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Posted by Tamer on August 11, 2019
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Real estate in Alanya has grown considerably over recent years with new areas springing up to cope with demand. If it’s a seafront property you’re after within easy reach of the city centre, areas such as Mahmutlar, Kestel, Oba and Kargicak are good choices and all within easy reach of the beach and amenities. Other districts like Gazipasa (near the airport), central Alanya and Avsallar are also popular offering a wide selection of resale, ready built or off-plan options suiting most tastes and budgets.

To prove its vast size and dominant position on the Mediterranean coast, there are over 100 districts of Alanya for real estate investors and house buyers to choose from. Make no mistake. The region is shedding its reputation as a hub of Antalya to become a fully-fledged destination in its own right.

For many, the financial benefits are too much to ignore. Most foreigners who move there after retirement have a full financial portfolio and can buy a property upfront because of the affordable costs per square meter.

Property prices in real estate in Alanya some coastal districts like Mahmutlar are half that of other regions like Bodrum on the Aegean coast. Alanya makes the dream of living seaside come true by offering value for money, not only in property prices but also the monthly cost of living.

Over the last five years, the local council promoted real estate in Alanya to a vast audience across the globe and efforts paid off as tourists and foreign property buyers flocked to enjoy the delights of the seaside hub. Sitting 139 km east of Antalya, stats show 30% of foreign property purchases happened in Alanya, and the region has a sizeable expat population living there all year round.

Whether you want to join them or just get your feet on Turkey’s property market, plenty of neighbourhoods await you.

4 Districts of Alanya for House Buyers

Mahmutlar: Affordable Prices in a Popular District

Receiving the most attention, the seaside area of Mahmutlar has an impressive property portfolio to boast of. Many foreign property buyers head to Mahmutlar because of excellent prices per square meter, a bonus for a seaside location.

Sitting 8 kilometres from the city centre residents have an excellent transport network, and as the district has grown, the local council kept up with the demand by improving roads and infrastructure.

As well as being a popular hub for foreign buyers, the citrus fruit and banana industries enjoy a thriving trade. It also garners popularity because Gazipaşa Airport is just 25 minutes drive, making getting there so easy.



Avsallar: Ideal for First-Time Buyers

Heading in the other direction, Avsallar sits halfway between the city centre and the small region of Side. It’s another beach-side destination promising the usual laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle Turkey promises. Lying 24 km from the centre, residents have a slow-paced lifestyle but easily taps into a broader range of shops, bars, banks and restaurants by using local bus routes.

As another district attracting more tourism and expats, it doesn’t hesitate to boast about its gorgeous beach, one of the best in the Antalya region. Once again, Avsallar’s position away from the centre means its excellently priced real estate portfolio is ideal for budget buyers in Turkey.



Tosmur: A Beach and Riverside Setting

Residents in Tosmur have the best of both worlds. A range of shops, bars and restaurants offer everything on your doorstep, but it also sits just 6 kilometres east from the centre and 6 kilometres west from Mahmutlar.They say location is everything and, in this case, Tosmur residents have choice, choice, and more choice. Tosmur offers something other neighbourhoods can’t.

Although the beach is a focal point of day-to-day living, it also sits next to the beautiful Day River. Think riverside restaurants with Turkish pergolas, picnics, fishing, BBQs and enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature. Kestel on the other side of the Dim river is another popular destination for home purchases.



The Centre and Heart of Alanya

The above districts offer everything for a comfortable lifestyle, but buyers with a higher budget who want to be in the heart of the action should start their property search in Guller Pinari, Hisarici or Saray Mahallesi. Everything within walking distance including bars, restaurants, shops, and banks are open all year round, while local buses often run to outskirt districts.

Gazipasa airport is one hour away, and Antalya Airport is 2 hours away. Buying property here means immersing into the heart of the action, but don’t think of it as a typical urban lifestyle because the unique atmosphere distracts from the usual hustle and bustle of city living.

Find Out More

To know more about districts of Alanya with a prominent real estate portfolio, contact us today to arrange a viewing trip. Our local sales staff will take you around and point out the main selling points for each district. Alternatively, see our portfolio of apartments and villas for sale in Alanya here.

How to get real estate residence in Turkey?

Real estate residence in Turkey is a permit to reside in Turkey obtained by the resident there by buying a property, for the purpose of legal residence, which is what many people are searching for afterreal estate in  Turkey has become an ideal goal for residence and life at a good social level.

