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Turkish Alanya .. a city that tells its visitors myths about nature and beauty

Posted by njoud on June 24, 2020
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Turkish Alanya .. a city that tells its visitors myths about nature and beauty


To know more about this wonderful city, we recommend that you read this article.


115 km east of Antalya in Turkey lies the wonderful city of Alanya, which awaits its visitors eagerly and eagerly, to provide them with entertainment on a plate of gold between its beaches, landmarks and open air, so it was said that whoever visits this wonderful city must return to it again, so do not be surprised So when you see large groups of tourists around the world, especially those coming from Europe, you may also join their lovers and lovers who prefer them season after season.

Alanya has unparalleled beauty and virgin nature that attracts attention, and you will probably witness this from the first sight, and since you set foot on the city, this admiration will inevitably increase when you head to its wonderful beaches that have long been loved by travel and tourism lovers around the world, especially as Alanya overlooks the White Sea The Mediterranean is bordered by a very beautiful and pure coast on three sides.

The Cleopatra beach is one of the most famous beaches of the city and is known for the splendor and serenity of its wonderful turquoise waters, as well as its fine sand, so that many tourists assure that they can see the fish on the sea floor clearly without trouble, as it is said that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra visited this coast and swam for it so it was named In its name, there is also a beach with cobblers and orange Uslar.


Tips before traveling to the Turkish city of Alanya


We advise you to try diving to enjoy the most amazing marine nature scenes, as this activity in Turkey is now considered one of the most popular activities among tourists, including the wonderful climate, sunshine and picturesque bays.

And you can take a boat tour as well to enjoy the city in the open air, to paint with your imagination an unforgettable painting about Alanya, perhaps pushing you to visit again, and do not forget your camera to capture the most beautiful memories.

Alanya is a historic city with a privilege, which many civilizations have left behind, and the Romans passed through it as its first inhabitant, and then the Byzantines and the Seljuks as the Ottomans.

Therefore, you will find many tourist attractions dating back to those periods, on top of which is the Alanya Castle built by the logistical leader Alaeddin Kay Kubat in the thirteenth century on top of a hill 250 meters (820 feet) above sea level, and this castle consists of 140 towers and about 400 Wells, and it contains many ancient buildings such as Roman baths, palaces, mosques and graves, so it is considered an open-air museum.

Also among the tourist attractions is the ancient city of Cedra, a Roman city founded in the third century BC, and includes many mosaics, columns, swimming pools, drinking water tanks, the Arc de Triomphe, a display runway and other palaces carved into the rocks.


Alanya “the recreational tourism paradise”


The Kızıl Tower or Al Hamra Tower is also considered one of the most important Seljuk monuments in Alanya. It was built by the Seljuk leader Alaeddin Kay Kubat in the 13th century to observe the port and protect the city. His name was derived from the red bricks used in its construction, and is now considered a symbol of the city among tourists From all over the world.

For more pleasure and suspense, you will also find in Alanya a number of caves that are known for their splendor and distinction, and that they are among the tourist stations worth seeing, such as Damlatas Cave which was discovered in 1948 during construction work at the port, and which was known in what is considered a place to treat asthma as stressed Scientists.


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Tourists also emphasize the beauty of the Dim Cave, which is an amazing natural painting formed by stalagmites and stalactites, and from the Salt Lake in the middle, which is the second largest cave known to the city visitors.

Alanya is also famous for its pirate cave, which is an undersea cave in the historical peninsula where Alanya Castle is located, and you can enter it by boat or by swimming, as is the case with Bahtchi Cave, which is characterized by the fact that its floor is a waterway.

Alanya also has a number of museums that you can visit such as the Archeology Museum and Ethnography, as well as the Alanya Museum that was opened in 1967, and in it you will find many belongings dating back to the civilizations that passed through the city and settled there.


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And if you are with your children, you can visit the Dolphinarium, 18 kilometers away from Alanya, where you can enjoy the most beautiful dolphins and also swim with them after the show, take pictures, and have a snack in one of the cafes nearby.

We also advise you to take a walk in the valley of the Dim Chai River, located 15 km on the eastern side of the town of Alanya, where calm and relaxation between the most beautiful trees and recreational ways in the open air.


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In Alanya, you will find yourself invited to enjoy a lot of recreational and sporting activities, whether aerial or marine, many of which are held on the beaches, so be sure to try one of them with a spirit of adventure that will renew your activity and make the holiday another meaning.


It seems that the beauty of that city has prompted many tourists to take a permanent residence, so it is not surprising that Alanya, in particular, has a special place in the hearts of its visitors, and it tells stories of beauty with stories and tales.



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