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The southern Turkish is replete with Greek monuments

Posted by njoud on April 22, 2020
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The southern Turkish is replete with Greek monuments


To learn more about these ancient monuments, we recommend reading this article.

A group of statues, found in Turkish south, in very good condition In addition, a temple dedicated to the gods Artemis was discovered in the ruins of the ancient Greek city Magnesia, which is located in the Turkish state of Aydin.

The six statues that have been found date back about two thousand years and were discovered during archaeological excavations in the ruins of the ancient Greek city, Magnesia.

This ancient city is located in the village of Germansk of Aydin state on the western coast of Turkey.


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Turkish Professor Orhan Bingol, who headed the group that had been excavating the ancient city since 1984, assured the media that “four of these statues embody a woman’s body while a statue of which is a man’s body.

These statues have been found buried alongside the remains of a Greek temple dedicated to Artemis, the gods of hunting, nature and virginity in Greek mythology.

But for the time being, he has not yet determined whether the sixth statue represents a man or a woman. ”



In this regard, the official pointed out, “In addition to the statues displayed in Istanbul, Izmir and Aydin, about 50 statues were discovered in the ruins of Magnesia.”

He added that “the six statues that were discovered on Saturday were in very good condition, and they found themselves lined up next to each other, and directed the statues’ face down.”

The Turkish official stated that “this discovery will not be the last, but rather clearly confirms that the excavation team is able to find more statues in this special area.”

The first excavations were carried out in the ruins of Magnesia at the end of the nineteenth century, specifically between the years 1891 and 1893.

The process was supervised by a team of German archaeologists led by Karl Homann.


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After these operations, the Medina Theater, the Temple of Artemis, the Agora, and a temple dedicated to the Greek god Zeus were discovered, as well as the headquarters of the Municipal Council of Greek Cities.

The ruins of Magnesia, located in Aydin, were established by the ancient Greeks from Thessaly to Turkey. This ancient city is known as Magnesia Menderes due to its extension on the banks of this river. These ruins are located 30 kilometers from east Ephesus and 20 kilometers from Miletus.

This location made the city an important center for communication between Greek cities located on the eastern coast of the Aegean Sea and inside Anatolia.

Throughout its ancient history, Magnesia suffered from many disturbances, as it was mired in Greek wars; it was rotated by the Athenians and then the Spartans, later to fall under the Achaemenid Persian rule.

Later, Alexander the Macedonian liberated this city, and after his death, the city came under the rule of the Seleucids, then under the rule of the Pergamon Kingdom.

After the Romans took control of the region, Magnesia turned into a prosperous city. However, the importance of the city declined during the ages that followed the period until it eventually became deserted.


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