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Discover the nature and beauty of Alanya

Posted by Tamer on June 20, 2019
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Discover the nature and beauty of Alanya


If you want to discover the nature and beauty of Alanya, we recommend that you read the article.

If you think that Alanya is just “Sea-Sand-Sun”, then you don’t know Alanya at all.

About 4 million tourists a year pass through Alanya. In addition, more than 45,000 foreigners have purchased property in Alanya. More than 17,000 of them live permanently in Alanya. It is a sunny city. It is true. There are not only sea sun and sand, because there is much more.

Studying in Turkey

Alanya is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus Mountains. The subtropical climate allows trees to grow quickly. When she rises to the top of the Taurus Mountains. Alternatively, you can swim and ski. It sounds incredible, but this is the whole uniqueness of Alanya!

There are natural and historical places in Alanya and its environs. Thus, we have prepared several examples of trips to Alanya together so that you can join thousands of happy travelers:

Tours called “Camping and Trekking in Alanya”

In southern Turkey around Alanya. A small town located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, and offering interesting surroundings for lovers of hiking.

Alanya is one of the best in the region! Everyone experiences a unique atmosphere of incredible landscapes, mountain culture and natural history. Access to the beautiful countryside is simple, and the landscapes are second to none.
Increased time spent hiking in Alanya.
Enjoy the breathtaking summer waterfalls of Alara, the canyon of Sapadera, the Dimchay river, the ancient Roman roads and Taurus mountains, sent on one-day or many-day trips with one of our experienced guides!
You will learn about the amazing natural and cultural history of the region that he talks about, how he comes to life, with unique historical events.
Without a guide.

Property In Taksim Istanbul

Enjoy the confidence that you know the weather, the terrain and the wildlife of the area. In other words, focus 100% on hiking and let’s take care of the rest!

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