And real estate in Turkey residence is one of the stays that Turkey grants to its expatriates, where we find more than one type of residence permit, which includes:

1- Short term tourist stay.

2- Establishing work for those who want to work and settle in Turkey.

3- Student residence for those wishing to study.

4- Family residence.

5- Human residency.

We will talk about the main topic in this report, which is real estate:

-What is the real estate residence in Turkey?

This type of residence is the preferred type for many, because the real estate market in Turkey is constantly growing, as in 2017, foreigners only had about thirty thousand apartments, or real estate in only four cities in Turkey.

Istanbul came in first place, followed by Antalya and Alanya, then Bursa, and finally Yalova, which is a short, renewable residence where it is granted for a period of two years, then it is renewed.

-What are the reasons for buying real estate in Turkey?

The Turkish government provides support and facilities to encourage all types of investment real estate in turkey, including real estate investment, and these facilities include:

  • Reducing taxes on real estate owners, as there is no tax on real estate inheritance as in other European countries.
  • Ease of granting real estate residence to the real estate owner.
  • Reasonable prices of real estate compared to European countries, which prices are very high.
  • Real estate owners can freely dispose of their ownership.
  • The presence of real estate of varying prices, suitable for all budgets.
  • A real estate residence holder can apply for Turkish citizenship, provided that the property price is not less
  • than  250,000 dollar, according to the conditions stated in the texts of the Nationality Law in Turkey.
  • The landlord’s family obtaining residency by extension, as they accompany the property owner.

-What are the factors that determine the price of real estate in Turkey?

  • The location of the property: The price of real estate increases in major cities, overlooking the sea, which are located in the historical areas.
  • The age of the property: whether it is old or newly built.
  • The property is close to transportation stations.
  • Close proximity to vital areas and airports.
  • The area of ​​the property, we find that the price per square meter decreases as the area of ​​the property increases, and vice versa.
  • Close or far from the property to large service areas, such as malls, schools, and universities.

-What are the costs and fees for real estate registration in Turkey?

Translation and documentation of the buyer’s passport is about 50 dollars.
The fees for obtaining the title deed are approximately 60 $ .
The application fee for transferring ownership of the property to the new owner is approximately  200$ .
The tax imposed on property ownership, which represents 9% of the property’s price.
Fees paid to the Turkish municipality for their services annually, and they are estimated at 3% of the value of the property.

Important note: this fee is variable.

  • What are the conditions for obtaining real estate residence in Turkey?
  • Submit property title to the Immigration Department in Turkey.
  • That it be the same property as fixed in your previous residence papers.
  • Maintaining the title deed (Tabu) upon renewing the residence permit.

What are the documents necessary to obtain a real estate residence in Turkey?

  • A valid passport for a period of no less than 6 months
  • 5 personal photos with a white background.
  • A statement of your bank account.
  • Real estate ownership contract.
  • Earthquake insurance policy.
  • Tax number, obtained from the Turkish Tax Authority.
  • Family registration translated into Turkish and notarized by the Turkish embassy in his country.
  • Turkish health insurance policy for the owner and his family.

What are the steps to extract real estate residence in Turkey?

  • Online reservation for an appointment with the Turkish Immigration Department.
    Register form data.
  • Get an appointment to submit the required documents.
  • Print the specified deadline, to accompany it with the required documents, at your appointed time.
    On the appointed date, you will pay the assessed tax, which ranges between 30 and 150 dollars.
  • Retain the tax payment receipt to present it to the same employee, who will give you permission to leave the country, and return after 15 days again.
  • The next time you enter the country, your application for a residence permit will be considered.
  • Once your real estate residence permit is issued, it will be sent to your address in Turkey.
  • The procedures for obtaining real estate residence take no more than two months from the date of submitting the application.

What are the costs of real estate residence in Turkey?

  • The costs of real estate stay in Turkey depend on the type of health insurance and its price.
  • Real estate residence tax depends on the nationality of the applicant.
  • Costs of translation and documentation of papers.
  • The costs of the office that will issue the residence permit.

