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The coasts of the Blue Banners

Posted by njoud on January 28, 2020
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The coasts of the Blue Banners


an important factor in attracting more tourists to Turkey


To get to know the coastlines of the blue flags in how to make them a magnet for many tourists, we recommend reading this article.


Reza Tawfiq Akipman, Chairman of the Administrative Council of the Turkish Environmental Education Endowment, said that the blue flag coasts in Turkey contribute greatly to attracting more tourists to the country.


In statements he made to Anatolia, he added that Turkey embraces 11 percent of the world’s coasts that carry blue flags, and that it aims to increase this percentage during the next stage, noting that most of these coasts are the best and the best quality around the world.


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He explained that Turkey ranked third in the world in 2019, in terms of coasts with blue flags, indicating that it includes 11 percent of this type of coast.


Akipman reported that the Turkish Mediterranean coast Antalya has a vast coastline, most of which have the blue flag, which positively contributes to attracting more tourists to it.


It is worth noting that “Blue Flag” is an environmental mark granted by the international non-governmental environmental education institution (FEE) to beaches and ports that meet certain criteria such as water quality, environmental information and education, and environmental management and safety.


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