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Silivri “Istanbul’s summer capital”

Posted by njoud on May 4, 2020
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Silivri “Istanbul’s summer capital”


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-Where is Silivri located?


• Silivri is located in Istanbul, about 78 km from the city center, i.e. an hour by car, may increase slightly depending on the crowd at peak time

• Silivri area overlooks the Sea of ​​Marmara, which distinguished it from other rural areas in Turkey and made it the focus of attention of investors, as it became a destination for some tourists who want to spend the summer vacation.

Silivri is bordered to the east by Buyuk Shakamji, to the north by Chatla, to the west by Chorlu and Marmara Eregli and the neighborhoods of Tekirdag State, and to the south by Bahr Hamra.


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-What distinguishes the Silivri region?


• Silivri is one of the best areas of Istanbul and does not hide its wonderful features for those who want to live in it.

• It is a fully serviced, independent area with its distinctive calm atmosphere and beautiful coastline.

• It contains high-end housing complexes, which are rich in recreational and service places, and tourists come from all sides.

• Silivri is characterized by its direct view of a natural port and its location at the entrances to the most important industrial and commercial centers, as well as on important land roads.

• Connects to nearby industrial and residential areas with a strong and modern transportation network.

Silivri is the summer capital of Istanbul thanks to its clean coast and fish restaurants are spread near the unique coast.

• There are many rural villages and towns in Silivri, and people live on agriculture, livestock, poultry, fishing, and milk making, as they are close to the rural areas and their beautiful nature.


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-Urban expansion in Silivri


• Silivri is one of the most important areas of population expansion and expansion in Istanbul, where the state is working in the coming years to transfer 6 million people, which provides an opportunity to invest apartments and lands for sale in Silivri.

• The importance of the region has increased after the completion of the works of the third Istanbul Bridge project, as well as the laying of the cornerstone of the project of the Jannak Highway Tekirdag Speedway, which will pass through the Silivri region.

• Silvery recently witnessed many new and distinguished projects, and achieved a high quality of new buildings, along with a significant increase in prices compared to old buildings.


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