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Posted by Tamer on July 17, 2019
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To find out what Alanya home insurance is in Turkey, we recommend that you read the article.

Home insurance as one of the main things you want to have knowledge of for many foreigners who own Property in Turkey. Almost in everyone’s head tehre is main question is if I m not in Turkey what will happen to my home? What will happen if earthquake happen? What will happen if there will be fire, What will happen if water pipe broken and floods all over? So if the thief enters and stole all my thinks, he asks himself a lot of questions like what to do. In this article, I will give you information about how you can take out insurance, how the pricing is made and what to do if you encounter a possible problem.

Currently in turkey virtually all companies makes and receive bids from all insurance companies are the insurance companies they do business agreements can offer you different prices. This allows you to compare the prices of all insurance companies at the same time. It ensures that you do not need to collect prices from all companies one by one.

In fact, many people consider housing insurance unnecessary and avoid taking out. When we look at it, it doesn’t cost anything. The cost of an annual insurance of a standard 2 + 1 house ranges from 300lira to 750lira. In fact, the main thing that determines the price is the value of the goods you declare. It is better to keep this at a reasonable level and not have a proper insurance.

Below, I will give you information about housing insurance, natural disaster insurance and the procedures applied after the damages that may arise. In fact, you will see how much is needed and what it covers.


If you have home insurance you have to take out natural disaster insurance (DASK). In case of a possible problem, insurance companies first collect from DASK insurance. If this does not meet, the housing insurance will be activated. It is unreasonable to separate housing insurance and natural disaster insurance. They’re both complementary. In order to better understand and see the price calculation, I will provide you with information about the previous home insurance calculation and chart below.


Insurance Fee

Building (Fire)                                                  300,000 lira

Goods (Fire)                                                     60,000 lira

Fire financial responsibility                         72,000 lira

Additional collateral (building)                  300,000 lira

Additional collateral (goods)                      60,000 lira

Shifting the ground                                       360,000 lira

Flood and flooding                                         360,000 lira

Storm                                                                  360,000 lira

Earthquake (Building)                                   193.000 lira

Theft                                                                   60,000 lira

Cap how many guarantees                        250 lira

Individual accident                                         5,000 lira

Breaking glass                                                  3,000 lira

3rd party financial responsibility              2.000 lira

Legal protection                                              2,500 lira

Electronic device                                            10,000 lira

Total insurance value:                                  360,000 lira

Total amount:   296.91 lira

Yes, only 296 lira for a year you have your home insurance. The prices mentioned above are not fixed. These prices are for insurance only and this is a 3 + 1 120m2 apartment. Prices are entered according to your declaration. As the building value and the value of the goods in it increase, the price increases.

You can also pay by credit card in installments up to 1 year. Or you can pay in advance and close your annual account. I will explain to you the items we have mentioned above and charged.



Description of the building: in the immovable property section of the fixed-state reinforced concrete structure and consequently the gardener’s house, garage, water tank, such as private buildings with additional buildings.

Article description: household goods and personal belongings of the insured family members living together or family members living together. This coverage includes items such as garages and gardeners.

Theft: in the event of the theft, in order to benefit from the insurance, the declaration of private and household goods must be made in advance. Since they are open to malicious use, insurance companies want to insure the private property they will insure and then list them. Thus, they avoid problems that will know nature. If you intend to insure your personal belongings, you can determine the values beforehand and then record them.

Electronic home insurance: computer, tablet and notebook, printer, musical instruments, home theater systems, DVD player, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer, whirlpool, water heater, combi boiler, vacuum cleaner, all kinds of security systems, alarms, garage door, heating and cooling systems, enclosed electronic device and machine breakage, in case of damage in accordance with the general conditions are limited to the limit written on the front of the policy.

Glass breakage: provides damage to glass and mirrors as a result of breakage.

Back to the top I’ve explained some of the titles to you. We can increase these titles. For more detailed information please contact Alanya Realty team.

DASK (natural disaster insurance)

As the name implies, natural disaster insurance is used for damages caused by natural causes. The work is being done to promote not have any issue by Turkey across the state. After the earthquake in Istanbul in August 1999, everyone understood the importance of natural disaster insurance throughout the country.

The main purpose of this policy is to ensure that people are not in a difficult position to compensate for damages on natural roads. These policy features are important for the supply of damages caused by non-human causes such as earthquake, storm, flood, lightning.

In the event of a possible damage, for example, there was an earthquake and your building was damaged. Priorities natural disaster insurance comes into play and most of the expenditures are collected from here. The remaining part is taken from housing insurance, if any. If you have natural disaster insurance but no housing insurance, the remaining fee is paid by the owner.

