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What And Where To Eat In Alanya

Posted by Tamer on November 16, 2019
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What And Where To Eat In Alanya


If you are guiding your Turkish food experience, we recommend that you read the article.

What And Where To Eat In Alanya. Volumes about the richness of Turkish cuisine can be written. Its diversity, history, spectrum of various influences (Europe, Asia, Arab countries) literally amaze the imagination. Fans of good food should definitely visit this country and enjoy the dishes of different regions one after another. What And Where To Eat In Alanya

In Alanya, we will talk about food – about how to eat deliciously at a reasonable price and at the same time make sure that we try local dishes.

Today I am going to tell you about the goodies that are worth trying while you are in Alanya, the capital of the Mediterranean Riviera, a typical small town that impresses with its tourist fame. There are not many typical dishes, culinary customs or traditions in Alanya. This is a disadvantage, which at the same time is an advantage. In this city we have the opportunity to try many things from different parts of Turkey. As many Turks from all over the country come here to work, their family traditions are mixed, and we can try them in their restaurants and “locants”. Finding a really good restaurant, on the other hand, is not easy. Unfortunately, some good places, which are a great discovery in one summer season, completely go bad in another. Despite this, you can find good food in Alanya.What And Where To Eat In Alanya.

Here is a brief overview of the dishes and delicacies that I recommend you try during your stay in Alanya (or in Turkey in general).


What and where to eat in Alanya?

If there is a sea, there should be “Balık”

“Fish” in Turkish means “balyk”. Despite the fact that Alanya is a port city, there are very few fish restaurants here, which surprises visitors. Well, Alanya’s cuisine consists mainly of meat and vegetables, but nonetheless, we cannot complain because there is a lot of food. We have two fish options to choose from: fish restaurants (“balık lokantası”) next to the fish market, where you can eat cheap and fast, or more elegant places (“balık evi” – literally “fish house”) with a large selection of snacks, sometimes live music and alcohol. Speaking of alcohol, according to the Turkish people, Rakı with anise flavor is best for fish. Tell someone: “ROCKY ROCA BALIK” is the most common set: vodka, arugula and fish. What And Where To Eat In Alanya.


What can we try?

Fried fresh local fish (ı ızgara balık ’): çipura (sea bream), levrek (sea bass), tiny fish such as istavrit (mackerel) or kubbes, which is typical of Alanya. Naturally, seafood, such as squid, is also available. At the fish market, you will get some salad (from tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and herbs with olive oil and pomegranate molasses), some white bread and water. This kind of menu costs about 15 TL and tastes heavenly. But alcohol will not be served here.

If you choose a fish restaurant with alcohol and music, it will be a little more expensive, with a much wider assortment of meze (snacks).

Recommended places: Alanya Balyk Evi and Kaptan Balik Evi.

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No Turkey without kebab

When I hear the general question: “Where can we eat the best kebab?” – I do not know how to answer, because the word “kebab” means not a specific dish, but another.

Methods of cooking meat on the grill (‘grill’ = zzgara ’). The grill can be horizontal (‘şiş’ – a well-known kebab) or vertical (‘döner’ – thinly sliced ​​meat). The meat used for barbecue can be beef, lamb or poultry. “Kebab” is served in various ways – it can be on a plate (in a classic form) with rice, fried tomatoes and peppers, baked onions on the sides (Adana kebab) or with yogurt (Iskander kebab). But you can also eat barbecue in the form of “fast food”, wrapped in thin leaves of bread, similar to a cake (pita bread). This packaged version of the kebab is called “durum” – you can choose from poultry, beef and lamb. European kebab lovers, accustomed to fatty meat, covered with piles of salads and drenched in garlic sauce, may be surprised by these many options. And this is the beauty of Turkish cuisine.

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Fast kebab

Eating such a dish is not a common habit in Turkey. Thus, there are many good or worse “locantases” and restaurants. When you order dürüm kebab, you get a plate of food wrapped in paper, which you unfold during the meal. Your dürüm usually consists of meat wrapped in pita bread (you can choose lamb, poultry or beef).

The accompanying ingredients are onion and parsley, nothing else. Without garlic sauce, adding ketchup and mayonnaise is optional. Together with this classic dish, you can sometimes get a small salad (tomato, greens, onions) and be sure to get ayran (a drink based on yogurt), which goes very well with meat dishes. Cost must not exceed 10 TL. I recommend trying Adana dürüm, which is hardly available in Europe. It tastes great.

Recommended places: Derya Lokantasy, Adana Okakbashi, Flash, Haidar Usta, Kashikara, Kolchuoglu.

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Holiday kebab

If you want to have a truly Turkish-style dinner, you should visit one of the restaurants mentioned above, especially the last three. Get ready to spend around 40-50 lire per person, but it will definitely be an unforgettable experience. Firstly, you will be served several snacks (“meze”). One or two of them are free, but they taste more than you have to pay. Together with snacks you will get hot pita bread, which is nothing but inflatable bread. You must use your fingers to tear a little, which you can then use instead of cutlery to dig up a little “meze.”

After an hour spent with snacks (in the meantime, you can try crayfish, wine or beer tasting), you will be offered a main dish, for example Adana kebab, Iskender kebab or so (called “metelik kebab” – a meter kebab).

For vegetarians I recommend “kiremitte sebze” – various vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, mushrooms, etc.), Baked in a clay dish.

Together with the main course you will get some salad, and after the meal you will be treated to fruit or a Turkish dessert. For example, Kaşıkara restaurant offers incredible baked halva, which you just have to try. After all this, tea or Turkish coffee is served as an Ikramia bonus, which will not be included in the bill. Good restaurants will also not charge for water, but remember that alcohol is not served everywhere (for example, Khaidar Usta – a non-alcoholic restaurant).

Turkish pizza – what it may and may not be like – Lahmajun and Pide

Both are usually advertised as Turkish Pizza, but do not look like Italian pizza. The dough is much thinner and crispy. Lovers of flour foods should try these two dishes:

PIDE is a thin, soft and crunchy boat-shaped dough stuffed with minced meat or cream cheese. The farther west of Turkey, the more diverse the “pide”, i.e. gram. You can get a vegetarian filling, such as champignons or a multi-vegetarian filling.

LAHMADJUN – an even thinner, crispy round dough that needs to be rolled out before filling it.

Delicious pide and lahmakun are served at cheap restaurants such as Derya Lokantası, Flash or the tiny Gül Pide. In addition, a little salad and ayran are served to him. Cost: from 8 to 12 TL.



Dimçay – a unique Turkish-style lunch


Dimchay is a place where people go away from the heat. This is a river in the mountains, on the banks of which there are many objects for a picnic. There are many restaurants with floating platforms, swimming pools, water slides, fountains and playgrounds for children. If you are looking for a place to spend a pleasant and refreshing day, you should visit Dimchay and choose your favorite restaurant.

What can we eat there?

My favorite dish is river trout (alabalyk), but there is also chicken meat (av tavuk şiş ’). The food offered here may not meet the highest standards, but the atmosphere of this place matters. Cold Efes or Ayran beers are good here. As appetizers you will be served with “pita bread” and “haidari” (seasoned with thick yogurt), village butter, goat cheese and “ezme” (spicy pepper paste).

Cost: About 15 TL per person.





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