activity, a large percentage of foreign tourists take advantage of their presence on Turkish lands to see the most important real estate and residential projects, because tourism in Turkey is not only an opportunity for recreation, but rather an opportunity to get to know the real estate market in Turkey and the labor market in a way Year.

There are several points that confirm the connection between tourism and real estate in Turkey:

  • The recovery of the real estate market in Turkey is accompanied by the recovery of tourism, especially in the summer, due to the need of tourists for tourist and hotel apartments.
  • A large percentage of tourists, especially the “wealthy,” prefer to buy real estate in Turkey rather than renting them for summer residence, and the summer in Turkey is one of the best seasons for the rich to buy their own homes in Turkey.
  • Whoever thinks about investing in Turkey hotels finds in the summer a golden opportunity to preview the activity of the hotel and the customers ’request to stay in it, before buying the hotel.
  • Those arriving in Turkey for the purpose of medical tourism are always thinking of owning an apartment or villa “according to the financial possibility” to secure a ready-made residence for them whenever the medical need arises to visit Turkey.

2- Exploiting foreigners for the summer vacation

Summer in Turkey is a suitable season to get a closer look at real estate in Turkey because of the summer vacation, as a foreigner can spend more time inside Turkey and this time can be used to search for the best suitable properties for them.

The summer vacation is not only for entertainment and recreation, it is an appropriate opportunity for good research, especially for those who want a property in Turkey for investment, such as someone who wants to buy tourist apartments in Turkey, hotels, restaurants, companies … etc.

Even residents within these countries, the summer in Turkey is suitable for changing housing and moving to a new home for ease of transportation and changing housing in the summer vacation period more than changing housing in the rest of the year where families are linked to their children’s schools, working conditions and other things that make the move to a home New is relatively difficult.

3- The recovery of development projects in Turkey in the summer

The summer in Turkey is a popular season for the recovery of real estate projects and modern residential complexes, as well as developmental government projects, and the summer in Turkey has always been the most appropriate season for the opening of major projects in the country, such as the construction of airports, hospitals, bridges and transportation stations, and projects to build highways in Turkey are also active in the summer.

These projects in Turkey contribute to increasing the importance of residential and commercial complexes close to them, and increase their investment value These projects also encourage real estate investors to increase real estate ownership.

4- Summer in Turkey is an opportunity for the stability of foreign families

Many foreign families in Turkey postpone the decision to change housing or move to a house in Turkey until the summer period in order to ensure that their children do not drop out of their schools and there is no sudden change in their life and school system, and other changes that accompany the purchase of a new home in Turkey.

This increases the percentage of real estate ownership in the summer in Turkey, and here you should focus on the following:

  • Staying in the summer in a new home is a good idea, so that your children do not face any problems related to their dropping out of education or may be forced to teach them in conditions that differ from the conditions of their previous studies by virtue of changing the title.
  • When looking for a home in Turkey, focus on Turkish or Arabic schools near where you live, as well as universities.

5- Commercial investment opportunities in real estate in the summer

The summer season in Turkey is suitable for starting real estate investments in the commercial field, especially:

  • Offices and companies
  • Restaurants
  • Kindergarten and schools
  • Student and youth housing

And other commercial projects in which reliance is mainly on real estate ownership, and summer in Turkey represents a good start to preparing for these projects and preparing the building or office, especially the interior and exterior decoration, and advertising for the commercial project, for several reasons, the most important of which is the great human turnout to Turkey in the summer with the intention of tourism This provides a respectable number of potential customers.

Especially for schools in Turkey, the summer is suitable to equip the school, provide the appropriate licenses and start an advertising campaign for it, and this speech can also be dropped on other commercial projects.

Real estate ownership expectations for summer 2020

The real estate market in Turkey in the second quarter of 2020 experienced a slight decline due to the Corona pandemic, which led to a significant decrease in the number of people coming to Turkey.

However, the dates for the return of flights to and from Turkey are set, as the beginning of August will be the deadline for the return of all flights to Turkey normally.

It is expected that real estate sales in Turkey during the summer will reach about 4,500 homes in Turkey, whose ownership will be transferred to foreigners, especially in Istanbul, which is witnessing the largest demand for real estate ownership at the level of Turkish cities.

If the Turkish government provides some incentives for real estate ownership, this can contribute to increasing the number of properties sold to foreigners in the summer, in addition to the incentives that construction companies in Turkey can release.

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