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Tips before traveling to the Turkish city of Alanya

Posted by njoud on June 24, 2020
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Tips before traveling to the Turkish city of Alanya


To get the best advice before you come to Alanya and spend the best and best times, we recommend that you read this article.


Alanya is a popular tourist city located in the south of Turkey, on the Mediterranean Sea, famous among the tourists mainly for being a warm and sunny beach destination, in addition to what it also offers to its visitors from the castles and charming historical buildings, along with a wide choice of excursion programs, and various entertainment opportunities.

In this next report, you will get to know a set of tips before traveling to Alanya.


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Tips before traveling to the Turkish city of Alanya


Arrive in Alanya

The nearest airport to Alanya is Gazipasa Airport, which is about 45 km from the city center. You can also fly to Antalya International Airport, which is located about 125 km from Alanya.


Request permission before take photo

Make sure that you ask for permission before photographing the locals, especially since many of them, especially women, usually refuse to take photos of them by tourists.


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Negotiating the value of prices is a common matter

Do not hesitate to ask for a discount on the product that you would like to buy in any of the local markets and private stores, as bargaining has become a common practice not only in Alanya, but throughout Turkey, and actually contributes a lot to reducing the prices of products by almost half.

So be prepared to bargain when traveling to Alanya, as store owners expect this, but this means that you need to know the approximate value of the items you wish to purchase, and you can verify the value either by searching online in advance or by seeking advice from any local friend .


Do not buy jewelry from the open air market

Do not buy jewelry and gemstones from the open air markets when traveling to Alanya, it is best for you to buy real Turkish gold from private jewelry stores.


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Best times to travel to Alanya

Tourists planning to spend a lot of time for excursions and walking through the city are advised to visit Alanya in the spring or fall.

As for those planning a wonderful beach vacation, the period from June to September is the best time to enjoy the beautiful beaches.


Compare prices when visiting the Friday market

Visiting a local market is a must when visiting any of the cities of Turkey, and in Alanya the famous Friday market takes place, where you can find everything from fresh fruits, tea, vegetables and spices to fresh pomegranate juice. Only experts recommend when visiting, to compare prices in different kiosks, to buy Products at the best prices.


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Early reservation of hotels during the summer months

There are a lot of great hotels to choose from in Alanya, including the ideal budget hotels to save money, but, during the summer months, you may find it difficult to find a room unless you have made a prior reservation, due to the city’s crowding in that period of the year .


The perfect beach for calm lovers

Although Cleopatra Beach is the most popular beach in Alanya, it may not be suitable for tourists looking for seclusion and privacy, if you are, we recommend you to visit Ulas Beach where you can enjoy calmness away from the atmosphere of the bustling city, or visit Doganay Beach, which It offers a good mix of comfort and isolation.

And if you are looking for complete relaxation, we can recommend you to visit the Sea Star Beach Bay surrounded by rocks.


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