A comparison between real estate and tourist residence in Turkey

Real estate residence differs from tourism in several points:

  • The duration of the real estate stay is longer than the tourist one, as the first period of real estate residence is two years renewable, while the tourist stay is only six months.
  • Real estate residence is considered a source of safety for its owner, since if an emergency occurs and the residence is determined, the owner has the right to renew his residence.
  • If the property has reached the value of  250,000 $ and the residence permit has passed for five years, then its owner has the right to obtain citizenship, if it meets the other requirements.

Turkey is the top ten country to buy real estate

To know the latest real estate news in Turkey, we recommend that you read this article. Real estate in Alanya 

British magazine chooses Turkey among the ten best countries to buy real estate in 2017. Real estat in Alanya going to bigger.

The British magazine “Place in the Sun”, which specializes in real estate issued by the British Channel Four, has chosen Turkey among the ten best places to buy real estate in the world in 2017 for the second year in a row.

The magazine wrote that Turkey is sticking to its place within our selection of the ten best places to buy in 2017.

although it went through a turbulent year, adding that the attempted coup d’etat caused the Turkish market to decline, but customer reports indicate that sales returned to rise sharply during the month of August .

According to Julian Walker, director of Spot Blue International, real estate sales, sporadic incidents of terrorism throughout Turkey’s vast provinces deterred only a few people from buying, and a sense of stability returned to the markets.

Julian said that the statistics of the Turkish Statistical Office reveal a 41% increase in home sales throughout Turkey in August 2016 compared to July of the same year, and sales to foreign buyers alone increased by 44% during the two months, despite its decline By 26% compared to July 2015.

The Turkish Statistics Office figures indicate that Istanbul is the most popular place for foreign purchases, and buyers from the Middle East countries represent most of the real estate sales in the global city, while Antalya comes second in terms of foreign purchases.

Real estate in alanya The British magazine says that the Fatiha region is still a favorite of the British, as the town of Kalkan in the west of Antalya and the Bodrum Peninsula is very popular with the British.

Real estate in alanya In addition to these places, the magazine suggested that the British buy homes in the coastal region of southwest Turkey.

where there are resorts, ancient ruins, golf courses and international hotels, especially in the Bodrum region, where there are many purchase options for those who have a budget of one hundred thousand pounds.

The magazine pointed out that more than 35 thousand Britons own real estate in Turkey along with a large number of European, Russian and Middle Eastern investors, noting the facilities that are provided every year for buying real estate for foreigners, where buyers can obtain title deeds within one day.

Turkish economy and real estate market in 2018

If you want to know the status of the Turkish economy and real estate market in 2018, and its future aspirations, we recommend you to read this article.

Over the past few years, Turkey has experienced turbulent times after the failed coup of 2016, as well as a series of devastating terrorist attacks. However, in 2017, the country returned to normal, and everyone was amazed at what they could achieve, despite the obstacles facing them.

All these prompts will help the business investors and the real estate market to work in 2018. More importantly, how the economy and the real estate market will work.

Want to know more about Turkish citizenship?

To predict this, it is worth taking a look at some of the achievements in 2017 to show how successful the Turkish economy is.

экономика Турции и рынок недвижимости в 2018 году

Turkey’s economic achievements in 2018

-Foreign direct investment completes $ 7.4 billion year
-FDI from European countries 2.4% year on year
-Turkey expects annual growth of 7% per year
-Crude steel production rose to a record level of 37.5 million tons.
-Exports increased 10.2% to $ 157 billion.
-Borsa Istanbul breaks record highs
-Home sales rose 5.1%, and sales to foreigners grew 22.2%
-Turkey’s tourism revenue rose 18.9% to $ 26.3 billion.
-Turkish economy was the fastest growing of all G20 countries

United States medium-term program – from 2018 to 2020

Thus, with a huge number of stellar achievements in 2017, as well as a clear set of guidelines in the areas that they need to solve, many predictions the Turkish economy will operate in 2018. Bloomberg has already named Turkey an attractive integrating market along with Mexico.

The Turkish government also expects growth of 5.5%, which will be associated with the services, industry and agriculture sectors, as well as the tourism statistics. At one point, the tourism industry became the sixth best in the world.

While it would be easy to paint a utopian picture, Turkey is still doing hard work if it wants to achieve its plan for 2023 – to become one of the most efficient economies in the world. The medium-term program for 2018–2020 focuses on areas of the economy that are lagging behind.

