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Tips for Buying a Home in Turkey

Posted by Tamer on June 19, 2019
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Tips for Buying a Home in Turkey

If you are considering buying a home, we offer you the best advice for buying a home in Turkey.

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Location is everything!

Perhaps you have already decided on the area in which you want to buy real estate, but it is worth looking at in the surroundings.

Similarly, if you need investments, you will reduce the chances of getting customers to rent. See what the area offers in terms of amenities, beaches, roads, shops, entertainment and everything that fits into your lifestyle, such as bars, restaurants, sports clubs, etc.

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Property Type and Size

The main advantage of reselling houses is that you can see what you’re going to have. However, new and unplanned properties also attract many people because of their modern architecture and modern features. Off-plan property is also usually sold at a lower price than market value.

You also have a balance between the pros and cons of your future home. A lonely person or an elderly couple may well rely on an apartment with one or two beds, and not a villa, which will occupy a lot of empty space. The best advice is to buy a house. Bigger houses need more cleaning and higher maintenance costs.

The advantages of a small apartment. Costs and maintenance are easier to manage, and as a rule, they do not require much maintenance. Many families choose duplex apartments that span two levels. Their main advantage is that it offers more personal space without additional fees, as happens in a separate villa.

Ask yourself, really, how many rooms can you use? The answer is usually the kitchen, living room and bedrooms, so anything becomes a place to store things. Detached or semi-open villas offer excellent opportunities for longer stays and allow you to immerse yourself in the lifestyle of expats. Most villas have pools, so daily maintenance needs and monthly expenses must be considered.

Also, know the purpose of your intended purchase. Will your property be a holiday home, a long-term second home, an expat refuge or a source of income?

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Have a financial plan and manage it well

Buying a home in Turkey is an important decision. Some sellers are open to prices, but in addition to the property, there are additional fees such as lawyers, translators and taxes.

There are also changes in the currency, because the documents will be in Turkish liras. Stick to your budget and resist the temptation to own large houses.

Like the property you are buying, you need to know what the operating costs are. When you ask about any of the properties listed in our articles, we provide additional information, as well as profitability rates, as well as expected annual operating costs.

Studio Apartment In Beylikzudu Istanbul

Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

Feel free to make hasty decisions when choosing your real estate agent. They will process one of the most important transactions in Turkey.

Do agents respond to your calls and emails? Will they stick to the budget and location you are asking for? Are they credible? Here at Alanya Realty, we answer all these questions and more.

We know that buying a house in Turkey is an important decision, and sales will go at your own pace. We prove our reliability and professionalism through customer feedback. We have all the legal certificates and requirements that Turkish real estate agents must have.

We will not sell you. Your future home will satisfy all your needs and will be within the specified budget. Call us or write, talk with a sales agent to find out more information about buying a house in Turkey.

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