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About Us

About us! Alanya Realty is a leading international real estate company in Alanya, founded in 2005, working throughout Turkey with a professional team of highly qualified specialists. The managing director of the company is Mustafa Celik. Alanya Realty is a well established company in marketing and investment issues both in Turkey and abroad.

About Us, The company specializes in all aspects of buying and selling real estate with subsequent support. Having a reputation of an experienced, reliable and proven agency with many years of experience, companies have been trusted by more than 1,500 customers from all over the world for over 14 years.

Alanya Realty offers a wide range of real estate. From new buildings, the second hand apartments, apartments under construction, land, luxury villas and apartments for sale in Turkey for any budget. We are ready to provide full customer support all the way from choosing your dream home to signing final documents and arranging in all around Turkey. We can safely say that you will not find real estate in our database that is sold cheaper elsewhere.

Among the company’s specialists there are speakers of Turkish, English, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, German, French, Arabic and Persian. We are ready to provide support not only in the purchasing process, but also in opening bank accounts or obtaining tax numbers in Turkey. If you need help in obtaining a residence permit, obtaining Turkish citizenship, or the advice of a specializes regarding investment in real estate in Turkey, we are ready to provide professional assistance!

Welcome Alanya Realty Real Estate in Turkey!

We know that buying a property is one of the most serious lifestyle decisions you will ever make. To help you on your journey, you need a real estate agent with market knowledge, experience and customer values that put the buyer first. We offer a variety of properties in the Mediterranean, ranging from cozy apartments to luxurious villas with their locations being in either the centre of town or in a peaceful environment. Let your dream come true and let one of the most wonderful holiday destinations in the world become your new home.

This is where Alanya Realty, a professional team of local agents steps forward. We guide buyers through the whole journey from choosing the home of your dreams to signing for your title deeds and settling in. With a bank of testimonials behind us, we’ve established a solid reputation for honesty, professionalism, and long-term commitments to our customers.

Established in 2005, Alanya Realty Real Estate Inc is a leading international real estate company working across the whole of Turkey. We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce in all regions where our offices are located including . Alanya, Istanbul, Fethiye and Cyprus.

Alanya Realty SHB EML. INS. TURZM. SEYH. GIDA. TAR. HAYV. SAN. VE TİC LTD. ŞTİ. It is a subsidiary.. Alanya Realty.

Alanya Realty Guarantees:

  • Guaranteed Title Deeds delivery (zero failure)
  • Best price. You will not find the same property sold cheaper anywhere else
  • We only work with constructors and sellers who we know and trust
  • Expertise and professionalism (skilled management and team since 2004)
  • 100% satisfaction for the buyer (from the point that you start dreaming until you get your title deed)

Alanya Realty Services:

Turkish, English, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, German, French, Arabic and Persian native speakers

Help during the buying process like opening bank accounts and getting tax numbers

Assistance with gaining residency permits and citizenship by investment

After-sales services including water and electric connections, insurance, and furnishings.

Why Alanya Realty?

Alanya Realty is not a marketing company which orbits around few brand projects no matter what clients demand. Turkey Expert believes every client’s needs are unique therefor all inquiries need to be handled with absolute sensitivity. We get best results with our like minded clients who are willing to spend time studying the market with us and reaching to conclusions on why or how general market offers may not be what they seem.

We do believe in the generosity of Turkish real estate market, but we also believe in right price parameter. In long term all real estate investment pays of well in a country like Turkey where there is a rapid population growth. The price you buy from is the main indicator when it will pay off. We do appreciate the god given beauty of this country and willing to spend time with you to explore and pass our extensive knowledge and lead you to a right home which you will be very proud of many years to come. Just let us know about your dreams. We are not humble of our negotiation skills. We are the leader on this field along with finding the right portfolio for each client. Negotiation is based on information and intelligence, not on good buddy relations with sales offices or property owners. You will be understanding more of our incomparable skills once we start working as a team towards a deal. We have a team of highly decorated real estate professionals and looking forward to working with you. Give us a call or drop us a line anytime you wish and let’s get started.

We have shared with you some pictures of some of the best memories behind these successful years. We have been with all our customers at every moment. Together we shared the joys and sorrows. As Alanya Realty, we have always been with people who trust and invest in us. we sold for us, we got between us, we never finished the logic of our business never happened. We have always been behind our promises and will continue to be.

If one day you meet and you will see us when you meet our office is not very astonishing the day we opened the first place. The main reason for this is that our customers who bought an apartment 10 years ago can find us at the same address when they need it.


We have completed all of our legal certificates in order to serve you better. a real estate company installed the necessary documentation to work in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey in this document will explain the example of our company below.

For a lawful real estate company you must first have a real estate office. This real estate office should be at least 60m2 in Alanya. This may vary in every city. The office must comply with occupational safety and physical conditions.

  1. LİCENSE TO OPEN AND OPERATE A BUSİNESS; you cannot open and run an office without this document. If this does not happen, you will have to close it before you start. You can obtain this document from the municipality of origin. There are 2 main documents required to obtain a business license. I will explain them under Headings 2 and 3.
  2. CERTİFİCATE OF PROFESSİONAL COMPETENCE: this certificate is personally expressed. It is aimed to measure whether the person has the capability to do the real estate business or not. Not everyone has this document. Please ask the office staff if they have these documents before you buy them.
  3. CERTİFİCATE OF AUTHORİZATİON FOR IMMOVABLE TRADE: This document must be obtained to open an office. In order to receive this certificate, professional qualification certificate number 2 is required.
  4. TAX REGİSTRATİON: applications are made to the tax office about the establishment of the company and the company is registered.
  5. ALANYA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY MEMBER REGİSTRATİON DOCUMENT: Alanya Chamber of Commerce membership certificate. You need to have a registration to do business.
  6. TRADEMARK REGİSTRATİON CERTİFİCATE: this certificate is not obligatory but important for the safety of the company. Alanya Realty is a registered trademark.
  7. THE TURKİSH PROPERTY PROFESSİONALS: this is an association. In many parts of Turkey within the reliable and strong companies it is available. As Alanya Realty, we are a member of this association.

Our Portfolio and the Turkish Property Market

Having enjoyed a construction boom over the last decade, Turkey is an attractive option for overseas buyers because choice and prices are highly favourable. For example, while the resort of Kalkan is known for its prestige villas, on the Aegean coast of Turkey, the resort of Altinkum attracts many English buyers with an average budget of £30,000. Whatever your budget, we will be able to find your ideal property in Turkey.


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