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What is Turkey famous for?

Posted by Tamer on August 13, 2019
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What is Turkey famous for?

If you want to buy property Antalya homes for sale in Turkey, we recommend that you read this article to get a little acquainted with the cultural of this wonderful country.

You need a whole book. The 37th largest passion in the world with a cultural heritage and a huge historical chronology, it has many reasons to climb the rostrum to its famous places, food, souvenirs and bizarre facts. In this article, we have listed nine known things, but it is also worth knowing that there are many false misconceptions in the country. Antalya homes for sale

For example, Turkish kebab is famous, but the version that you buy after a late night at a pub in the UK is different from the version sold in Turkey. There are also over 30 different types of kebabs. In addition, given its international reputation, you might think that Turks only eat meat, but fruits and vegetables play an important role in their cuisine. Antalya homes for sale

Turkey is also not famous for camels. The famous red Fez appears only in history books, and Turkish men no longer wear it. So, let’s look at what has helped Turkey gain international fame.

9 things Turkey is famous for

Baklava with sweetness

Being eaten as a dessert or a snack, Baklava is the number one among the famous things in Turkey. You could say that if production ran out in one night, the Turks would be very upset. This combination of puff pastry and chopped pistachios, coated with a sweet syrup with so much sugar that your dentist may be displeased, is the number one recommended dish when visiting Turkey.

If you are in Istanbul, then head to Karaki Gulluoglu. As an example, you can find sellers using proven recipes from the Gaziantep region.

How much Turkish tea can you drink?

This is another misconception, because many people consider Turkish coffee to be the country’s national drink, and Turks consume much more tea. Look at the streets of any city or village dominated by tea shops dominated by men, and families and women often head to tea gardens.

All of these dishes can be added to one or three dice. We still recommend trying the Turkish version. However, this coffee should be “black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as sugar.”






Iskender Kebab: it’s worth it!

Turkey’s misunderstood reputation often considers doner kebabs as their favorite meat dish, but many Turks swear by Iskender’s kebab. Originating from the northwestern region of Turkey, he invented it in the 19th century.

Stir the sliced ​​donor lamb and put it on a warm pita, first of all, cover it with hot tomato sauce, melted butter and fresh yogurt. Although it is sold all over the country, if you want to send it to a restaurant in Bursa.

Cling to Turkish soap operas

There are still programs from Turkey that turn us into lazy ones. Turkish actor and all the famous destination countries within the country.

In the beginning, only the Turks connected to view to watch dramatic stories about broken families and immortal love stories, but production companies began to export TV shows abroad, and they took off like no one imagined. Having won fans in the Gulf countries, parts of Europe, China and India, streaming Internet TV has also led many other nations to learn about all this hype.

Souvenir from the evil eye

The evil eye, characterized by white and yellow circles, is the best-selling souvenir. It is called in Turkish by Nazar Bonchuk, some Turks keep them in their homes, offices and cars, but this tradition seems to be fading from the younger generation.

Said to ward off evil eyes, jealous of your luck, this is a superstitious story, but with a cultural bias, hence its proven application time. If you want to take one souvenir in the house, prepare it for a large selection, because sellers provide it with key chains, jewelry, plates, bookmarks, towels, hanging decorations and much more.

Istanbul: Turkey’s most famous city

Istanbul, which is often mistaken for the capital of Turkey, overshadows Ankara, but not because of its political significance. Because it is the largest and most famous city in Turkey and the number one tourist destination in the country. Most foreigners come to see the Sultanahmet district, located in the Fatih district, where famous architectural structures such as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace are located, from where the Ottoman sultans ruled their empire.

The city is much larger than this, and all this belongs to the most expensive real estate markets in Turkey. Over the past 20 decades, more and more foreign tourists have also moved to Istanbul, as it has gained fame as a cultural, gastronomic, educational, shopping center and health tourism center.

Turkish rugs and rugs

In recent years, they are still popular souvenirs. The importance is that they are made by hand, and each motive is a separate fairy tale. This is a story about cultural heritage, that the prices for the carpets were toddlers, and they were made from silk carpets.

The most famous Turkish carpets are Hereke, and it is worth visiting the Dolmabahçe Palace to see their iconic rugs. If you plan to buy it, consult a specialist advice before doing this.

Delicious Turkish Delight

Another popular souvenir that can be bought in many tastes, as well as Turkish coffee to clean its palette, means its throat comfort. Made from sugar and starch, and lightly dusted with powder.

Local legends first invented in the 18th century were known as a man named Hasi Bekir Effendi.


Hair Transplant and Dentistry

Yes, you read it right. Turkey’s latest claim to fame is its pioneering hair transplant. If you visit Istanbul and see a lot of men, you will see that they have a new head. These are favorable prices in comparison with other countries and professionalism.

Turkey is working on one of the best world experts. Many foreigners also come to Turkey for dental treatment, which gives better results than other European countries.



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