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Turkish citizenship for investment opportunities in Turkey

Posted by njoud on July 27, 2020
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Turkish citizenship .. a new page for investment opportunities in Turkey

Turkish citizenship for investment opportunities in Turkey Statistics currently show that Turkey is ranked 17th in the world’s economies, through its exports of 170 billion dollars, the gross domestic product of nearly two billion dollars, and its growth rate of 5.5 percent during the past 15 years.

With its vast potential and a vibrant population of 81 million, Turkey continues to offer new opportunities to local and foreign investors.

The foreign investment sector distributed in large areas in Turkey witnessed the addition of a new option and opportunity, as changes and amendments were made in the executive regulations of the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship, and the new amendments in the exceptional Turkish citizenship law stipulated lowering the values ​​of the specified financial criteria as a condition for advancing Turkish citizenship.


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When looking at the most popular way for foreign investors to obtain Turkish citizenship, according to the new amendments in the aforementioned law, we see the following:


1) Obtaining Turkish citizenship through bank deposits:

A foreign investor who deposits in Turkish banks with deposits of at least  500,000 dollar will be able to apply for Turkish citizenship, provided that the account in which the money was placed is frozen for a period of 3 years, and after 3 years have passed since the deposit of the amounts mentioned in Turkish banks, The foreign investor will be able to fully recover the money he deposited without any shortage or with its profits, in order to be able to obtain Turkish citizenship without any other compensation.


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2) Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment:

According to the recent amendments to the Turkish Nationality Law, foreign investors can obtain Turkish citizenship from investing in real estate, provided that the value of these investments is 250 thousand dollars instead of one million dollars as they were before the recent amendments, and this clause is required to place an explanation on the property tab Not to sell it for 3 years.

Thus, foreign investors who wish to move to live in Turkey will be able to obtain Turkish citizenship in conjunction with purchasing homes and real estate to live in.

The real estate sector witnessed a wide activity in the last stage due to the high turnout it is receiving.


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3) Obtaining Turkish citizenship through employment:

Foreign investors who provide job opportunities in Turkey for at least 50 people, and who prove this with the Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Services, can apply for Turkish citizenship.

Turkey is considered a “safe harbor” for the Arabs in supporting various fields of work that are constantly growing and stable, such as:

Energy, defense industries, agriculture, aviation, industry, tourism, high technology, education and health.

Therefore, investors will be able, through providing job opportunities, to take a big step to achieve their investments on the one hand, to obtain Turkish citizenship, which gives them large and broad rights on the other hand.

Turkey, which currently hosts more than 60 thousand companies with foreign capital, has great capabilities and capabilities to support and stimulate all forms of investment, thanks to its young and dynamic population composition.


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Besides, there are many other advantages that motivate and encourage investment in Turkey, and they include foreign investors as well, such as: tax cuts and free land allocation, which makes Turkey a magnet for investors.

Among the most prominent sectors that grow and lead the Turkish market in the last stages:

1. The software and technology sector which has witnessed great growth in recent years, and includes various fields such as:

Software development, biotechnology, and nanotechnology.

2. The real estate and construction sector, due to its expansion and significant growth in the recent period due to the increase in the country’s population and urban transformation projects.

3. The textile sector, which is very popular, is experiencing rapid growth.

4. Energy and natural resources sector, given its richness in terms of raw materials resources.


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Therefore, investors will be able to invest in the field and sector that they choose thanks to the effective and correct evidence, and at the same time they will obtain a Turkish passport that opens doors to the world and allows travel to 115 different countries around the world World without visa.

In view of the importance of selecting sectors and investment fields according to the supply and demand equation, and securing matters and legal foundations for their investments, we recommend obtaining legal advisory services since the beginning of the investment process, in order to achieve the investment goals Zero probability of losses.

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