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Expertise Reports for Property Purchase in Turkey

Posted by Tamer on June 20, 2019
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Expertise Reports for Property Purchase in Turkey

Where ever you buy your home in Antalya homes Antalya Turkey you will need expertise reports. One of the new policies in the procedure of purchasing property in Turkey as implemented by the Turkish General Directorate of Land Registre and Cadastre is the requirment of having an expertise report prior to establishing the TAPU for a real estate investor or buyer in Turkey. This expertise report established the accurate value of a property that is required to submit to the TAPU office prior to TAPU sign over for the new owner. One of the main reasons to implement this Expertise Report Process is to regulate the prices for the Real Estate Market in Turkey. Antalya homes Antalya Turkey Whilst prices are still low in comparison to other globally competitive real estate markets in different countries, prices were prior determined solely by agreement between the seller and the intermediary which in most cases is the real estate agent. The problem with this process is that in agreement between parties of sale and purchase, prices were negotiated to reduce property tax payable which means that the long term value security of the buyer is not secured and the government of Turkey couldnt establish the market regulation required to meet proper management of systems, processes and legislations concerning thew sale, marketing or purchase of property in Turkey. Whether residential or commercial, this expertise report is required in all occasions prior to TAPU sign over and serves as a good improvement to proper property purchase policies ensuring proper regulation and proper management or real estate market activitiy in Turkey.

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