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Transforming worn out shoes into nests for birds

Posted by njoud on July 25, 2020
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Campaign to convert worn-out shoes into nests for birds in Hatay, southern Turkey


To learn more about this unique campaign that has spread environmental awareness among people, we recommend that you read this article.


A campaign to transform worn shoes into bird nests, a group of activists from the “Sary Zipklar Association” campaign launched a campaign to collect worn shoes and transform them into bird nests by hanging them on trees, with the aim of spreading environmental awareness and drawing attention to the need to collect waste and place it in designated places in the Iskenderun region of Hatay .

In a short time since the start of the campaign, the members of the association collected 80 pairs of shoes, and expanded them in the “House of Art” workshop, which belongs to the sculptor Salahuddin Deniz, so that birds can live in them, and they were colored in different colors.

Then, the nests of new birds were placed in different places in the forests after taking So, from the responsible authorities, some nests made of shoes were suspended in the upper parts of the tree by using stairs, so that the birds could accommodate them in the winter.


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“I started this project when I saw online how some European countries deal with the shoes they reach as waste, so we started a campaign to collect the shoes that their owners throw in the garbage to dispose of,” said Banu Demirkent, campaign director and vice-president of the Sari Zipklar Association.

Demirkent pointed out that the campaign received many contributions within a very short time, and that these shoes will be used throughout the life as bird nests.

The campaign moved the shoes to the “House of Art” workshop where they were drawn with different patterns and shapes, and Demirkent said: “We worked for about a month, and we wanted to take advantage of the worn out shoes that will be thrown in the garbage, and we sought to do so to spread awareness to everyone and draw their attention to issues .” Environmental, waste, recycling and wastefulness “.


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This campaign is the first of its kind in Turkey, and similar copies exist in some European countries.

The head of the Sarฤฑ Zipklar Association, Nozat Kurt, has invited citizens not to throw their worn out shoes in the trash and provide them in support of the campaign.

Kurt said: “The shoes dumped at the waste sites are subject to evaluation, then transferred to a workshop to be expanded and stained with the colors of nature, then the shoes are fixed using ropes without causing any damage to the trees, and are placed in several places in Iskenderun, we hope that the birds build their nests inside, and we do not know whether It will build her nests with shoes or not, because we are doing it for the first time.

It was the beginning of the project from Hatay, and I expect it to be applied in many Turkish regions. ”

In the following picture, the youngest of the campaign’s 10-year-old girl, Sabiha Sue Karkash, is enjoying coloring shoes that will become a nest for birds.



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