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The grooves of the “Alazig” in eastern Turkey dazzle the eyes of spring

Posted by njoud on May 20, 2020
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The grooves of the “Alazig” in eastern Turkey dazzle the eyes of spring


If you are a lover of nature, we advise you to visit the “grooves” , and to know more about this place, we recommend that you read this article.


Saklikabe and Karalılık canyons were discovered in the eastern Turkish province of Alazı east, and it is believed that they date back 45 million years, and since then they have become a destination for photographers with landscapes and canyons.


The Karalilik Valley is a point of contact between the lakes of the Karakaya Dam and the Keban Valley with the Sakalikabe Valley, near the village of Akochagy in the Baskil region.

It is impressive for the nature of its caves and the presence of unique types of birds, plants and animals in it.


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Each of the seasons gives the grooves a different beauty from the other, attracting the attention of tourists to this historical destination of natural beauty, to be one of the most important tourist destinations of the Alazig.


On the mouth of the estuary that empties into the lake of the Keban Dam, a transit corridor is formed from the underground waters, which extends from the valley of “Sakalikabe” with a length of 4.5 km.


The valleys of the region were registered as natural sites, with the aim of encouraging nature lovers to visit.


In an interview with Anadolu Agency, the mayor of Pascale, Oujuz Jim Murad, said that important activities in the field of tourism in the state had been carried out under the leadership of the Wazir of Elazig Chaten Oktay Calderem.


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Murad mentioned that the “Saklikabe” and “Karalilik” valleys are 45 million years old, which means that they represent a great wealth of state tourism since their discovery last year.

Murad pointed out that both valleys, in addition to the monastery “Mar Aharon”, the “Tomisa” castle, the “Corbinar Hill”, historical bridges, “karst” caves, historical settlements, apricot groves, and the Karakaya lake dam, which is 118 km long, are Beautiful scenery worth seeing in Elazig.


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The Saklikabe Valley starts from the shore of the Karakaya Dam Lake, extends up to half a meter, reaches a height of 200 meters, and extends across the base of the valley for a length of 4.5 km, which adds a unique beauty to the beauty of the valley’s nature.


Murad added: “We saw by our passage from the valley the flowing water that formed from the groundwater along the base of the valley, and if we continue our work this spring, we will be able to see this beauty outside the spring. Spring adds beauty to the valley that is unparalleled in the world where unique unique cave caves formed. Nature lovers and adventure can walk among themselves for a different experience unlike any other in the world”.


He also indicated that they made new arrangements without disturbing and spoiling the natural formation of the area so that visitors could visit the valley more comfortably, provided boats to reach the valleys easily, and the state was allocated a special tender to build a port in the valley.


Murad described the two valleys by saying:

“The valleys that are characterized by the beauty of their nature are located on the Euphrates River like the pearl in it.

We have completed the work of registering the valleys in coordination with the state. Nature and adventure lovers are looking to open the area for visitors.

We believe that it will be one of the most important tourist centers in the country, and we invite everyone to see this beauty Rare in our state”.



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