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Alanya continues delivery of avocados to the world

Posted by Tamer on September 5, 2019
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Alanya continues delivery of avocados to the world

Alanya continues delivery of avocados to the world  This year, a total of 40 thousand hectares out of 50 million units of products that have already arrived in Poland and Ukraine, primarily after export, 5,500 units began to be exported to Bulgaria.

Avocado production in Alanya, which is known for its antioxidant properties and 4 of which are approximately 1 kilogram, is growing day by day. Alanya, Turkey, was able to provide 80 percent, although avocado production reached 40 million units last year. It is expected that a total of 50 million in an area of ​​40 thousand hectares due to normal weather conditions. The price of wholesale goods ranges from 4-4.5 pounds depending on the quality of the avocado. Avocados at retail prices of 6-7 pounds are in kiosks.

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5 thousand 500 units in the first place

Avocados, which were recently collected in the district, were first exported to Poland and Ukraine. Today, 5 thousand 500 pieces were sent to a truck for shipment to Bulgaria after verification by the powers of an intermediary company.

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“We send avocados abroad within 3 years”

Hilmi, president of the Avocado Manufacturers Association in Alanya, said that today they first sent avocados to Bulgaria. Sevilgen said: “We have been sending avocados abroad for about 3 years. We never sent him to Bulgaria. We investigated where Bulgaria wants to get them. They got an avocado from Greece. We did not know that it was Greece. South Africa and South Africa. We have already sent her to Bulgaria.

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Sevilgen said that they sent 5500 avocados at the first stage for educational purposes and said: “After a week, they would like another 10-15 thousand products. We sent avocados to Bulgaria. We interviewed a manufacturer in South America. Sweden arrived in England and Spain with their companies. We are going to send this company to these countries at the same time on Friday. ”

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