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Turkey will start producing the first electric tractor

Posted by njoud on April 23, 2020
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Turkey will start producing the first electric tractor in October


To know the latest developments in the agricultural field, we recommend that you read this article.

A senior official at the Ministry of Agriculture announced that the mass production of the first electric tractor in Turkey may be postponed for a month to start next October instead of September due to the coronary virus (Corona) epidemic.

“Work is ongoing to designate the electric tractor production line, and we will start manufacturing as soon as the production line is ready,” said Ozkan Kayakan, Director General of Agricultural Research and Policy (TAGEM).

“Our goal is to start producing electric tractors at the end of August or early September, but it can be delayed for a month,” he added.

Kayakan pointed out that the demand for domestic electric tractor is really high, expecting to sell approximately 1000 tractors overnight with the announcement.


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The Turkish official attributed the high demand for electric tractors to the high cost of fuel, as the cost of charging the electric tractor is 20 times less than the current price of fuel.

According to the estimates of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the electric tractor is expected to help farms save 133,000 TL ($ 18,720) annually on average.

The ministry plans to produce 10,000 electric tractors at its factory in the Gebze neighborhood, northwest of Kocaeli, a focal point for the Turkish car industry.

The first prototype of the 105-horsepower Turkish electric tractor will be run on 236 batteries at 20 years of age, and another version of 250 horsepower will be produced for export.


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It is noteworthy that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan launched a homemade electric tractor in July last year, the first of its kind in the country.

The tractor, which has been developed with local capabilities, can work for 7 hours continuously, with a charge of 45 minutes.

It also works with a 105-horsepower engine, without making noise.

On that occasion, Erdogan pledged that Turkey would become one of the strongest countries in agriculture and livestock, by 2023, the centenary of the founding of the Turkish Republic.


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