Produced annually by the Ministry of Development, MTP will focus on unemployment, account deficits and, more importantly, inflation, which, according to Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek, ranks first in their list of priorities in 2018.

Inflation: the target inflation rate for the Turkish economy in 2018 is 7%, a decrease in the current level by 9.5%. It is expected that tax adjustments, monetary policy, and targeted prices will help them achieve this. They also predict the Turkish lira to help this.

Unemployment. One of the most serious problems is the unemployment rate, which they are striving to reduce to 10.5%. They will focus on high-quality jobs, as well as the quality of the workforce to achieve this.


Turkish real estate market in 2018

One of the main factors that affected the economy was the housing sector, and the recovery that he saw in 2017 could be repeated in 2018.

Earlier, the Turkish government introduced several incentives to help the real estate sector attract foreign investors, and they include a system of turquoise VIP cards, as well as exemption from VAT in accordance with specific conditions.

In 2017, foreigners bought 22,234 houses, and one of the most popular areas for them in the eastern region of the Black Sea, in which, compared to last year, there was a staggering increase of 155%, mainly from buyers from the Middle East .

There is also an increase in foreign procurement in the districts of Istanbul and Antalya, and there are all indications that this flow of foreign income will continue in 2018, given the excellent exchange rate between the Turkish lira and other currencies.

Industry experts are asking for a lower limit of $ 1 million. Some welcomed the amendment to the law adopted in January 2017, but the government is required to reduce this amount to attract more interested parties.

Istanbul Real Estate Market

To get to know Istanbul real estate market, we recommend you to read the article. Real estate in Alanya much different then Istanbul. 

The Istanbul real estate market is undoubtedly Turkey’s star performer when it comes to attracting investors from all corners of the globe. Historically, it has always been the number one destination in the country for domestic property sales, and in 2015, it overtook the Mediterranean region of Antalya as the most popular destination for foreign property buyers in Turkey.

Last year, it hit a record high with 8,182 properties sold to foreigners of various nationalities and 238,383 domestic sales. But what exactly is luring domestic and foreign buyers to invest in Istanbul real estate and more importantly, will this trend last? We think so. Real estate in Alanya

Why Investors Are Buying into the Istanbul Real Estate Market

1: Capital Growth Potential

Even though Istanbul has always been one of the major cities of the world, both historically and in modern times, it is still an infant of the globe’s real estate market. Neglected for many years because of a dismal economy, lack of financing and credit, as well as substandard urban infrastructure, it wasn’t until the turn of the century that the government started to modernise the real estate market of Turkey to bring it inline with other destinations of the world. Real estate in Alanya

The result is that buyers are cashing in while it is still young and overall, property anywhere in Turkey has enormous potential when it comes to capital growth. According to the stat crunching portal Numbeo, prices per square meter in London range from 677% to 862% higher than Istanbul.

Whereas London is already one of the world’s premier cities, the Turkey 2023 vision plan aims to boost Istanbul to equal status, and this gives real estate investors the edge. In 2016, Barnes International also ranked Istanbul as the number one city for potential. Real estate in Alanya

2: Liquidity Potential

Gone are the days, when we buy a house for life. Changing lifestyle habits as well as work and career commitments means selling a house is just as important as buying it. Studies say current generations will own an average of three different houses in the lifetime, hence buyers are also hedging their bets when it comes to selling and that is where the Istanbul real estate market steps up.

Turkey’s 2023 vision plan aims to increase the capita per household to that of European countries. Combine this with government incentives, as well as a growing population and the buyers’ market is set to grow even more.

The process of buying a house in Turkey even for foreigners is also quicker and easier than that of many other countries, with cheap taxes and reduced costs. Keep the property for five years, and you will be exempt from capital gains tax as well.

Рынок недвижимости Стамбула


3: Urban Renewal and Branded Lifestyle Projects

One strong reason investing in Istanbul real estate is taking off is the mass of new branded housing projects, particularly occurring on the outskirts of the main city centre. Brand new modern homes with modern architecture are being combined with a range of social and community facilities to redefine the concept of neighbourhoods in what is Turkey’s biggest and most populated city.

Growing neighbourhoods like Kucukcekmece and Beylikduzu offer all the benefits of city life with easy access to shopping, nightlife and transport links. Yet they eliminate all the hustle and bustle by sitting on the outskirts, therefore providing more of a suburban feel than city dwelling.

