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The coffee palace in Turkish Malatya

Posted by njoud on July 23, 2020
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The coffee palace in Turkish Malatya has been tracing its history for 500 years


To get to know this distinctive coffee palace, which has been astonished by many tourists, we recommend that you read this article.

Visitors to the 44-year-old Museum of the Coffee Palace (44 Yıl Hatır Kahve Konağı) are taking a historical journey through time going back 500 years.

The Municipality of Yechiel Yurt in Malatya, eastern Turkey, established it in a historical palace with the aim of transferring the coffee culture to future generations and introducing tourists to it.


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In the museum there are 510 items of different historical subjects related to the culture of coffee, as it contains 500-year-old utensils, such as coffee pots, mugs, hand grinder, roasting utensils, wooden spoons, cubed cups of water, and “mouthful” (receptacle) bowls .

The municipality established the museum with the aim of transferring the origins and culture of Turkish coffee to future generations and introducing tourists to it. At the museum, a coffee is prepared for Malatya apricot kernel, and it is specially presented to the museum visitors with sweets.


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Mohamed Chinnar, Mayor of Yechiel Yurt, said in a statement that the municipality has renovated a historical palace based on long-term studies, and issued a decision to convert it into a museum, and the region contains 13 historical palaces, all of which will be converted into museums.

“It requires us to equip this unique museum for many years of work,” Chenar said. “Most of the pieces on display are specifically for the Yechiel-Yurt region, and showcases products dating to the coffee culture throughout Turkey and in other countries dating back to the 16th century … We were inspired.” The name of the museum is Malatya’s hospitality presentation, shown here.

He went on to say: “The visitors of the museum go back to the sixteenth century to see everything related to coffee, from manual machines for grinding coffee, cooking appliances, various types of utensils to boil and pour coffee (the recess), various types of cups, and morsels that add beside coffee, spoons, and dishes. Cups, and coffee storage containers. In short, in our museum there is everything related to coffee culture from the past to the present day “.


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Chinar mentioned that visitors witness with the aroma of coffee a historical journey of the exhibited materials collected from different places.

He said: “There are 510 different items in our museum related to coffee making, we show everything related to it from India to China, and from various countries of Europe to the Ottoman Empire. Our museum is a special and distinguished place that hosts different types of primitive machines to today’s modern machines, and it has become a new cultural destination for Malatya. I assure everyone that every product is unique in its field, and these products are unparalleled in the world. Our visitors will notice this when they come ”.

He added that the apricot kernel coffee is offered in the museum with a special flavor and flavor, as a hospitality for all visitors, with the aim of introducing the famous Malatya apricot that goes into everything, and he said:

“Apricot kernel coffee is offered to visitors to the museum We prepare two types of apricot kernel coffee: the first type of A bitter apricot kernel, served with milk or without milk, and we also prepare coffee from the sweet apricot kernel, which has a unique taste and special flavor that is only made in Malatya. Everyone to enjoy its great taste “.

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