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Buying Property in Istanbul

Posted by Tamer on August 1, 2019
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Buying Property in Istanbul


Why buy property in Istanbul?


If you decide to buy property in Istanbul  we recommend that you read this article.


For investors buying property in Istanbul, an important factor for life. In the end, as a large city in Turkey, buyers have a choice of 39 noisy areas and an extensive portfolio of real estate consisting of thousands of apartments, villas and commercial real estate for sale.

The fast-growing real estate market in Bamboo can be confusing for beginners in the city. Thus, we provide you with brief information about the market, as well as investment resources.

We went through hundreds of buyers. So, let’s ask us a lot of customers.



Where is the best place to buy property in Istanbul?


There is more than one answer that suits everyone, because it depends on three factors: the reason for the purchase, the budget, and lifestyle needs. Desirable and premium areas include Galata, Beyoglu, Taksim, Fatih, Besiktas, Sultanahmet on the Asian side.

It was a center of tourism, and nightlife, and shops. As for the central areas, the prices per square meter are higher,

The lowest prices per square meter are the outlying areas, such as Beylikduzu, Kuchukkmece and Bakirka, which are developing, and buyers must be fully provided throughout the entire period of time, because there is an abundance of offers.

Thus, they attract buyers who work and live in the city, while the nearby Sisli and Nisantashi are prestigious areas. Eyup is becoming increasingly popular among Middle Eastern buyers because of its conservative atmosphere.

If you are not sure about the area in which you want to buy a property, write us your budget. Are you a working professional or a young family. We offer you suitable areas and properties.



Istanbul Real Estate Purchase: Current Housing Market


Selling real estate in Turkey has always been successful.

2018 was the year it hit record highs, as investors flocked here to take advantage of the favorable exchange rate and currency. of the year.

Studying in Turkey

The central aspect that should be noted is that the market has been undergoing restructuring for several years, and this status seems to be maintained. Developers are building new houses in suburban areas to complement local community projects that each district of the municipality is undertaking to improve transport, school, medical and retail facilities, as well as green parks.

The European side has also seen violent activity thanks to planned megaprojects such as the new Istanbul route and the canal. For long-term real estate investors, this is an exciting time to enter the market, but constant turnover, as well as a surge of activity and new developments require careful navigation to ensure maximum return on investment.


You need to know: at home on the Bosphorus


The most desirable place to buy property in Istanbul is the Bosphorus coast. Throughout the empire, they fought, won and lost control of this strategic strait between the Marmara and Black Seas. Enlightened by the morning look at the Bosphorus, you become deeper.

Many luxury homes on the coastline are preserved Ottoman mansions. Their wooden architectural style is no longer used. Consequently, their cultural significance played a large role in their protection. The owners of these Ottoman mansions must abide by the strict rules for repairs and maintenance.

They are often sold for millions of pounds. Even if the house is not a preserved Ottoman mansion, a view of the Bosphorus will add value to this house. Istanbul with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.




Why buy property in Istanbul?


In addition to a huge portfolio of houses for sale, which can accommodate many buyers, from luxury to budget, from single people to large families, many reasons make Istanbul an outstanding place for investment.

As Turkey’s largest city, mega-projects, improved transport links and urban planning bring Istanbul to the global real estate map and offer great potential for long-term capital appreciation. However, if you sell your apartment or villa, the status of the object, as the most vibrant real estate market in Turkey and the popularity of both domestic and foreign buyers provide high liquidity.

Let’s be clear. Developers do not just build any old houses on a constantly rotating turnstile, but turn to Turkish and international architects to design modern, fashionable houses that include all the functions that we want to have at the heart of our lives.

From private facilities such as gyms, pools, landscaped gardens and on-site security, to branded lifestyle projects, buying a home in Istanbul is not just an investment, but a lifestyle choice.


Apartment In Esentepe

How to buy property in Istanbul


The whole process takes only a week. In Turkey, it is not necessary to use a lawyer for this process. We have helped many clients to obtain title documents.

Call us to arrange a time and view your property. After you select the house you want to buy, we will agree to conclude a contract and a contract for the provision of services to you.

We work with lawyers to ensure that all legal documents are completed, submitted and completed in a notarial manner, and independent appraisers are recommended for your property valuation report. We organize all processes to complete them. Because we are more than a real estate agent. We always keep in touch with clients and help them connect utilities, move, maintain, maintain and solve other aspects of life and property in Turkey.



View Istanbul Real Estate For Sale


Currently, there is a new building, purchase, rental, redevelopment and resale of apartments, villas and commercial real estate. More than 540 houses for sale in each district have a wide selection, and, if possible, lists of objects you need. payment and the reasons why the house is indicated.

Istanbul districts: a brief description of all 39 regions, as well as opportunities for buyers, as well as potential for home buyers.

European Istanbul: both the center of tourism and business in the city.

Asian Istanbul: growing popularity among tourists and buyers, and for many good reasons.

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