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4 Reasons to Buy Property in Alanya

Posted by Tamer on June 20, 2019
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­4 Reasons to Buy Property in Alanya

To find out the reasons for buying real estate in Alanya, we recommend that you read this article.

If you want to buy property in Alanya please read this blog. There are many advantages to buying properties in Alanya, one of which being that the main advantage is weather. There is a rule in Alanya, when you embrace its lifestyle you are also embracing the big 3’s. Sun, Sand and Sea. Alanya is known for its coastal beaches, wonderful sunny weather and amazing views and landscapes that would be a pleasure to the lifestyles of living in this wonderous place called Alanya.

4 Reasons to Buy Property in Alanya

1: A Diverse Property Portfolio

One of the main reasons to choose to buy property in Alanya is the diverse range of property in your selections. There are many various styles and types of properties for sale with different architectural designs and unique closures that will compliment your value on investment. These different range of properties include apartments with 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom duplex apartments, penthouse apartments, villas and land purchase. These properties for sale come with convenient five star facilities, including swimming pools, fitness centres, luxury saunas and spa facilities, security and more! Alanya is known for having the luxury lifestyle factor for affordable prices recognised globally. Many investors from all over the world come here to invest not only in property, but to buy the lifestyle that compliments living in this beautiful city.

причины купить недвижимость в алании

2: Infrastructure Projects

Although Alanya is considered to be a fairly new city that is gradually thriving and growing as a modern city with new residential and commercial establishments, one of the main reasons to invest in Alanya, whether it be for living or visiting is the infrasture improvement factor. The Alanya local municipality called the ‘Belidiye’ has introduced a long term strategy to improve and expand the local infrastructure that will introduce new highways, convenience of public transportation infrastructure and improvements to supply of utility for construction and residential living. This will be a big project that the Belidiye is commiting as a vital priority to thrive Alanya as the beautiful city it is and will always be.

3: Real Estate Liquidity

One of the Factors that will intice you into buying if your purpose of investment is ROI or whether you have concern for long term prospect of your investment is the liquidity factor.Real Estate ‘Re-Sale’ is very common in Alanya, so wether you choose to sell your property in a year or if you purchase a villa and decide to demolish or refurbish, the council has made special considerations and allowances concerning this factor and you wont have any trouble if you choose to do one or the other. İts completely up to you.

4: Your Dream Lifestyle

One other factor that serves as a really good reason to join living in Alanya, is the lifestyle factor. When thinking of investing in Alanya you are choosing to invest in Luxury. Luxury living means resort style living, cheap and affordable five start high class food, coastal living, sun sand and sea, acitivies that will push your adrenaline and also spa and wellness that will make you live a really relaxed life during your living here in Alanya. Alanya is know for its hospitality and you will never find a day without the relaxation, hospitality and five star food offered at any restaurant here in Alanya.


Spanish newspaper: Alanya, the city of Turkish tourism

The city of Alanya sits on the throne of Turkish tourism, among the ten tourists who flock to Turkey, a tourist chooses to go to the Alanya region to spend his vacation due to its mild climate and stunning scenery, as well as its ancient history. This resort town is located in the state of Antalya on the southern coast of Turkey.

Today, Alanya, which is located to the east of the state of Antalya, which overlooks the Mediterranean coast in Turkey, made it one of the favorite destinations for tourists in this country thanks to its history, sunny climate and beaches, which made it attract one of the ten tourists who visit Turkey.

Moreover, the history of this region abounds with many civilizations that have passed through it, such as the Greeks and Romans, in addition to the Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans. On the other hand, the population density in Alanya is 300 thousand people, but it exceeds about half a million people during the summer months thanks to the influx of foreign tourists coming mainly from Europe and Russia.

During the past year, the city of Alanya received nearly 3.5 million tourists, which is equivalent to one tourist out of three tourists visiting the Antalya Province, and one of ten tourists traveling to Turkey. In general, tourists arrive at the resort city thanks to direct flights from Europe to Gazipasa Airport, Which is located only 40 kilometers from Alanya.

In statements to the Turkish media, the head of the Tourist Businessmen Association in Alanya, Burhan Celi, highlighted the importance of Alanya as a major tourist destination in the Turkish region of the Mediterranean.

In this regard, Burhan Sele affirmed that “tourism in the city of Alanya really took off during the 1950s and 1960s. Today, hotel rooms have a capacity of 125,000 beds, which represents about 30 percent of the total capacity in Antalya, and about 10 percent of the hotel capacity. in Turkey”.

“Alanya received 3.5 million tourists, who flocked from 72 countries from all over the world, knowing that this number may reach four million tourists, counting Turkish visitors. We also aim to attract about 5.5 million tourists in 2023,” Sele said.

In this regard, Burhan Sele affirmed that Alanya annually hosts 11 times its Turkish population, noting that at the same time they need to “raise tourism revenues and work to diversify the services they provide.”

It should be noted that the climate factor is among the features that bring tourists to the city of Alanya, as the Mediterranean climate is known for its warmth in Antalya, which makes the winter season in this city with a mild climate as well.

Commenting on this issue, Burhan Sele noted that “many foreigners have chosen to live and settle in Alanya, as they have bought houses in the area to spend a large part of the year. These foreign tourists also contribute greatly to promoting Turkey“.

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