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Gazipasha Turkey Alanya

Posted by Tamer on August 14, 2019
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Gazipasha Turkey Alanya

To learn more about Gazipasha, we recommend that you read the article.

located in the easternmost part of Antalya, is the district where the 2nd Airport in Antalya is located. Banana and tropical fruit gardens in the region is another remarkable thing is the virgin bays.

Located 180km from the center of Antalya, Gazipasha embraces you from the first entrance with its idyllic nature. Turkey welcomes 15 million tourists per year which is the most important city of Antalya tourism. The most pristine bays and beaches are located in Gazipasha on the 650km coastline from Gazipasha to Kaş. Gazipasha is a region where many civilizations lived from the first age to today as well as the natural beauties established on the steep slopes of the Taurus Mountains. Gazipaşa, where many tourists discover, is waiting for new investments and more tourists.

Gazipasha is the most important agricultural production center of Antalya with its tropical fruit orchards and vegetables production, especially bananas and avocados. The region, where many varieties of vegetables are exported to Russia, has an important place in terms of agriculture. In particular, it is one of the few open spaces of bananas grown in Turkey. It is a city that can not be found by those who want to have a holiday in a calm nature with its 10km beach, azure sea, untouched bays, pristine nature. Koru beach, which is the indispensable beach of the locals with the easiest transportation, is the most remarkable beach. There are many natural pools, 3 of which are big. When there are no waves, the natural pools are disconnected from the sea and create a magnificent view.

Poyraz Bay, which is a few kilometers away from Koru beach, is one of the most beautiful bays of Gazipasha. It starts where the banana orchards end and creates a beautiful image with the turquoise color of the sea. It is especially frequented by those who come to camp one day.

The main nutrition area of ​​Gazipasha tourism is Alanya tourism. Because Alanya tourism is very developed and potential is very high, many tourists who come to Alanya visit Gazipasha, which does not have a very strong publicity network and facilities, is in some way connected to the neighboring district Alanya in tourism. We can understand this from the name of the airport in Gazipasha. It is known as Alanya airport in many places. Daily tours are organized from Alanya to Gazipasha and many boat tours are organized.

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Gazipasha AIRPORT

Gazipasha airport was built many years ago. Only the mishaps didn’t let go. Especially on the north side of the mountain rising due to rising problem was thought to be created for many years. It was officially opened on 10.07.2009. The airport operation was given to Havaş for 25 years in 2007 and the opening date was reached. Especially the dream of locals living in Alanya, Anamur and Gazipasha and the settled foreigners have been waiting for many years. The airport, which is approximately 40km away from the center of Alanya, takes 40 minutes. If you think that Alanya center takes 2 hours from Antalya airport, you will understand why Gazipasha Airport is very important.

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The unknown or predicted history of Gazipasha goes deep. In general, this historical adventure begins in the 2000s BC. The Luwians, a branch of the Hittites, also lived in the region which the Hittites called Kizzuvatna (Çukurova region) and Arzava (Antalya region) countries. It is highly probable that the town had started its historical journey with Luwians – Hittites because of its location in Gazipasha. As a matter of fact, the lion ruins in the ruins around Karatepe (Sivaslı) confirm this information.

An important period in the historical journey of Gazipasha BC. 628 years. There are two cities in history called Selinus. The Greek cave in Sicily – Selinus founded by the people of Hyblaia as a site state at that time, and the other is Selinus in the south of Anatolia. It is a port city established in Cilicia and on both sides of Hacımusa (Kestros) Stream. The castle is located where the remains of the current castle was the island at that time. Here, especially in Egypt, with the trade centers of that day was doing sea trade.

BC from the Greek administration. In 1972, the city passed under Roman rule due to Antiokhos. Roman king Trojan, who went to the eastern expedition of the Mediterranean coast in the 1st century, fell ill and came to the port of Selinus and was a guest of a merchant’s house. Hadrianus, who would succeed the throne, came to Selinus and took the funeral to Rome and built a tomb in his memory. For this reason, it is known that during the Christian period when Selinus was called Traianapolis for a while, it was the center of Episcopacy of Seleukeia – Silifke Archbishopric. B.C. The Roman Empire period, which started in the 1st century BC, was built in the 6th century BC in Gazipaşa, which was located within the borders of Anatolia. century.

A.D. VI. century under the sovereignty of the Southern Mediterranean Byzantine Empire, connected to the Cilician Armenian Kingdom in the first half of the 12th century, during the period of Turkification of Gazipasha, Antalya and Alanya Selinus, Selçuk Sultan 1. Alaaddin Keykubat 1221 in . Alanya. However, the conquest of the Selçuks except Alanya took a short time and the Armenians who benefited from the defeat of Gıyaseddin to İlhanlılar in the 2nd Battle of Kösedağ in 1243 recaptured it and remained in their hands until the conquest of Karamanoğlu in 1275. . During the Anatolian occupation of the Mongols in the 1270s, Selinti was located within the borders of Konya and its affiliated regions of the Anatolian Seljuk State.

During the reign of the Anatolian principalities, the province of Antalya remained in the Teke Principality from 1335 onwards.

