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Shopping in Istanbul

Posted by Tamer on September 5, 2019
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Shopping in Istanbul

To find out more about Istanbul and commodity markets, we recommend reading this article.

Turkey, in particular, Istanbul is a paradise for the buyer with a huge selection at any price. There are many designer items, and here you can find many beautiful things that you can enjoy.


Your stay in Turkey would not be complete without special memories. Thoughts and memories of being in Istanbul. As a gift, you can buy spices in the form of tulips for a tea lover.



They say that supermodel Kate Moss literally made a deal with a visit to Turkey. These stores look like “super fakes,” specializing in leather goods. Louis Vuitton at a reasonable price.

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A huge variety of jewelry can be found in Istanbul. Many shops that can be created according to your own design, although there is a huge range from simple bracelets to precious stones to ultramodern design.

Jewelry stores are grouped throughout the city in Istanbul, but traditionally in the region.

The quality of gold in Turkey is excellent – 14, 18 or 22 carats. Certificate of Authenticity. In order to verify its authenticity, sticky silver or gold was made.



Istanbul is known worldwide for its exquisite works of art, the narrow and rich colors of carpets and rugs. The city has several carpet stores, as well as a huge assortment of exhibits. There is a rug for every taste, a purse.


Шоппинг в Стамбуле


Such a wide selection. You can find black tea grown in the hills by the Black Sea, as well as herbal teas, including fresh thyme, rosehip, linden, lemon balm and sage. In apple tea from reconstituted apple and sugar. It is quite sweet but incredibly refreshing that you can return home. This simple powder is mixed with water.


Onyx is a natural volcanic stone, most of which is mined in Cappadocia, about ten hours drive from Istanbul. This is the best quality and then beige. Onyx is a translucent stone marble with concentric veins. It turns into beautiful objects and jewelry made by craftsmen and craftsmen who can carve it, creating anything from intricate vases to chess sets and decorative pieces.

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You cannot leave Turkey, at least you have not tried Turkish delight. This sweetness can be known under the Turkish name “lokum” and is one of the oldest forms of confectionery products that arose in Istanbul during the Ottoman Empire. It has become a fashionable gift among the upper classes in Europe. Its traditional products contain a range of ingredients, such as pistachio nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, coconut and dried fruits.


Shisha is a pipe known in Turkey as a nargile. This is a water pipe that allows you to smoke flavored tobacco when it passes water. This is a traditional past time and a pleasant pastime. In search of a path during the Ottoman Empire. Today you can use many different types of smoke, including apple, raspberry, banana, or regular tobacco. Because they are decorated with richly carved metal or plastic materials.


Шоппинг в Стамбуле


Turkey is famous for objects from the evil eye. To see spiritual and evil people, you will see a blue circle with an eye in the middle. This sign of good fortune can be found both at home and in the enterprise, in children’s clothes, in dog collars, in taxis, buses and fast food restaurants, and these are just some of them. Ordinary and glass handicrafts with concentric circles or drop-shaped forms of dark blue, white, light blue and black, sometimes with a yellow or gold edge. They are made for large souvenirs, key chains, magnets or anything else.

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Lemon cologne is a multi-purpose miracle. Often you find that you need to refresh your hands after a bus ride or even after shopping. This is offered to guests when they visit your restaurant. To kill germs.


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