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Posted by njoud on October 2, 2020
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Expanding the range of Turkish e-government portal services


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Ali Taha Koc, Head of the Digital Transfer Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, said that the second phase of the “My Vehicles” service, which was activated through the e-government portal, “e_Devlet,” will start operating in the near future, on June 9th.

Koch drew attention to the importance and necessity of digital services in the period of return to normal life after the outbreak of the Covid 19 epidemic.

And within the scope of the measures taken for this, it has been directed to open electronic services that provide great convenience and ease for citizens to conduct their transactions.


50 million and 20 thousand and 804 users


Koch explained that the e-government portal provides 5156 services through 677 institutions through the e-government portal, and said: “The e-government portal provides its users with access to many services of institutions, public organizations, the private sector, private organizations and universities, and we work daily to improve service content and quality. September 13, the number of portal users has reached 50 million, 20 thousand and 804 users.

Koch pointed out that 80% of the active users of the e-government portal are over the age of 16, in order to facilitate the implementation of many of their transactions, and said: “One of the most used services is the“ 4A Service Statement for the Social Security Corporation ”, which was received by more than 111 million and 892 thousand And 759 inquiries to date, followed by the “pre-submission service for epidemiological support of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services” with 111 million, 148 thousand and 326 inquiries.

Koch explained that the Presidency’s Digital Transfer Office has not only accelerated the number of services provided through the portal, but also expanded the range of services and transferred integrated services to the digital environment.

Koch added: “The“ My Vehicles ”service, in its first phase, received great attention since its opening on June 9, which has been used to date by 37 million users, enabling them to view many information such as insurance, fines, inspections, highway crossing, debt status, taxes and payments Traffic Violations“.

Kutch indicated that it is planning to start operating the second phase of the service in the near future, and said: “It is planned to expand the scope of the service and provide it to users with several new additions such as vehicle information for their legal owners, setting dates for vehicle inspection, and loading HGS credit.

He expressed the increase in the number of e-government portal services, saying: “In this domain, more than two million successful students in the YKS examination enter the“ University Electronic Registration Service ”of the Higher Education Council, which is among the 20 most used services.

Koch emphasized that the e-government portal is “a living and constantly evolving system. As an official of the Presidential Digital Transfer Office, I assure that the portal’s work continues without slowing down during this period, as digital transformation will reach every aspect of life.”

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