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The best cities to live in Turkey

The best cities to live in Turkey

To get to know the best cities to live in Turkey, we recommend that you read the article.

Turkey is a popular country among tourists and foreigners. This is a unique country with amazing natural beaches. The country offers many opportunities, including all kinds of fresh products, various climatic conditions and a rich history. Turkey is a multicultural passion that lives in harmony on its own. Turkey is a popular country for foreigners. Different cities have different characteristics in Turkey. To live in Turkey with your family.


Лучшие города для жизни в Турции

Studying in Turkey

City recommendations for families


Turkey is a large country in terms of land and various characteristics. Different cities have different climates, living standards, people, nature, etc. We have five recommendations for you to live in Turkey with your family.




Istanbul is Turkey’s most popular and cosmopolitan city. It offers a magnificent history, the amazing Sea of ​​Marmara and the Bosphorus, its ideal diversity and cultural and entertainment opportunities for every taste. For families, this is an ideal place with quality schools for children. It has countless cultural and historical aspects, along with its modern and comprehensive residential areas. In Istanbul, you can live in a metropolis with stunning views and nature.




Antalya, the most famous place for tourists, is a very good city to live in. It is located between the amazing Mediterranean Sea and the wonderful Taurus Mountains. It has many natural beauties and a good quality of life. It has a sunny and hot climate, plenty of fresh produce in weekly markets and a clean, safe environment. As a family, you can live comfortably in Antalya with its well-functioning services.




Alanya is a developed and crowded area of ​​Antalya. As a rule, foreigners prefer to settle in it. The city has beautiful nature and well-functioning services. Living in Alanya with your family has many advantages, such as daily trips to amazing places around the area, a multicultural environment and a safe, clean atmosphere, not to mention countless sunny beach days on wonderful beaches.




Bodrum is an ideal place for people who love a high standard of living. This is an area with marinas, stunning views, the amazing Aegean Sea and modern houses. Bodrum is a blue and white area with a clean, safe environment. It offers many cultural, historical and recreational facilities.




Side is located in a quiet and peaceful place with many historical places, amazing sea and beautiful nature. It is an ideal place for people who want to spend time in comfort and relaxation. The city offers well-functioning services and many sightseeing activities when you want to relax and have fun.



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