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Turkish artist makes the smallest chess board in the world

Posted by njoud on June 12, 2020
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Turkish artist makes the smallest chess board in the world


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A Turkish artist who specializes in miniature artwork has unofficially set a world record set in the Guinness Book, by making the world’s smallest chessboard. The size of the plate is 8.9 x 8.9 mm only. This work was very difficult to accomplish, as the pieces can only be seen with a high-resolution magnifying lens.


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6 months of work


Mr. Necati Korkmaz says that his small set of chess pieces is two times smaller than the current Guinness champion group.

It took about six months to complete this piece of art, and the Turkish artist worked on it for 6 hours a day.

Korkmaz asserts that chess can be played using his small group, but players need a magnifying glass and special sticks made to move the small pieces.

Sticks are similar to a pencil and at the end of it is a piece of iron that sticks to a small magnet at the top end of chess pieces.

Interestingly, despite the small size of the chess pieces, the strength of the magnet is sufficient to lift and move it.

Korkmaz is a well-known cultural figure in his area, and an environmental expert. He made more than 40 small sculptures, which were displayed in a center called “Necati Korkmaz” for the miniature artwork, and the exhibition center in Kush Adasi.

The Turkish artist plans to file a file to manage the Guinness Book of Records so that his work will be officially recognized as the smallest group of its kind in the world. He currently holds the record for the smallest American Ara Ghazarian chessboard, and is 15.2 x 15.2 mm.


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