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Zakaria Koy district in Istanbul

Posted by njoud on April 25, 2020
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Zakaria Koy district in Istanbul


If you want to know the best areas of Istanbul for housing and investment, we recommend you to read this article.


Where Zakaria Koy is located in a strategic location in Istanbul, making it a precious pearl for real estate investment, and a favorite place for the upper classes and the high standing in Istanbul.



The location of Zakaria Koy in Istanbul


On the western side of the city of Istanbul is located that distinctive region (Zakariya Koy), where it extends in the way near the third Istanbul Bridge, and is also bordered on the other side by the Belgrade forests, but despite all that, it is considered close to the heart of Istanbul, and those features Together, Zakaria Koya region gives priority to progress over many other areas in Istanbul, to be one of the most wonderful distinctive areas of Istanbul.


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Advantages of the Zakaria Koy area in Istanbul


The distinguished location of Zakaria Koy is what gives it the most important real estate value that the region is famous for in Istanbul, and from here we could enumerate some of the advantages that Zakaria Koy has in several points:

1- Zakaria Koy is considered in the center of everything important in Istanbul, and perhaps in Turkey itself, it is located between the stunning scenery of the seashore in Istanbul.

2- In addition to the green areas that spread a lot of space, which makes it a favorite area for many people in Turkey, as well as investors.

3- It is also close to all important sites, whether new projects in Istanbul, such as Istanbul’s third airport, for example, or the magnificent ancient center of Istanbul, which is a first-class tourist area.


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Zakaria Koy features


– Zakaria Koy in Istanbul, is also distinguished by its breathtaking calmness, which makes it a magical spot to escape the hustle and bustle, so the calm meeting with the beauty of nature, as well as the sea, there is nothing in the world more wonderful than that.

– And given all that God has loved in the region of Zakaria Koy in Istanbul, it had to be the most attractive and investing area in Istanbul, as demand increased in a noticeable way in the past periods, especially among the sons of the upper classes in Istanbul, and the aristocratic high families And this also made it attractive areas for investors, which attract them to invest in it all the time.

Zakaria Koy will continue to increase in supply continuously as long as the demand increases without interruption.

Also, Zakaria Koy is distinguished by its distinctive division, and its vast green spaces coordinated in one of the most magnificent ways, as it diversifies real estate between luxury homes, villas surrounded by gardens, on the latest international designs, which makes it an area with a classy and distinguished social level.


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Real estate prices in Zakaria Koy


Real estate prices in Zakaria Koy may reach between a quarter of a million dollars to 3 million, and the rent prices increase there to reach 13 thousand dollars, and experts expect that the prices in the region of Zakaria Koya will continue to increase ..

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