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Alanya Caves

Posted by Tamer on June 21, 2019
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Alanya Caves

If you are planning to travel to Alanya you should visit one of these caves, we recommend that you read the article.

In Alanya, there are many places for adventure, in caves and on mountain inclines, which you probably want to include in your vacation.

These activities include hiking trails, guided tours, canyon rafting, rocky pools, waterfalls and more!

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1) Pirate Cave

From the roof of the cave, stretching for 80 meters, it is recommended to enter the cave only on a small raft. The Pirate Cave is a monumental and historical site for the Pirates of the late empire because of its notorious history as the Caves, where the pirates kept their catches and treasures for safe keeping. The route that was used to penetrate the cave during the late empire was destroyed over the past century, so there is very little left of the path to the cave. Since then, modern sidewalks and roads have been built for tourists.


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2) Phosphoric cave

A phosphoric cave is located under the Alanya fortress in Kale, where small carnal boats can enter secret hidden cobbled shallows during low tide. Although this cave has narrow corridors, it is considered one of the largest caves in Alanya and got its name due to the beautiful blue color of phosphorus stones, which are clearly visible at night. Glowing like a dark stone, these phosphor stones offer magnificent views in the dark and are undoubtedly one of the most important caves to visit during your stay in Alanya.

3) Cave of Love

Raised about three meters above sea level, it is impossible to get into it by boat, you need to climb on it so that you can see the views through its narrow corridors and natural stone walls. With a unique feature, you can enter this cave from one side of the cliff and exit from the other side of the mountain, which makes it a strangely unique cave in its natural design.

4) Damlatas cave

Located about three kilometers from Alanya city center by the sea, Damlatas Cave was discovered in the late 1940s during the discovery of a local stone mine. The entrance offers a stone wall fifteen meters high with a shape throughout the cave, similar to an open cylinder. The meaning of Damlatash can be translated as “Falling stone”, for which the cave is known. There is a crevice at the bottom of the cave, which gives the impression that it was caused by a stone falling from the ceiling of the cave. A unique natural feature of this cave is the level of humidity and temperature, which does not change regardless of the season. In winter summer, the temperature of the cave remains unchanged throughout the year, which makes it a natural miracle compared to other mountain slopes and cave landscapes in Turkey.

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5) Cave “Dim”

It is located about eleven kilometers from the center of Alanya and is located at an amazing height of 200 meters above sea level, near the Chebeli Reis, a famous mountain region near Alanya and not far from the Dim river valley. They say that this mountain is more than a million years old. The oldest and second largest cave in Turkey. Open to all visitors and welcoming all tourists, Dim Cave is one of the most revered and famous places for adventure routes and the experience that you definitely need to get. With a pond extending 400 meters near the entrance to the caves, the amazing beauty of its design with panoramic views of the pond and the mountain range offers a landscape unlike any other in nature.

6) Cadini Cave

Located near Obakoy, a city located in the center of Alanya, the cave is known for its location of human skulls and burials of human bodies, which are said to have been there since the days of the pirates of the late empire. In addition to a rather painful history and its reputation, the cave offers a view of natural stones and the size of phosphorus made from stalactites and stalagmites.

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