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Dimchay River Alanya

Posted by Tamer on June 21, 2019
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Dimchay River Alanya

If you are considering visiting Alanya and would like to go to Dimcay River we recommend reading this article.

It is an ideal place to freshen up one day from the sea. Dimchay River Alanya (this is a river flowing to the coast from the mountain Taurus).

In the past, it is now mostly a favorite place for relaxation and picnics with countless restaurants and attractions along rivers. Locals love to come to Dimchai on Sundays for fishing, relaxing and barbecue.

The water in the river is always cool, although the temperature in the coastal zone exceeds 30 degrees Celsius. You can enjoy delicious food in various restaurants, unique in style and cuisine. They can sit right in the water so you can easily relax. Some places have a private pool. You can swim in the water or jump from a springboard for athletes, sunbathe on the beach, use a waterslide or playgrounds for children.

On the way to Dimchay, you can also visit the beautiful Dim Cave. The dam was completed just a few years ago in the upper reaches of the Dim River. It was a large supply of electricity and electricity, which was previously unstable and inadequate in the best summer seasons. Currently you can enjoy a beautiful view of the valley from the dam.

If you want to go to Dimchay on your own, follow this path: up to 8 km east of the center of Alanya. You can choose from many places and restaurants to go on vacation. Rich Dimchay is often part of local tours (for example, Jeep Safari) that usually organize lunch at one of the Dimchay restaurants. There are also regular buses to Dimchay.


Река ДимЧай

Practical useful information:

Mostly when locals have picnics in the mountains. If you prefer peace, take a trip the next day.

Maybe from 50 lire from the center of Alanya.

You can take the bus to Dimchay – number 10, the route starts from the Dolmush station in the center of Alanya and continues to the Dim Dam. You can go to any stop.

You can also take a regular bus to Dimchai. You can look at any restaurant by the river.

There is also a free shuttle bus to Pinarbasi Dimcay Restaurant from Alanya. The bus leaves from Palm Beach to Cleopatra’s beach at 10:30 and 12:30, then to the Belmann bistro in the harbor at 11:00 and 13:00, and then from the Ataturk monument in the center at 11:05 and 13:05

Last return around 5pm.

You can easily take off. You need to take off your shoes.


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