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Top 10 cities for investment in Turkey

Posted by njoud on March 4, 2020
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Top 10 cities for investment in Turkey


If you are considering real estate investing, we recommend reading this article.


The 10 best cities to invest in Turkey, regardless of which cities came first, might surprise investors.

Real estate investments are located in Istanbul (which is the center of all aspects of Turkey), the capital Ankara, Izmir, the pearl of the Aegean Sea, Bursa, and Antalya, the capital of the sun and the sea.

Each city is distinguished by its unique characteristics and profitable investment areas that attract real estate investors.

Turkey is one of the countries that foreign and domestic investors have followed closely in recent years, especially in the real estate sector, especially in big cities, which have made the real estate sector more active, for urbanization projects that mean the reorganization of cities, especially large ones, which fall within the scope of these studies , And then cities acquired a safer and more dynamic architecture.

Many metropolitan areas have become more valuable and have achieved more profits for their investors, through urban transformation studies, as renewable cities have provided investors with new and profitable investment opportunities through new projects in the real estate, transport and shopping sectors.

In general, the real estate sector remains the safest port for investors in the economic sector, and when you invest in real estate, you may not make a profit in a short period, but you will not lose it in the long run.

All Turkish regions and cities have different economic dynamics in terms of investment, so the recovery period for real estate investments may vary from city to city.


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Here are the top 10 cities in Turkey that attract both local and foreign investors and have high profitability ratio.


10 Most Profitable cities to invest in Turkey




Istanbul is one of the most valuable city in Turkey in both real estate and land investment.


The value of Istanbul has increased due to urban transformation.Besides, real estate and land investments have gained great value due to Istanbul airport.The new airport was the biggest reason for transfer investment from south of Istanbul to the north.


Therefore, land prices in the north of Istanbul have increased by 400% in recent years.


In this respect, Arnavutköy, Poyrazköy, Durusu, Yeniköy, Sancaktepe, Tayakadın, and Karaburun are the most profitable regions for land investment in Istanbul.


On the other hand, Beylikdüzü, Halkalı, Başakşehir, Sultangazi, Esenyurt, Çekmeköy, Tuzla, Çatalca, and Pendik can be considered as the most important areas developed for real estate investment in recent years.


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In Gaziantep, Kilis district is a very profitable region for land investment. In terms of real estate investment, Oğuzeli region offers very attractive investment opportunities.




Bursa, whose real estate and land has gained great value in recent years, has important economic dynamics for Turkey along with Istanbul.


Yenişehir and Karacabey areas are among the lucrative areas in Bursa. However, Karacabey region is quite suitable for land investment.


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Ankara, the capital and second-largest city of Turkey, is one of the most profitable city in real estate investments in recent years.


For example, investment areas in the southwestern part of Ankara develop mainly because the city center is moving in this direction.


Yaşamkent, Temelli, Etimesgut, and Eryaman areas in the southwest of the city are good areas for real estate investment.


On the other hand, Bağlum region in Keçiören, Örencik region in Gölbaşı, Batıkent, NATO Road in Mamak district, and Pursaklar district are the preferred areas for land investment in Ankara.




Adana is one of the cities where most real estate sales are made in Turkey.


Real estate investments are increasing in the north of Adana due to the growth of the city in this direction.


Kozan Road, Karaisei Street and, M1 Shopping Center region are among the best areas for investment in Adana.




Eyyübiye in Şanlıurfa city is a very profitable area for real estate investment, while Karacadağ region attracts attention in terms of land investment due to state support to encourage investment in it.


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Antalya, which known for its sea, sand, and sun, welcomes many tourists every year due to its touristic value.

Besides, Antalya is one of the profitable cities for investment in Turkey.


While Konyaaltı and Lara areas are very profitable regions for real estate investment due to their central location in Antalya, Kundu Road, which connects the inner part of the Lara district and the holiday villages with the city center, is a preferred for land investment.


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Mersin city has a long Mediterranean coastline with palm trees.The city center and the regions close to the center are quite suitable for both land and real estate investment.


Yenişehir, Kocavilayet, and Mezitli districts are among the most profitable investment areas of Mersin.




Izmir, which is described as the pearl of the Aegean Sea, is changing due to luxury real estate projects thanks to urban transformation.


However, Izmir is one of the cities where real estate prices have increased rapidly.


Bornova, Torbali, Guzelbahce, Urla, Mavişehir, and Balcova are the valued regions for real estate investment in this beautiful city.




In Konya city, Selçuklu district has been one of the most popular investment areas for years due to its central location in terms of real estate investment.


Karatay is also a lucrative investment area in Konya due to its location close to the new city center.


Meram region is one of the most valuable areas in Konya for land investment in recent years due to the urban transformation.

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