Let’s calculate the price of natural disaster insurance is now simpler than this housing insurance. Let’s say our apartment is in a 5-storey building of 120 m2 and if we write a price of 110.000 TL, we will see a fee of 56.99 TL. When we look at the total amount we will pay for 1 year 57 lira in fact nothing every day we spend for a lot of unnecessary. In fact, we can protect our home and our future for a very small price. The system and the state offered us such an opportunity and we often avoid using it.

A lot of people work for years to own a house and wear out, it is health. For example, in the cold weather conditions of Siberia at minus 30 degrees in years, it is wasted in the difficult conditions of Russia. In the end he gets a cottage from Alanya. It is not a lot of money to insure the value of your labor for a lifetime.


Contact your insurance company and provide information about the damage. Once you have done so, do not intervene in the event of the damage before someone arrives at the insurance company. Don’t destroy the evidence. The authorized person must come and document this situation. It will illustrate the region and keep the necessary minutes. You will then follow the instructions given by the insurance company official.

If the problem is caused by a leak in the circle, the problem is solved and repaired first. After the main source of distress has been removed, you can also repair the damage caused. You will then make all the payments yourself and you will need to submit the invoices to the insurance company official. After this part of the work is in the insurance company.

They will send all documents to the headquarters of the insurance company along with the minutes, damage records, damage pictures and invoices you have collected. The insurance company will review your expenses and make a price search. They will send experts to your apartment if they deem necessary according to the data they have obtained and they will be sure of all the data.

There are several basic methods they apply to you to determine the amount of payment you will make for damage. One of them is the deduction of the cost of building obsolescence. It may sound unreasonable, but insurance companies around the world resort to every means to pay less. The other method is based on the lowest bid in their bids. In fact, it doesn’t matter how much money you have paid for your damage. The price they set is paid to your account number.

The method is the same in case of a possible theft. Generally, special items (money, gold, jewelry) are not included in the housing insurance. Of course, these items must be written on the insurance policy when making insurance. Otherwise the insurance company will disregard it. In addition, a report must be made by the police.

If you want to go to your country as a foreigner in a comfortable way, a small budget of 400 lira on average and insure your apartment. It will make you feel more comfortable.


In Turkey, though the whole building even in a small building with general law are necessary in the formation of separate management. These sites are managed like companies. There are tax offices in which accountants are attached to their accounting books. The persons they employ are required to fulfill their legal obligations. These administrations come to the management at least once a year by gathering the residents of the site together with the majority of votes. Their main task is to take care of the maintenance and repair of the site and to follow up legally. Taking profits on behalf of the site is collecting and managing dues. Of course, the meeting time is to give this account to the other apartment owners.

If this site management has enough budgets, they can get insurance from the common areas of the building by getting offers from various companies. The main purpose here is to prevent any major damage from being removed from the site budget and to provide repair.

Damages in social areas are much higher than those occurring in the pole. Let’s say there’s a storm and the building’s roof is damaged. The roof of the building should be repaired as soon as possible. Doing so may damage the apartments. Such damages can be very costly. Insuring the social areas of the building is very important in this respect.

The repair of such damages by the insurance company is similar to the housing insurance. In case of damage, contact the company where you have made the insurance policy and provide information about the damage. After doing this, do not intervene at the scene of the damage before the authorized person comes from the insurance company, if possible, keep the damaged part closed. Do not destroy the evidence warn other residents of this site. The authorized person must come and document this situation. It will illustrate, observe and keep the necessary minutes. The insurance company official will give you information about the functioning of the process, it is necessary to follow the path it will follow.

After the main source of the distress has been removed, the damage caused by the site management is done by the companies that he sees. Then the site management will make all payments from the site budget and in exchange for the invoices you have to give the insurance company official. After this part of the work is in the insurance company.

They will send all documents to the headquarters of the insurance company along with the minutes, damage records, damage pictures and invoices you have collected. The insurance company will review your expenses and make a price search. They will send experts to your apartment if they deem necessary according to the data they have obtained and they will be sure of all the data. In addition, if they deem it necessary, they may request another document from the site management.

Payment methods are the same as in housing insurance. The building’s depreciation is deducted from the amount payable. The insurance company collects and evaluates the necessary proposals regarding the works performed. In line with the results they obtain, they inform the management of the amount they will pay based on the lowest bid. They send the payment to the account number to be given to the insurance company by the site management.

In fact, as everyone knows, taking out insurance protects us in every aspect of our lives, at least in part, and makes our job easier. As Tamer Celik, I always consider it necessary to make subject insurance based on my 10 years of real estate experience and I recommend it to all my clients. Maybe their payment may stay below your expectation but it is still a must.

Alanya Realty family as our valued customers and looking at items for sale in Alanya and most accurate information about life in Turkey, while we strive to provide the most transparent way. Please don’t planning a new life in Turkey without receiving the necessary information from us.

Have a nice day.


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