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Guide to Oba in Alanya

Posted by Tamer on September 26, 2019
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Guide to Oba in Alanya

Oba is the most popular and developing region of Alanya. It starts 3km east of Alanya and extends for about 2 km along the coast. Oba River forms the border with Alanya. It extends from the sea to the foothills of the Taurus Mountains. Oba, which was a municipality before 2014, became a neighborhood with the big city law in 2014. We physically divide Oba into two. Down Oba and Upper Oba are divided into 2. The remaining part of the D400 highway on the sea side is Down Oba. The area at the top of the D400 highway is Upper Oba.

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Down Oba is generally a tourist area with hotels, restaurants, shops. Due to its proximity to the sea, this is the part where many foreigners buy housing. Of course they buy housing from the upper Oba, but especially the European tourists prefer the Down Oba. There are over 20 small or large hotels in Down Oba. As a matter of fact, it has become a touristic area and there are many tourist arrivals in summers.

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Upper Oba is a more organized place where more new buildings are built. The north of Alanya is surrounded by mountains and the south by the sea. To the west, the mountains lie by the sea. For this reason, the nearest development area is Oba. In recent years, many investments have been made to Oba with the help of the state. The most important of these is Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University Training and Research Hospital. Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University Training and Research Hospital, which was completed in 2017, has a capacity of 420 beds.


In addition, there is the in Oba Alanya Oral and Dental Health Center. These two hospitals have been opened by the government and services are provided at a very affordable price. The other hospital is the Eye Hospital. Each of these hospitals is very close to each other and there are many pharmacies around them. As a private hospital, there are polyclinic buildings of Başken Hospital on the border of Tosmur.

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It is also home to the stadium of the Upper Oba Alanya Sports Club.  Alanya sport is struggling  in Turkey Football Federation of the Premier League. Numerous local and foreign football lovers fill this stadium in every match.

Koçtaş shopping center and Metro shoping center, which is one of the most important shopping centers of Alanya, are located here. Many cafes and restaurants continue to be opened in the region that has started to concentrate so much. If you want to eat and have fun in quality places without going too far with your family, you will no longer need to go elsewhere.


There will be a park on the sides of Oba Stream by the Municipality and there will be a regular walking area from the sea to the foothills of the Taurus Mountains. Oba preserves its natural beauty with its many oranges and tropical orchards. It offers a very comfortable life with its new generation buildings that have not lost their greenery.

If we take Atrık Oba as a whole, we can say that Alanya, which includes many different sectors, is the most developed region and where the investments are made. The most important source of income is tourism and construction. In addition to this, the health sector leaves a lot of income. There are many villas and villages on the slopes. If you want to live close to the city and in the village. Oba is the best spot for you.

The majority of the flats in Alanya prefer Oba. The most important reason for this is that all the new houses built have large gardens and social areas. There are very nice apartments to suit every budget. You can contact Alanya Realty team for more information.

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