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The largest airport in Istanbul opens today

Posted by Tamer on June 20, 2019
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The largest airport in Istanbul opens today


To get to know Istanbul International Airport, we recommend you to read the article.


Istanbul’s 3rd Airport is considered to be on the biggest airports in the world acting as an international hub such as Dubai airport or Singapore airport. This airport is designed to represent Turkey and its hospitality with good duty free, relaxation facilities and ‘yes’ a smokers room. The president of the republic of Turkey ‘Recep Tayyip Erdogan’ is strongly commiting political, economic and rescource based efforts into ensuring that the aiport will be successfully completed according to desired standard. The Airport will be welcoming passangers from 350 destinations worldwide and will be expecting more than 90 million visitors and tourists each year. The first stage of the airport already holds the world record for being the world’s largest airport terminal and has an annual capacity of 200 million visitors. The architectural elements in the airport’s design will reflect istanbuls well known architecure and landscape, having architecutal aesthetics as the blue mosque, monumnets in lalleli and also some reflections fo the Hagia Sofia. Istanbul is well known for its wonderous architecture and istanbul new airport will ensure that is maintained in its aesthetic and design.

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The airport facilities wil consist of the following:

  • 165 passenger bridges,
    • 4 different terminal buildings where the transportation between the terminals is made by the rail system,
    • 3 technical block and air traffic control tower,
    • 8 control tower,
    • 6 airport runways suitable for operation of all types of aircraft,
    • 16 taxiways,
    • 6.5 million m² aprons with 500 aircraft parking capacity,
    • VIP lounge,
    • cargo and general aviation terminal,
    • Outdoor and indoor car park with a capacity of approximately 70.000 vehicles,
    • aviation medical center,
    • fire station and garage center,
    • prayer room, convention center, power plants, treatment and garbage disposal plants


The new Istanbul airport is an exciting new project that will be a pleasure for visitors from around the world to enjoy, wether it be for transit or visit to Turkey for holiday, the airport will be a nice start or beginning to the experience here in Turkey.

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Where is the 3rd international airport located?

The third airport, which will further strengthen the country’s role in the international aviation market, was built on an area of ​​76.5 million m² between the villages of Tayakadin and Akpinar on the Black Sea coast of the European part of Istanbul.

Transport to the 3rd airport

The international airport is located on the Black Sea coast in the European part. 3rd Airport is the lightest vehicle with its ideal location. There are many connecting roads at the new third airport, such as the 3 Bridge, the Northern Marble Road and the Yavuz Bridge of Sultan Selim.

Regarding the railway system, the last high-speed train station is at the transfer station at the 3rd airport. Thus, there is easy access from the entire Istanbul region by public transport. Taksim, the largest thoroughfare in Istanbul, is a 15-minute drive from the 3rd airport by rail.

According to the Ministry of Transport, the Maritime Affairs and Communications metro station is Sislinsky, Arnavutkoy, Bashaksehirsky, Kashitansky, Eyyupsky and Kuchukchekmecezhy districts. Thanks to the metro line, the transportation time between the city center and the new airport was reduced to 30 minutes.

самый большой аэропорт мира в стамбуле

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