During the Ottoman period, Fatih Sultan Mehmet’s Naval Forces Commander (Captain Derya) Gedik Ahmet Pasha took Alanya in 1470 and Selinti, Anamur and Silifke from the Karamanoğlu Principality in 1472 and incorporated it into Ottoman rule. The famous traveler Evliya Çelebi, on page 126 of his famous Travelogue, “Selinti accident in the XVIIIth century is an accident with 26 villages attached to Silifke Sanjak within the borders of Icel (Mersin). It has lush mountains and a pier 70 miles from Cyprus. ” He says.

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The ancient city of Selinus is located on the hillside and on the hillside, which extends like an elbow to the southwest of the yacht harbor and Hacı Musa Stream within the borders of Gazipaşa District. Acropolis of the city was established on the hill. There is also a medieval castle on this hill. The churches and cisterns in Akrapol are important buildings that have survived to the present day. Other buildings of the city of Selinus are located on the coast and on the hillside. These structures include baths, agoras, Seljuk Pavilion, aqueduct and Nekrapol area.

Selinus is the most important region of the mountainous Cilicia region. The city was named after Trijan, one of the Roman Emperors, who died in this city. The monumental tomb in the necropolis is important.

The majority of ostotek in Alanya High School was brought from the Necropolis of Selinus, suggesting the existence of a workshop in Selinus.


It is in Güney Village, 18 km away from Gazipaşa District. Known as chickpeas. The area where the city is located consists of a mountainous land that descends perpendicular to the sea. It is 300 meters above sea level. The ruins here are the necropolis area, the colonnaded street, the church, the bathhouse, the agora, the monumental gate and the medieval castle walls. Antioche Ad Gragum is the 4th King of Commagene. The center of the kingdom is Adıyaman. The city was later inhabited during the Roman and Byzantine periods.




The ancient city is located 15 km northeast of Gazipasa District. It was founded on the top of a high and steep mountain 2 km north of today’s Adanda Village. The city is surrounded by a wall and there is a large tower to the south of the entrance gate to the east facing city. Other structures of the city include agora, fountain carved into natural rock and two temples.


Monolithic sarcophagi made by carving block stones in the acropolis of this city are among the important ruins. The city was probably the capital of the region called Lamotis in the late Roman period. It reflects the culture and art of the mountainous Cilicia region in the best way. The city must have spent its most glorious period in the time of Callianus.


The name of the city was not found in the archeology literature. However, it can be localized as Nephelis. Its transportation is provided by the 5 km road that turns south on the 15th km of the Gazipaşa Mersin highway. The city consists of three parts.

A) The ruins of the building on the plain known as Ala Church.

B) Acrapole and its slopes

C) Northern part

The building in the first section has a rectangular multi-room structure.

The second section is located on the small hill to the north and on the slopes. The walls are partially intact. There is a ruin of a structure that carries the characteristics of a temple here.

The third section is the site of a single destroyed building. The city has a large acropolis and stone bed.



Gazipaşa is 5-6 km away. Gazipaşa is said to be the first settlement in this village, reflecting the local architecture of the examples of civil architecture. It is not known to whom the tomb belongs. It consists of a single square space and is covered with a dome. The dome passages were met with tromps. It has no decoration. It was recently repaired by the villagers.



Alanya is located on the border of Gazipaşa. It is the chasas of the ancient city of Iotape. There is a 31.30 meters long baselica ruin, the apse of which remains largely intact. Inside the apse there are traces of inscriptions written in mosaics. Other than the basilica, the burial structures are located by the sea and the houses are in the north.


Within the borders of Yakacık I. Village of Gazipaşa District, there is an anterior portico made of rubble and mortar with a rectangular plan. Portico openings are provided with arched doors. Three of them

others remain intact.

In addition, there are six long spaces parallel to each other in the northern direction of the portico. The spaces are connected to each other by arched doors. The loophole holes in the spaces provide illumination. The building may be an inn connected to the mansion next to it.

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Located 3 km northwest of Selinus, which extends towards the sea on the wide plain in the south of Gazipaşa District, there are ruins which can be called monastic structures dated to the early Byzantine period. All buildings are made of local rubble with mortar and there is a circular basilica with a circular apse with three motifs in the center of all buildings. Only the northern wall remained. There are at least two, maybe three building phases in the church. It was then converted into a cistern.


It is a two-storey rubble stone walled structure on the coastal plain on the western side of the Bıçkıcı Monastery in Kayhalar. It has a plan close to the square. It has two floors. The cradle is covered with a vault. The western and eastern walls were demolished on the lower floor. There are windows on the west upper wall and south.



It lies on a 350-meter elevation shown as Kilisetepe in the maps 6 km southeast of Gazipasa District. The ruins are spread over an area of ​​approximately 400 square meters. According to the inscriptions, it was localized as Cestrus Ancient City. The city walls surrounding the city lie along the plateau on the hill and are still visible to the south. There is a large agora on the plateau surrounded by the wall, a temple believed to belong to Vepasianus, the temple of Antonius to the south and a monumental tomb to the east of the agora. The city is dated to the 1st and 2nd centuries AD according to the inscriptions.


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