While the shores of the Bosphorus and areas like Sisli still remain the elite of Istanbul real estate markets, neighbourhoods like Esenyurt and Buyukcekmece with these new branded lifestyle projects are enabling the growing middle class to become real estate investors for less than £100,000 for properties in Istanbul, especially now with the current exchange rate between the Turkish lira and dollar that edges everything to a buyers advantage.

4: Mega Projects Galore

Undoubtedly, a big lure for investors with their eye on the bottom line are the mega projects of Istanbul that when complete are predicted to raise property values even more than they have done already.

The mega project on everyone’s lips at the moment is the new Istanbul third airport that when complete in 2028, will be the world’s transport hub. Investors are also buying up land and houses on the European side where the Istanbul Canal project will take place. Districts like Kucukcekmece are seeing a flurry of interest for value for money apartments for sale in Istanbul, because of the project that will create a mini city within a city.

Many other projects including transport links and bridges are totally changing the face of Istanbul to ease traffic congestion and ultimately aid it, in its quest to become a business, commercial and residential centre of power.



Рынок недвижимости Стамбула

5: Global Tourism and Business Hubs

Given Istanbul’s historical past as the capital ruling centre of both the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, its tourism trade goes from strength to strength as mass marketing by the Turkish government is boosting it to one of the top visited destinations in the country.

In fact, in 2014, it beat the likes of other major cities like Rome regarding visitor numbers. The following two years took a dip but rebounded in 2017 and 2018 looks to be its most successful year yet.

Additional, even though it is the number one centre in Turkey for business, economy and finance, the Turkish government is turning into a global powerhouse with branded campaigns like Invest in Turkey. They are not ignoring the potential of their citizens either, with finance credit given to young entrepreneurs and startup companies. Real estate in Alanya

Lastly, is Turkey’s plan for the Istanbul International Financial centre, a mega project that will be the country’s equivalent of Wall Street. Times are changing, and Turkey wants in on the action. Anyone that plans to invest in Istanbul real estate can enjoy the ride.

Reasons for real estate ownership in Istanbul Asian


If you intend to live and choose your property on the Asian side of Istanbul, we recommend that you read this article.

Istanbul is classified as the only city in the world spanning two continents (Asia and Europe) that connect with each other through bridges and tunnels spread along the Bosphorus strait that connects between the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea, while the Asian side of the city consists of 14 municipalities starting from Escudar in the west to Gebze in the east And from the Sheila region in the north to Kadi Koy in the south.

The Asian part of Istanbul is distinguished by its calm and tranquility, unlike the densely populated European side, along with its inclusion of many archaeological and historical sites and tourism, such as the Girl’s Tower, Puppet Hill, Princess Islands, Haydar Pasha Train Station, and Shamlaga Mosque, the largest mosque in Turkey, in addition to Baghdad Street, Mawada Street and Airport Sabiha and others, in addition to its coastal areas, forests, parks and waterfalls that have earned it a distinctive atmosphere, as the Beykoz region is the capital of the summer vacation for the people of the city, and there are villas, palaces and chalets, especially in the side that extends on the banks of the Bosphorus, which are inhabited by artists, politicians, power-holders and the wealthy.

As for the road, the Asian section of Istanbul is connected to each other via the E-5 and E-80 highways that connect it to the European side of the city and the rest of the cities and the Turkish states, and transportation between the regions is through all types of public transportation, especially the Marmaray station in addition to the subway, metrobus, and big buses And small taxis.

Other than that, Istanbul Asian will be the capital of global finance through the launch of the Istanbul Financial Center in the Atasehir region to be a global center for financing and a financial link point for the continents of Europe and Africa to be opened at the beginning of the year 2022.

All these factors led to attracting businessmen and investors to launch their projects from the residential and commercial complexes that carried the signature of the most important construction companies in the country, committed to international standards and standards in construction and reconstruction with the latest quality reached by the global real estate market in the quality of construction with modern technology systems, especially the smart home system, Besides, the complexes include extensive recreational features, such as swimming pools, bathrooms, playgrounds, gyms and gardens surrounding the buildings.

This led to the launch of dozens of projects in various regions of the Asian part of Istanbul, with wide options, including sites, views, systems and entertainment programs that led to a difference in prices due to various factors, especially the region and its proximity to services, highways and shopping centers, except for the internal advantages of each project.

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