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Benefits of Istanbul’s New Third Airport

Posted by Tamer on October 5, 2019
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Benefits of Istanbul’s New Third Airport


If you want to know the benefits of the new airport, we recommend that you read the article.

Many of us are interested in buying property in Turkey. Today we will talk about the positive side of the new, third airport in Istanbul.


How is the country ready to open a new third airport?

This can give an idea of ​​the intense excitement around the new Istanbul airport. Without a doubt, it is one of the most ambitious structures in the world created by man. Once fully prepared, it will serve more than 200,000 people.


Leading the “megaprojects” of Turkey, when, finally, it will be completed in ten years, the project will become the center of business and tourist trips.


It is estimated that from 1 to 10, the level of ambition in Turkey is 15%. This option is turning into a global player and regional influence, and also makes a significant contribution to the economy and employment.

Is it possible to serve up to 250 million passengers a year in the country?




What will happen to Ataturk Airport?

The new third airport of Statula was sent to the airport of Turkey. Despite the rapid success, air traffic is growing every year, and we simply do not have places to expand Ataturk Airport. Desperate modernization needs also contribute to its closure.


However, operations at the airport will be phased out. The police will immediately go to the new center, until all excesses are started and eliminated, maintenance and repair will be carried out in Ataturk. UPS, FedEx and DHL already have their needs at the new airport.


Ataturk Airport will become a “people’s garden”. Work on the large green area, intended for recreation, will begin. Istanbul park.

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Turkish Airlines open up new opportunities

Turkish airlines offer new opportunities to expand the network. The airline, which wants to become the leading European carrier with global coverage, intends to focus on India, China, South America and Canada, and is currently negotiating with banks to provide loans in the amount of up to 1 billion US dollars for the construction of its base in a new hub .


Turkish airlines say that Turkish airlines are a symbol of unified aviation in the country. If they manage to successfully use the new center, this will have a positive impact on Turkish tourism.


At the same time, on October 29, he will be ready to work, as the airline uses 300 trucks for all equipment in a short time, only 18 hours.

Therefore, they are in close proximity to a leading construction company for the construction of a residential city. Thanks to renewable energy and recycling technology, employees will live there in the hotel area.

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Did Istanbul’s new airport repeat the real estate market?

Turkish airlines and many international real estate investors have focused on selling real estate. Erdogan announced the official plans for a new air hub, and they began to buy adjacent land, which led to significant changes in price. Canal Istanbul, also in European Istanbul.


In a recent Forbes report, prices have risen 40% over the past 8 years. Prices per square meter increased by 60%, which gives a large return on investment to early buyers.


Without a doubt, the whole world will deal with its grand opening in October.

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